Things I Used to Believe

I have to laugh now at some of the things I used to believe, once upon a time. I don’t think I was even aware I believed them; they were just kind of like the water I swam in or the air I breathed. I’ve been frightfully naïve most of my life, it must be said (is this characteristic of Aries people perhaps? Perhaps it is) & you know what? I’m not really sorry about that. For sure, some very rude shocks have & occasionally do knock me for quite a loop – but still & all, I’d rather lean toward belief in good things, & in possibility, than have a super-dark & suspicious view of everything. (Having said that, I must add too that my view of the future for our species is anything but rose-coloured. But never mind, that’s a tangent I need not go off on now.)

So. Here’s a short list of things I used to believe:

  • That someone was “minding the store”
  • That the people “in charge” actually knew what they were doing, & were doing it on our behalf, with our best interests in mind & heart
  • That the politicians we go to the polls to elect actually have power (knowing nothing then of Big Business or the military-industrial complex) -- I even thought they were necessarily smart - smarter than I am (if I was smart, why wasn't I powerful or rich??)
  • That we in Canada & the U.S. live in a “democracy” (As if! )
  • That only the people in the “eastern bloc” or Communist countries were being brainwashed by their governments…their culture
  • That men are “stronger,” & braver, & more independent than women


That if I just

  • worked hard enough
  • recycled enough
  • composted enough
  • kept trimming my energy use enough
  • wrote enough
  • acted enough
  • lived modestly enough
  • tried really really hard to “set a good example”


People all around me would adopt less materialistic, less consumptive, more compassionate, less slavishly selfish values

& we’d all change the world…

& live happily ever after.

(I did say I’ve always been pretty naïve, didn’t I??)

But then too, I didn’t know then I would

  • find new life purpose in environmental activism & writing
  • watch a heartbreaking divorce morph into a marvellous growth experience
  • develop a wide network of awesome, to-die-for friendships with a large # of very very cool people
  • find transformative, magical potential in simple, everyday things like walking…conversation…music…meaningful work…gratitude


As Don Henley sings in his song ‘The Genie,’ “You can’t put the genie back in the bottle.”

Here we are, now

With what we have wrought

  • As individuals
  • families
  • communities
  • nations
  • as a species


Onward ho!

A new year beckons!