Waiting for the End of the World

<Aug. 26/17>

I’ve found the perfect place – I mean The. Perfect. Place

to sit & wait for The End of the World.


It’s on the slope of a hill (mountain?) in northern California – a home the owners rent out as a B & B – in amongst a million trees – a forest – high up enough that you look out the windows (or from the deck) & see the ocean wayyyyy over at the edge of the landscape, past tons of trees/forest & some farm land.


Words are quite inadequate to describe this place (as they are to describe anything truly sublime, for that matter: beautiful Nature/scenery, music, lovemaking, love itself!). You will just have to trust me that it is a breathtaking location, inside & out. Inside? Quirky, charming, light, spacious – skylights & views & trees at every turn & vantage point. And books.

OMG, books!!!!!!!

1000s of books. Books EVERYwhere. Enough library for a lifetime … or several!?

I’ve landed in the sort of place I might well have conceived of as Heaven.

It is heaven, here.

The sun went down spectacularly last night. A big orange ball – it looked like the moon! Sinking into the horizon – & then the crescent moon appeared.

& later? A ZILLION stars.

OMG. So stunning.

  • Bats, crows.
  • Trees!
  • Books!
  • Birds!
  • Butterflies!

The Definitively. Perfect. Place. To. Await


How heavenly it is, to be in heaven!

Away from the absurd (& dangerous) antics of our fellow human beings

  • The dramas
  • the violence
  • the splintering
  • the agendas
  • the anger
  • the (ever-growing) insanity


  • The arguments & posturing
  • The showing off
  • The galloping climate chaos.

The shocking apathy.



Things could have happened yesterday – 100 kinds of mayhem almost certainly did!

We’ll find out soon enough, won’t we?

No rush to get back to the chaos.

Back to … Babylon


It will wait.



p.s. weeks later: All very well, hmmm? But.

But but but but but…


We don’t get to Just. Sit. Somewhere. Sublime

While it all blows up all around us


& just sit there

Sitting & waiting for TEOTW


Do we??