Victory! (on nuke front)

It strikes me as a good idea to list a # of victories against the nuclear behemoth, since it’s awfully easy for fellow citizens to say to me (or to any anti-nuclear activist), “You’re just wasting your time! You can never win against the military-nuclear-industrial complex.” It’s a David & Goliath struggle, definitely. It’s big, & it’s very nasty. The deck is heavily stacked against us. They have all the money, & tons of power. They own the politicians & the governments (or an awful lot of them, anyway).    

It’s also true that there are victories! You can bet your sweet fanny the nuclear industry never admits that the anti-nuclear camp ever achieves any victories.

But we do.

This I know for sure: sometimes when citizens take on a nuclear proponent, they win a significant victory or cause significant change to take place (e.g., much lowered tritium emissions at SRB Technologies in Pembroke, Ontario, for one instance). You will never hear the anti-nuclear community being given any credit by the proponent, though. The nuclear industry is very loath to ever admit that the citizens who take them on have incredible chutzpah, energy & fierce smarts (& they do! Not speaking of myself here, but of my remarkable colleagues. Woo-hoo are these folks brilliant & determined!!  )

Okay – so check out these links to learn more about each of the victories cited below. I’m sorry I don’t have time to become intimately familiar myself with each of these, & to write at length or knowledgeably about each one; these are “teasers” so you can learn more on your own.

The Clamshell Alliance (see below; I’ve put stuff in alphabetical order only because it makes things look nice & neat; I have to create order somewhere in my life, right?? ) helped prevent the building of a boatload of new nuke plants in the U.S., & inspired the Abalone Alliance. We should all be very grateful for both groups’ determined, principled efforts on our behalf!! 

** Please note: all these victories (which in fact are buoying up my spirits even as I list them ) took thousands upon thousands of hours of activists’ time. They were hard-won, is what I’m saying. Lots of work, collaboration, energy & time – tons of it! But as you can see – these efforts did pay off!! 

** Please also note: some of these links may be a bit lame, in your view. By all means, send me a better item to link to, via a comment to the blog…okay? Feedback is most welcome!!

Abalone Alliance  – came together to fight Diablo Canyon nuke plant 

Brookhaven National Laboratories -- what a crazy story! Check the link. Watch this about the ‘Atomic States of America’ film, or this film trailer &/or read Welcome to Shirley – a memoir of an atomic town (massive tritium polluter makes a boatload of people, including young children, get very sick &/or die, gets shut down, becomes a Superfund site, but is still functioning as a world-famous lab. I sure don’t get it. You couldn’t make up stuff like this!?)

Clamshell Alliance – fought various nuke plants in the northeastern U.S. &, as pointed out above, inspired the Abalone Alliance

GE victory in Peterborough, Ontario – youth activists put a halt to GE plans to enrich uranium within sneezing distance of a local elementary school.

Judith Johnsrud, American activist & victories to which she contributed

Kewaunee plant in Wisconsin shut down

No Radioactive Dump in Cumbria, UK 

Nuke Waste, NRC “Con Game” court case 

San Onofre Shut Down!

Shield Source Inc. (Peterborough, ON) shut down

Shoreham (nuke plant built, never operated due to stubborn opposition post-Three Mile Island accident) ** Note: inadequate emergency planning involved.

Skull Valley Goshutes parking lot dump defeated 

SRB emissions in Pembroke lowered as a result of persistent citizen opposition 

Steam generators from Bruce Power not being shipped through the Great Lakes & Atlantic Ocean to Sweden & again, later, here 

Uranium Mining Proposal Abandoned in Virginia (ABC News, Feb. 1/13.)

Vermont-Yankee to be shut down

Waste Confidence Rule rejected by U.S. Court of Appeals (June 2012)

Yucca Mountain – the never-ending story  

The Nuclear Era is Ending in


Battles That Need YOU (right now!!)


** Many useful resources on this blog, listed here  & on this page ++ links to many active groups/useful links here  

** Many pithy nuke-related quotations here & John Gofman ones here 

Feel free to send more victories/resources/battles/&/or corrections to add to this list! Just send the info via a comment to the blog. 

FINALLY -- my undying gratitude, admiration & respect to all the people whose work & lives made this posting possible!!!!