Vaccines: Keeping it Simple

Vaccines? Quite a complex topic. There are really a lot of “bones” in it. (much more than most folks realize.)

But at bottom, really, the main things you need to know are pretty straightforward.

Here are 2 key things to be sure & keep forefront in your mind:

# 1. This. We often hear these days of “outbreaks” or “epidemics” of measles, mumps, chickenpox or whooping cough. This in spite of the fact that vaccine rates are very high. (& indeed, that, almost invariably, those who contracted the illness were fully vaccinated!)

Who gets blamed?

People who were not vaccinated.

Ponder this for just a moment, please. Let it sink in.

It’s kind of straightforward, actually.

******** (I’m giving you a moment or two to ponder it.)

Did you ponder?

If vaccines work … then how come the vaccinated kids got the illness?

& the unvaccinated children/people did not?

You see what I’m saying?

Ponder again, if need be. Take all the time you need.

(It’s actually pretty Orwellian, if you get my drift, the way the un-vaccinated are blamed.)

** Look for relevant items below, under ‘The Vaccinated spread illness’

** Look for relevant items below, under ‘The Vaccinated spread illness’

# 2. Asking for vaccine “inserts.” Vaccines (like all pharmaceutical drugs, I gather) are accompanied to the doctors’ (or pharmacists’) office by lengthy information sheets (“monographs” or “inserts”) from the manufacturer, with many paragraphs containing warnings and lists of (some very serious) possible side effects. How can it be that doctors/health professionals don’t offer patients (or parents) a copy of this information BEFORE jabbing a needle into the patient’s arm (or more than one, these days, into her/his tiny infant’s thighs)?

Why, eh?? (This one is likely worth a little pondering time also.)

It’s important! You need to pay attention.

You need to read those inserts/monographs BEFORE those needles go in.

You really, really do.

It’s important.

(Okay, I know I’m repeating myself, but it really, really IS important!)


These two “little” items ought to give you pause.

I did say “Keeping It Simple.


If you want to dig a little deeper (a pretty excellent idea, actually!), & look into:

Doubts about vaccine not allowed.jpg

  • Deaths from vaccines: Legion! Here are only two cases that spring immediately to mind: the Catone family’s loss of baby Nicholas (in May 2017). Two babies die in Samoa (July 2018) immediately following their MMR shots. (Since vaccine injury reporting systems are so poorly and inconsistently used, no one really knows the true statistics. See VAERS, below)

  • Decrease in disease mortality: related to better public health measures, sanitation, hygiene. Excellent long piece here on this & much else to do with vaccines. (Related item here, also.)

  • DTP (or DTap) vaccine dangers / deaths: another one with too much info to choose among. Take a look at the DTP section in this posting for a whole selection. To make it personal? Make it real? Read about this family’s story. Disturbing facts about DTP-related deaths in Africa (scroll down on the page to see the full list of related communications). ** note: I have trouble keeping this vaccine straight. You hear DTP, or DTap, or Tdap. Unable to keep it straight, though surely I’ll get it eventually.

  • Doctors’ compensation rates for vaccination of their patients: yes, they are well-paid for all these shots. They may even turn you away from their practice if you decline vaccinations for your child.

Who knows what the payment scheme is in Canada? I don’t. Will add info if/when I find it!

Who knows what the payment scheme is in Canada? I don’t. Will add info if/when I find it!

Hey Mom Hey Dad did you know.jpg

  • Increase in vaccine “schedule” following the release from liability (see above). Once Big Pharma got released from having to pay if their products do harm, the # of vaccines being given ramped up, & it continues to ramp. See below. Also, look at this postcard that shows the increases (this one is from Ontario. Other provinces’ schedules are all found here.)

4 women fully vaccinated at diff. times.jpg

  • Unvaccinated children: healthier than unvaccinated?

Also    this

Also this

  • Vaccines for pregnant women: watch out! Of interest even to the non-pregnant! (See also this)

  • Vaccinehesitancy(& also here)

  • Vaccine ingredients

  • Vaccine inserts: Truth hiding in plain sight! (convenient route to all inserts here; get it right from the horse’s mouth!)

  • Vaccine mandates (Vaccines for children ARE NOT mandatory in Canada! Lots on this page in the little box on left-hand side)

  • Vaccine “skeptics”: #1: Everyone should be a skeptic until they’ve done some research! #2: Skeptics are not some weird cult. More on that here. #3: Those who become skeptical usually do so after they’ve been exposed to personal injury. I.e., they trusted vaccination. Got vaccinated. Injury happened. Bingo: a new skeptic is born. (2-minute item on this on Facebook.)

  • VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System): only around 1% of injuries reported

  • Weight of evidence approach: wise folks know not to trust just one source. One study. One person. One “expert.” One media report!? You look into many studies, many sources before you conclude what the “weight of evidence” is revealing to you. (& don’t forget! Always: #Follow.The.Money. Always, always, always.)

  • Whooping cough. See Vaccines: Miscellany, A - Z posting.

etc. etc. etc.

Well, that is eminently do-able!

The knowledge base is out there.

It exists.

We’re all smart, right?

We can:

  • Be curious; ask questions!

  • Dig into things

  • Do our own research

Vaccines do your own research.jpg

& all that.


Can’t we?

Maybe we should.

Maybe we had really better!

(Hint: I sure think so!)


p.s. when I posted this, I had not had time to insert links, as I have now done.

If you check out the posting Vaccines: Miscellany A – Z, you will likely find additional helpful information there.

p.p.s. I am just plain crazy about quotations! For their ability to startle & inspire us.

You will find many quotations about vaccines here. The collection includes many from M.D.s.

& many quotations about science, here (there are some real humdingers!!)

p.p.p.s. here is the full iceberg image. You can likely see now why I chose the iceberg as a bit of a metaphor for the vaccine issue, hmmm? So much more to it than meets the eye…


Vaccine Skeptics. For the Record

It may seem to those who do not question the vaccine paradigm, that those of us who do, are a somehow homogeneous group. That we can be lumped together in some easy-to-dismiss category.

Not so.

We’re as different from one another, on an individual basis, as any other grouping of human beings you’re liable to come across.

We are:

  • Believers in the chemtrail / geoengineering / weather modification phenomenon, & non-believers

  • Climate “skeptics” (human-induced-climate-change-deniers), & non-skeptics

  • Female & male (& whatever other sexual or gender orientations may exist)

  • Highly educated & not (& from every conceivable job/professional category from soup to nuts, as it were, including MDs & PhD scientists)

  • Left-leaning, right-leaning, & everywhere in between, politically-speaking

  • People who are homophobic, Islamophobic, racist – & those of us appalled by such attitudes

  • “Pro-life” & pro-choice (on the abortion issue)

  • Religious (even fundamentalist) … & those with no religious faith at all

  • Every conceivable skin colour & every culture, i.e., we come from all races, cultures & nations

Just as not all my environmental activist friends/colleagues share all my views on abortion/near-term extinction/politics/religion/vaccines, not all my vaccine skeptic friends & I are on the same page with respect to all of our views & beliefs.

So. Just sayin’.

For the record.


p.s. what we do share in common is a growing concern about vaccine injury to people of all ages, & a desire to protect us all from avoidable vaccine harm. And, also for heaven’s sake, to put the brakes on the autism epidemic, which has reached shocking proportions. 1/36!

p.p.s. many of us also believe we must be willing to #QuestionEverything (& I do mean everything)

Question Everything.jpg

p.p.p.s. I might add that the term “anti-vaxxer” is thrown around a good deal these days. It fails to take into account that many of the so-called “anti-vaxxers” are actually EX-vaxxers. That is, they had their children (or themselves) vaccinated, they (or their child/ren) was or were injured (or died), & now they have educated themselves about vaccine contents & safety. Watch a short (2-minute) YouTube here on the ex-vaxxer phenomenon (it’s on Facebook).

p.p.p.p.s. The book The Four Agreements – one of my all-time favourites for its enduring wisdom/practical advice – counsels us to not make assumptions.

It’s very good advice.

Vaccines: Just the Science, thanks!

Folks who are kneejerk supporters of vaccines seem to mistakenly assume that all the science that exists on the issue comes out in favour of vaccine safety & efficacy.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

But I don’t want you to take my word for it. Please, check into this for yourself.

These links can help you establish for yourself that what you have been told, what you have always heard about vaccines, is likely a long way from the whole story.

If you actually want to know the truth about vaccine science, do some digging!

** You can find some outstanding quotations about science here

& plenty about vaccines (including many from MDs) here

& plenty about truth here

Here is the whole graphic of the iceberg, btw. Sometimes, what is “obvious” is actually only a small piece of the puzzle, hmmm?

Sagan on truth copy.jpg