Vaccines: the Canadian Scene

** Important note on May 12/19: It’s true the Canadian scene is not the same as that in the U.S. Bear in mind, this item was posted before I became familiar with the work of Vaccine Choice Canada, an outstanding resource on all things vaccine. Please be sure to check out VCC! It is your best source of information on the vaccine scene in Canada. It’s also important to realize that the forces working to mandate more vaccines on more people not just in Canada & the U.S., but around the world – have been very much ramped up since this post was written. I think it is not an exaggeration to say that these forces are ramping up daily.

** It’s very important to be clear on this point!    See also the posting in March 2019:    Vaccination Billboards in Toronto

** It’s very important to be clear on this point! See also the posting in March 2019: Vaccination Billboards in Toronto

p.s. on September 9th/16: article in Sept. 2016 VITALITY magazine about Canadian freedom of choice on vaccination being at renewed, increased risk. The article is here

This is my 3rd posting about vaccines in the past several days.

  1. My “elevator pitch”

  2. Vaccines: 12 things you may not know (I’d recommend the later posting ‘30 things you may not know about vaccines’)

I’m doing a 3rd one because the Canadian scene is slightly different than that in the U.S.

The U.S. has a vaccination schedule so aggressive, they are vaccinating babies against Hep B on the day of their birth. I am very thankful this is not happening in Canada … yet. [When I wrote this, I had not yet heard about the Vitamin K shot. Oh dear... You may need to look that one up... Also, they are giving the Hep B on the day of birth in New Brunswick, & have been doing so for many years now.]

Here are some resources for people keen to glean the differences between the U.S. scene & the Canadian one.


Canadian Immunization Guide (from the Public Health Agency of Canada) – lays out the schedule for the various vaccines.

The Canadian Pediatric Society has a “Caring for Kids” handout on vaccines here.

I’d like to believe what this item says, but it’s got some whoppers in it! E.g. a declaration of safety regarding the practice of combining such vaccines as diphtheria, polio, tetanus, pertussis and Hib B. And the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella). No studies have ever established any such thing … & the document certainly doesn’t cite any such studies! (How could they? They don’t exist!)


& the claim that “There is no evidence that thimerosal [i.e. mercury] in vaccines causes any side effects or diseases in children” is such a doozy that I am entirely taken aback. It goes on to say “Thimerosal-containing vaccines are safe.”   Really??

The CDC – U.S. Centers for Disease Control – considered a worldwide leader in such matters – has been playing fast & loose with this vaccine-autism link ever since 1998. There has been plenty of evidence about the toxicity of thimerosal, over many years, or actually, decades, as far as that goes. (I learned about this astonishing history in the 2014 documentary Trace Amounts – Autism, Mercury, and the Hidden Truth.)

The reason the CDC removed thimerosal from some vaccines is because they knew darn well it was causing problems.

** I’ll give some links below to YouTubes & documentaries that discuss this CDC charade.

So, this Canadian document claims, “As of March 2001, all routine vaccines for children in Canada are produced without thimerosal.”

If it was so safe, then why did they take it out?

It goes on to say that the flu vaccines they recommend for children (that is, babies), may contain thimerosal.

This little document makes many grand claims – but there are no scientific citations to accompany these claims. Not a single one. (Isn't that kind of outstanding? Inexplicable??)

Note later: The Robert F. Kennedy book Thimerosal - let the science speak is very eloquent on this topic. You can order it on-line. You can also learn more about The World Mercury Project.

MMR Monograph

I recommend that concerned parents read this over very, very carefully.

I obtained a print copy from my doctor the other day. It’s a very large, very wide piece of thin, tissue-like paper. About two-thirds of the way along in this insert (that I would guess very few parents ever see or have any idea they ought to to for; mea culpa on never having thought to ask my M.D. for this info when my own children were wee innocent babies), is Part III – Consumer Information. It states:

“This leaflet is part III of a three-part “Product Monograph” and is designed specifically for Consumers. This leaflet is a summary and will not tell you everything about M-M-R II. Contact your doctor or pharmacist if you have any questions about the vaccine.”

There is a section headed Warnings and Precautions (that people really do need to be aware of).

Right near the end (on panel 6 of 6, of the paper copy) is a section Side Effects and What to Do About Them.

It reads, & I quote:

“What undesirable effects may M-M-R® II have?

Any vaccine may have unintended or undesirable effects, so-called side effects. The most common is burning and/or stinging at the injection site for a short time. Transient joint pain and/or swelling have occurred more frequently in adult females; sometimes these symptoms may be chronic. Occasionally, fever and rash may occur. Rarely, unusual bleeding or bruising under the skin, and swelling of the testicles may occur.

Other side effects may also occur rarely and some of these may be serious. These include allergic reactions, seizures, and inflammation of the nervous system (brain and/or spinal cord). [emphasis mine]

Your doctor has a more complete list of side effects.

Tell your doctor promptly about any of these or any other unusual symptoms. If the condition persists or worsens, seek medical attention.”

<this info, from above, is on page 28 of the pdf version I’ve linked you to here>



There is much helpful information at the Vaccine Choice Canada site. I’m new to the site [not anymore!!], but can see it has plenty of very useful material.

Other Resources I’ve Made Use Of

My previous posting has a very long list of resources. [future postings also!]

YouTubes, documentaries, article links, quotations …

& a section near the end with doctor-specific materials / links / quotes.

Fabulous information-dense powerpoint presentation here covers much-much essential information!

These Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. YouTubes are quite helpful in explaining the increase in vaccination schedules, & the lies the CDC tells. This man is a lawyer with decades of experience of activist law practice.


** Canadian provinces’ vaccine schedules

can all be found on this page of the Vaccine Choice Canada site. Scroll down to find each province in turn.

The Learn the Risk site is super-super-super helpful. YouTubes of families & their stories. Doctor materials. Vaccine ingredients, vaccine risks. Etc. etc. etc. (I find with this site it’s best to use a browser other than Firefox.)


I’ve watched this bunch of documentaries. Each one has helped me learn a different piece of the puzzle.

Shots in the Dark (National Film Board film from 2008; somewhat dated, but still with much good info in it.)  Trailer here.

Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines (2013) Super informative! So glad I watched it.

BOUGHT – the truth behind vaccines, big pharma and your food (2014)  Parents of vaccine-damaged children. 2 whistle-blowers. Big fines levied against Pharma giants GlaxoSmithKline & Johnson & Johnson. Excellent. (I’ve seen only Part I so far.)

The Vaccine Panel: The Insider’s Report (2016). Panel discussion in L.A. in Feb. 2016. A ton of useful info. Includes a panelist who used to work for Merck (pharmaceutical company) & now preaches an anti-vaccination message (her site = ) ++ affected parents & 2 MDs. Herd immunity thoroughly covered.

Trace Amounts – Autism, Mercury, and the Hidden Truth (2014) I rented the documentary online. $6 for 72 hours of use. Highly recommended!)Plenty of info on this site! Trailer here. Many doctors & researchers interviewed. Fantastic resource on the long history of thimerosal use (the story of how it came to be used is a shocker!); science that has proven its dangers over & over & over again; how the CDC found a strong autism link, then massaged the data until it “went away” – with shots of the transcript of the secret “Simpsonwood” meeting – & voice recordings of Dr. William Thompson, the CDC scientist who is now ashamed of his work with CDC & states the CDC has put vaccine science 10 years behind. Also: the Bush ties – Georges both Sr. & Jr. – with the pharmaceutical industry. How males are at much higher risk for autism. Other sources of mercury in the environment. Decades of the autism rate being 1 in 10,000. Through the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. Until the 90s. Then? The autism generation. From 1 in 500 in the 90s to 1 in 250 in 2000, then 1 in 166 (2004), then 1 in 150 (2007), 1 in 110 (2009), 1 in 88 (2012), and now 1 in 68 (this prediction from the CDC, apparently!). With boys at much higher risk.

Simply more shocking, all of it, really, than I can even begin to articulate. (I bought a copy friends are welcome to borrow!)

As well as this lecture Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs <Nov. 2015> by Dr. Suzanne Humphries  about aluminum in vaccines. (A talk given to parents in Finland. Quite technical about the immune system, & what aluminum does in the brain. She makes the aluminum/autism link.) Fantastic quote from Dr. Humphries at the end (it’s in my previous post, in the quotes section, at the end).

N.B. Dr. Humphries in a short, 11-minute YouTube, explaining a whole lot about vaccines & their risks, & the immune system. Really very-very highly recommended!

2 More Things:

Since I posted my 2 items the other day (& told friends about them), I’ve been reminded of a couple of important things.

  1. Japan chose to delay vaccination. See more below.

Japan: “It has become rather well known that when Japan raised its minimum vaccination age to two years in 1975 the overall infant mortality rate improved to become the best in the world. In an effort to find out what has become of this ‘no vaccination under two’ policy that the following information was searched for and collected into one place.” (N.B. I was later informed that Japan later backtracked. The current Japanese vaccination schedule is here.)

     2. Vaccines contain animal products, which is an issue for many people. Eggs, gelatin, and, according to the information here – many other surprising & carcinogenic things.

How Can This Be Happening? What Are We To Do?

Well, I explained the why in that previous posting.

It’s greed, (im)pure & simple.

Big Pharma “bought” politicians decades ago. Corrupted the so-called “public health” establishment. Many doctors are “bought” by Big Pharma. Wined & dined, etc.

Fact is, I’ve come to realize, once you climb into bed with the devil, you can’t very easily climb back out.

Liability kicks in!

Say you are on a small-town municipal Council. Your predecessors have been “in bed with” a local polluter for decades. (This is a very common situation, as I have learned, sadly, over the years, while paying close attention to other serious environmental/pollution issues.)

So, you decide you want to sever the relationship.

But … you can’t! If you try to go public about the polluter turning your town into a cesspool of one kind or another, your government would be sued. Have the pants sued right off them, as they say.

So there you are, stuck.

Neither the CDC nor Health Canada is about to admit they’ve been “asleep at the switch” (this phrase lifted from one of the CDC documents shown in Trace Amounts – Autism, Mercury, and the Hidden Truth) on vaccines & thimerosal (& other nasty vaccine ingredients & practices) for decades. Have been subject to corruption, collusion – & the very, very complete & utter opposite of good science.

They’d get the pants sued off them.

So. Now What?

It seems to be up to each of us to take action on our own.

My main piece of advice is simply this:

Do some research.

Don’t hurry into getting your child/ren vaccinated. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that in fact, non-vaccinated children are actually healthier.

Italian article. (Use Google Translate if you don’t read Italian.)  This one too.

Delay the vaccinations until you are entirely convinced they are safe & a good (& safe) idea for your child & your family.

Many parents before you have done this. Many more are doing so all the time, & this movement is only going to grow.

Mandated vaccine laws will likely be struck down. Certainly they are being resisted, now, by many many parents & an increasing # of informed doctors.

Meanwhile, you can refrain for religious reasons, say. Perhaps you don’t approve of there being animal products (or cells from aborted fetuses) in the vaccines. (Most people don’t know about this. I certainly did not.) Certainly if your child is not in day care, & not ready to attend school, there is no hurry.

Check out the ‘Exemptions’ section of the Vaccine Choice Canada site.

It helps to remember why you’re making this choice – you are doing it to protect your child – and your family.

Stand firm!

You’ll be in very fine company indeed.


p.s. a woman on ‘The Vaccine Panel’ said she is relatively new to the vaccine issue. She said she has been “stunned, horrified, shocked and angry” at what she has learned. I’m new at this as well, & I feel the same way. Sickened, also, actually. Heartbroken, to be honest. No exaggeration. (See later posting Vaccines: Flabbergasted, Gobsmacked … and more.)

p.p.s. if I had to recommend only one of the many documentaries I’ve watched, that would be hard. Each one has taught me valuable things, & in each one I’ve heard some simply amazing, astonishing things revealed. Learned about how the immune system works, & why vaccines actually don’t work. I made notes on most of them, & I wish I could reproduce my notes easily (this would take hours & hours & hours). I really can’t narrow it all down to one item – but I will say that ‘Silent Epidemic’ alone is amazing, as is ‘The Vaccine Panel.’ Well, as is ‘Trace Amounts’! But you learn so much in any one of these, it will get your research on the road.

p.p.p.s. one thing I learned in years of anti-pesticide & anti-nuclear activism is that industries/corporations (&, unfortunately, the bureaucracies that back them up) both evade and outright lie (I only wish it were not so. It was not a comfortable thing for me to have to learn). They make false claims about safety routinely, & their ingredients (& emissions) listings are never complete. You can’t trust them – not for a single moment.

p.p.p.p.s. Remember! I am not asking you to trust me on this issue. I am begging you to do some research. All the while you do that, remember to ask yourself “Who stands to gain from this business?” (i.e. #Follow The Money.) Industry gains plenty. The damaged families? What motivates them to keep on & on telling their stories? They are certainly not getting billions of dollars out of this. Who has the credibility? Who’s making the fortunes? & avoiding liability?

Much-much information at the      Children’s Health Defense site     . Be sure to make use of the Search bar at the bottom of the site. Do a search on ‘mandates’ to find a ‘     Mandates Toolbox     ', for example.

Much-much information at the Children’s Health Defense site. Be sure to make use of the Search bar at the bottom of the site. Do a search on ‘mandates’ to find a ‘Mandates Toolbox', for example.

p.s. # 5: Note. So thimerosal has (supposedly) been eliminated or reduced – after 14 years of cover-up (or more) by the CDC (except that it’s still in flu vaccine). But aluminum is there (along with many other toxic ingredients), & it’s a disaster (& neurotoxin) as well. Too many vaccines being given, too many toxic ingredients in them, & far too much risk. As I said to a friend recently, there is absolutely zero room for Canadians to have any complacency regarding this issue. Our schedule here may not be quite as aggressive as that in the U.S. – but we tend to follow the U.S. like little puppies follow behind their mother. Much activism is needed on this issue! Please join Vaccine Choice Canada & lend your voice (& hands & legs &, if possible, financial support!) to a group that is doing MUCH on all our behalf.

p.s. # 6 (more than a year later): Read Immunization 2020 if you want to get a handle on what's coming down the pipe, vis-a-vis immunizations for all. I'm learning lately that the school system has become a very aggressive promoter of vaccines. Likely this is occurring mostly at the secondary level, so primary school teachers may remain unaware of the aggressive agenda in high schools. It is not pretty.