Vaccines: This!

Compensation for vaccine injury at the U.S. "vaccine court," in 2017, as of now.

This is a must-read!

Whopping Vaccine Injury Payouts for U.S. Fiscal Year 2017 Released.

"Vaccine injury payouts currently stand at over $142 million dollars. You read that right. That covers the 377 cases that were thus far successful in obtaining compensation in FY 2017 through the heavily biased (to put it politely) system allegedly in place to redress damage done by vaccines in the USA."

& the grand total for the program over the years of its operation?

Over $3.6 billion!

I've heard it estimated that a mere 1% of vaccine injuries are reported (some say higher, maybe 5%). If only 1% are reported (or heck, let's be generous & allow for 5%), & a tiny fraction of the cases that go to "vaccine court" meet with success for the families who've been injured, imagine what those payouts would be if 100% of injuries were reported!

Reader, please do some digging on this issue, if you've not done so already.

This excellent 5-minute YouTube explains "vaccine court" very well.

World Mercury Project also has good info on vaccine injury.

We are Vaxxed Facebook page, also.

(A ton of other sites as well ... but you will discover this for yourself as you do your own digging into the issue of vaccine injury. My little contribution to the tsunami of info, here. Well, that one ++ all the other vaccine-related postings on this site! If you're real short of time, take a gander at the Graphics posting. Or the one called 'Vaccines: Got 12 Minutes?')


If vaccines are so bloody safe --- why all these federal payouts to damaged families???????