Vaccines: ‘Vaxxed’ Film … & Ironies

Some people (many, even?) seem almost afraid to see the documentary ‘Vaxxed .’

The documentary is about the CDC (U.S. Centers for Disease Control) deliberately lying about a link they found between the MMR vaccine & autism in young black boys.

The CDC has known of this link since at least 2004 (or possibly 2001).

They deliberately covered it up.

& they’ve been covering it up for 12+ years now.


They manipulated data.

They lied about their results.

Scientists literally got together in a room to burn papers in order to conceal their very inconvenient study results.

This is what the documentary ‘Vaxxed’ is about.

CDC senior scientist Dr. William Thompson revealed all this to another scientist, Dr. Brian Hooker, who was also studying autism (Hooker is the father of a teen-age autistic boy).

Why was ‘Vaxxed’ Made?

It was made to tell the story of the CDC cover-up (statement from the producer here).

Autism has become virtually epidemic since the late 1980s.

Even the CDC acknowledges this – though they do not admit to their own culpability in the epidemic.

Why keep quiet?


If they admit publicly to what the agency (& the medical, “health” care establishment that relies on it) have done, the lawsuits would soon destroy them.

Dr. William Thompson has said:

“Oh my God. I cannot believe we did what we did. But we did.”

“The lowest point of my career is that I went along with that paper."

“It’s all there–this is the lowest point in my career, that I went along with that paper. I have great shame now when I meet families of kids with autism, because I have been part of the problem.”

“The CDC can no longer be trusted to do vaccine safety work.”

(Dr. Thompson is still working for the CDC, btw, though not on vaccine safety. His bosses won’t let him testify in a court case he has been called to testify at.)

Supreme Irony!

For many years now, people have been demonizing parents who make the choice to not vaccinate their children.

The incredible irony about dumping on “anti-vaxxers” is this:

People who wind up with vaccine-injured children were, by definition, not anti-vaccination. They had their children vaccinated!

Their child/ren were injured. Only then did they begin to question the practice of vaccination.

(This interview features the mother of a now-21-year old autistic son who explains how passionately in favour of vaccines she used to be. Until disaster landed right on her very own doorstep. She is very articulate – & very passionate about trying to prevent this tragedy happening to other families.)

Another extremely articulate (& also angry) parent


Why Should You Watch ‘Vaxxed’?

This is not an anti-vaccination polemic.

It’s a documentary made specifically in order to inform people about the CDC cover-up.

Which the mainstream media are not telling you about.

(That failure nicely explained in this panel interview)

& btw, just in case you were not aware of it, there are many-many-many stories the mainstream media are not telling you. Mainstream media outlets are owned by corporations, & corporations have an agenda – mostly around making profits, right?? Their agendas are not about telling the truth. “He who pays the piper, calls the tune.” Ever so true, still, & always.

& yes, some media outlets I would not have thought of as “corporate” aren’t telling their readers/listeners about the CDC cover-up either. This has been puzzling & frustrating to me, but that’s a story for another day (& I’ll keep right on writing letters to individual commentators to call them out on on the inaccuracies they report about vaccines…).

Check These Out!

If you’re still a bit hesitant to watch ‘Vaxxed,’ you might want to check out these 2 things:

  • A recent news item about a group of CDC scientists calling themselves SPIDER – Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research

  • Financial Post article that reveals what the ‘Vaxxed’ documentary is about.


Making it Personal

I’ve been an “activist” for 30 years now. (For many years I simply thought of myself as a community volunteer.) As I discovered to my great surprise along the way, the word “activist” seems to be a dirty word to some people. Many, even, perhaps! I simply think of activists as people who are active, not passive, about calling out situations that need change. You know, getting off their butts about stuff. Telling the truth.

Most activists become active – on one issue or another – because something has made things “personal” for them.

A community experiencing a cancer epidemic caused by a known toxic source, say (e.g. poisoned wells, leaking toxic waste sites; you get the picture).

We become activists because we want to make the world “better” … & “safer” for the people we care about. (Some of us actually care about everybody, however unusual that may seem.)

Vaccine injuries become “personal” to families who suffer the all-too-real consequences – & the # of families is soberingly many. The consequences themselves are also very wide-ranging. There is autism, & there are also asthma & allergies, learning disorders, ADHD, other childhood diseases & conditions, etc. etc. Ask a teacher how “well” children are these days, & you’re liable to get quite an earful.

Make it Personal

Vaxxed’ will make it personal for you.

So will the stories of vaccine-injured families, a great many of which you can learn about at any of these locations:

Facebook Groups:

& no doubt a good many others.


Much could be said about doctors.

An increasing number of whom are stepping back from the vaccination treadmill/bandwagon.

No doubt too, many are probably quietly not having their own children vaccinated. But your doctor will not likely tell you of her/his own behaviour. Her/his salary depends at least partly on your children receiving the full regimen of “shots.” Yes.

My own doctor, when I spoke to him recently about my new learnings about vaccines, said that I now likely know more about them than most people do, given all the research I’ve done.

I do know that the doctors now stepping forward to say they are dissenting from the vaccination scene invariably admit that they were taught almost nothing in medical school. Just, basically, “Use vaccines, ‘cos they work.”

In any case, as I say, more & more are speaking out.

You’ll find many stories from doctors on the Facebook pages I listed up above. A very moving one was posted just recently on the We Are Vaxxed page. (I share such items frequently on Facebook. I recall seeing another, recently, featuring a mother with a 16-year old autistic son whose doctor used to deny the vaccine/autism connection, & having caused her son's autism. She talked him into seeing 'Vaxxed.' He then apologized to her.)

Also, there is much talk from doctors in the growing # of documentaries about vaccines.

I’ve watched a lot of these in recent months. They’re all listed in this posting.


Once this issue – a very difficult & frankly, even heartbreaking one – lands in your own heart – once it becomes personal for you, the ground shifts beneath you.

I invite you to make it personal.

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