What's so great about walking?

Fresh air. (Okay. Fresh is relative, I know, I know.)

Right away, as soon as you get outside, you feel a jolt of energy & pleasure.

You walk along, swinging your arms – letting them unhinge from your shoulder sockets. (That feels good too!)

After you spend the obligatory few minutes on the current dramas of your life/the world (“She said, he said,” “I can’t believe she DID that,” “OMG the world, Trump, OMG!?!?!” etc. etc. etc.), your mind quiets a bit.

You breathe deeply … & you find you feel surprisingly free!

You’re away from your computer & your phone

(Hey, people! We need to be smarter than our phones, don't we? & leave them behind/turned off, at least some of the time?)

This makes you feel free, un-tethered – if only momentarily. Such a wonderful sensation!

You start to experience a sense of “possibility.” As though maybe you actually can handle all the tasks, responsibilities, challenges, stresses in your life.

Even if the human race is toast (no one can convince me otherwise)


for now, #WeAreStillHere!

For now, we are alive.

For now, for these few moments or hours – we are free.


Doesn't it feel marvellous?

Just enjoy.


p.s. it’s good for you, too!

Good for body, soul, mind, spirit. I wouldn’t lie to you!


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