While the shit is hitting the fan...

I started a list, a few months back, of things I’m doing to help me cope with the insanity of what’s going on, here on Planet Earth, in these extraordinary days/times.

Full disclosure: I believe our species is toast...

… have feared/expected this for almost 3 decades now (while working all the while to avert it, as an environmental activist), & for the past five years or so have accepted that we seem to be racing pretty quickly now toward our S.E.D. (species expiry date; yeah, I just made that up).

Here are the things I’m doing to help me deal with it all:

  • Walking (preferably daily, but if not daily, often)
  • Living one day at a time
  • Ruminating on Buddhist thought
  • Walking around my apartment in bare feet (dunno why, but this seems to make me feel “grounded” somehow)
  • Listening to the birds (love, love, love birds, I do!)
  • Being a reasonably attentive mother/grandmother
  • Sharing humour with friends/colleagues
  • Spending time in Nature (by the lake, in the ravine, woods, etc.)
  • Listening to Alan Watts lectures (these are legion, all over YouTube); I find his ideas super-helpful, super comforting (this one is good; there are so many!); also Eckhart Tolle ones...
  • Forgiving myself for having bad days (more of these as time rolls by)
  • Reading novels
  • Writing short “poems” & blog postings I know I’ll never post
  • Binge-watching series on Netflix (I was a late arrival to this gig; sure grateful to have arrived!!!)
  • Smiling at strangers
  • Drinking in how great little kids are
  • Going to movies
  • Composing blog postings in my head, sometimes about silly stuff like ‘Philosophical Question for Today!’: What is the square root of holier-than-thou?)
  • Working on work that I know is not meaningful in the long-term (there is no long-term) but feels worthwhile for now (with colleagues who are kind of like a lovely 2nd (dysfunctional, of course) family)
  • Making soup
  • Drinking beer
  • Taking the garbage out
  • Hanging out with the people I love the most
  • Being charitably generous
  • Trying not to yell at noisy neighbours (this really takes self-restraint sometimes…)
  • Trying to develop greater compassion & patience
  • Hanging out on Facebook / avoiding Facebook
  • Commiserating with friends about what a SHITSHOW it’s all become (laughing about it at times, even; hurray for gallows humour!)
  • Avoiding talking about what a SHITSHOW it is with friends & relations who think not talking about it is preferable, or who insist on denying the gravity of things or who somehow live in the land of Oblivious
  • Marvelling at the broken climate; whoa, what a ride we are on, eh??
  • Laughing with friends
  • Not lying to myself
  • Marvelling at the bullshit we’re surrounded by … but trying not to let myself drown in it
  • Remembering how much I love being in Algonquin Park (& planning to go again)
  • Making soup (yeah, I make soup a lot)
  • Walking (yeah, walking is one of the best things I do) - & usually, btw, without my phone (for me, walking is about silence; quiet thinking time)
  • Accepting that I am no longer the Energizer Bunny
  • Being grateful  ... still … always …