What if today was the last day?

<Sept. 7/17.>

I got asking myself that, out on my walk this morning. (This was drafted on Sept. 7th, not today.)

Well, you know, climate change/climate chaos is galloping along at a (really) furious pace now, hurricanes all over the place, flooding here, droughts there, forest fires all over the darn place & as maybe not everybody knows, if/when the power goes out & the nuke plants decide to go postal … well


So. I asked myself, what might I advise people if we somehow all kinda knew somehow that

Today Is the Last Day? (which for the record, I absolutely do not believe it is...)

  • Lighten up
  • Slow down
  • Pick your battles (preferably, just leave the battling behind, hmmmm?)
  • Be kind
  • Be friendly with that lady in the elevator. (Mmmmm. If you’re a male? Um, maybe not. You guys gotta be a little careful with that, hmmm?? A lot of us are afraid of over-friendly males. How about guardedly friendly – or um, maybe just polite??)
  • Be grateful. Count your blessings. Appreciate people. We all need to feel appreciated!!


Take a brick out of the Berlin Wall, if at all possible.    


You know what I mean?


At the very, very least

Do lighten up


slow down.


Pretty please??


p.s. as I post this, today, I think ... all of this applies to any day, really, doesn’t it?