Figuring it out

My favourite mantra: “I don’t have to figure that out right now.”

I say it often.

Because so often it is TRUE. I don’t have to figure out that …whatever it is … right now.

I can just be where I am, right here in this moment…doing whatever it is I am doing – walking eating writing breathing talking loving being ALIVE ...

& that thing I need to figure it out

all those things I need to figure out?

I’ll figure them out later (or they will more or less figure themselves out on their own, which is far more likely)

& I can just enjoy


& all will be well.

(Or it won’t. Whatever!

There is no way of knowing or figuring it out now.)


p.s. a close 2nd to this favourite (it helps me more than I can say, though it is so very very simple) "Tomorrow is another day."

p.p.s. & another of my very tip-top mantras is this: "Cut your losses; go where the energy is." It too is simple, but it helps me a lot, often...


Quote of the day with this post: “Damn what anybody thinks of you – do what’s right. It’s really fun.” – Lucy Lawless, N.Z. actor & activist arrested with 6 Greenpeace activists on Save the Arctic campaign (quoted in Sierra magazine Jan/Feb. 2013).