Vaccines: My Friends’ Stories. Warriors

So, as previously explained, I knew diddly-squat about vaccines & any associated dangers until a few short months ago, when I was drawn into the issue rather by fluke.

I myself am 63 now, &, as per usual for people born in the early 1950s, received very few vaccinations as a child.

 NOTE: The vaccination scene in Ontario - go here for a graphic comparison!

Later, knowing absolutely nothing about vaccine risks, I obediently & unquestioningly took my own babies in for theirs in the early 1980s.

NOTE: I must add here that, in all fairness, it was not just vaccines about which I knew nothing at that time!  I also knew nothing then about pesticides (farm or lawn variety; take your pick), lead (in paints & gasoline, dust, children’s brains & drinking water and my fetus, who got it from me), dioxins, nuclear energy risks, widespread chemical contamination of a bewildering number of varieties, ozone layer depletion, climate change, electromagnetic radiation, hormone disruption, ocean acidification, our children being born “pre-polluted” … all of which I went on to learn quite a good deal about in subsequent years – my education beginning, I now recall, with a very local water pollution issue when my children were still quite young, & proceeding sort of inexorably onward from there.

As I began to “talk vaccines” with friends in recent months, I learned that there are many-many stories out there.

Here are just a few:

Friend # 1 had three children. Her eldest is now 23. When her first baby was an infant, someone quietly gave her a book about vaccines – this was ‘A Shot in the Dark’. Which she read, & then decided against vaccinating her baby. Or any of her subsequent children. She says she has “ZERO regrets for having done so,” although “It was not an easy decision to make at the time, as a new young mom, with zero support from family and no friends to discuss this with. Likely, the most stressful time … as this was unchartered territory for me and really not questioned by many people at the time. I was flying solo on this one.” She goes on to say “Lots of research helped give me the confidence to stand up to judgmental doctors and nurses (& family) when we had occasion to visit the emergency…” “As you know, this choice is also part of a bigger lifestyle picture…organic, homemade meals, supplements, healthy home, exercise, staying at home (no daycare), avoidance of antibiotics (for the most part…) etc. “A very personal choice indeed. And one that every parent should take a serious investigative look at before rolling up their innocent children’s sleeves for.  One that I wish my parents had not submitted me to …”

Another good friend tells this: “I guess I had been vaguely aware that there were people who refused vaccinations, but I’d had the impression that they were religious fanatics. Then two things happened around the same time to broaden my awareness on the issue: 1) my roommate, from a large family in northern Ontario, told me about one of her siblings having a terrible reaction to a vaccination and ending up severely brain damaged & 2) some of the course readings in the first semester of my Master of Health Science program disputed the usefulness of vaccines, pointing out that in many cases they had been introduced after the disease incidence had been greatly reduced by improvements in nutrition and sanitation.

So my mind was open a bit more after those two experiences. Then, just after my first child was born in 1996, someone gave me a book called The Immunization Decision: a guide for parents, by Randall Neustaedter. Being somewhat sleep-deprived and overwhelmed as a new parent, I delegated my husband (a scientist) to read the book. He did so, and after reading it felt that we should at least delay vaccinating our daughter until after two years of age as they had begun to do in Japan (after which a significant decline in sudden infant death syndrome had occurred). He felt delaying for two years made sense and would give us time to do more research.

The small snatches of research I managed to do as a busy parent did not reassure me and convince me to start vaccinating at age two. In fact, I became more uneasy, and kept delaying. Then it was time for nursery school and pressure was on to get shots, which we did.

During the following week our three-year old daughter experienced several bad bouts of hives, then one week later, the babysitter rushed her to the emergency room when she seemed to be having an allergic reaction to peanut butter, including difficulty breathing, and with her throat tightening up. She was referred for allergy testing after that incident, but the allergist could find nothing that she was allergic to.

We never got another vaccination after that, and she never had hives again or any similar allergic like reaction.”

Note: It’s relevant to mention that this friend of mine, when all this was happening with her first child, was working for a regional health unit in Ontario. And also that they didn’t have their 2nd child vaccinated at all.

I’ve spoken to another woman I’ve known for 3 decades or so, all told. I had never discussed vaccines with her until the past month or so – at which time I found out that she believes her eldest child’s asthma may have been caused by vaccines (vaccines muck with our natural immune systems, so this would not surprise me at all). After this result with Kid # 1, Kid # 2 was not vaccinated at all. Their family kept pretty quiet about this – because they learned that people do not react well when they find out you’re not a fan of vaccinations.

(It’s being learned that children who are not vaccinated are actually healthier than vaccinated children – but this is not what most people have been told, as it’s not the message the pharmaceutical industry/medical establishment want you to hear, or know about.)

Another friend has never vaccinated her child, knowing that in Japan, vaccinations are delayed ‘till the children are older, given the awareness of health complications in countries with early vaccination routines. As well, she & her husband are strict vegetarians & know that vaccines contain animal products (e.g. gelatin, as well as being cultivated using a variety of animal products). When you combine concerns about health & safety with awareness of how vaccines are actually made, & a strict policy of not exploiting animals, vaccination becomes a no-brainer.


Vaccine Ingredients

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I talked to the husband of another friend recently, & we migrated to the vaccine topic more or less by fluke. We’d been chatting for a while, & it was only quite a few minutes in (after I’d mentioned what I’ve been learning about lately) that he revealed that they’re non-vaccinating parents also.

After doing a lot of research on vaccine dangers over several months, 2 realizations dawned on me rather belatedly.

  1. Un-diagnosed vaccine injury stories are LEGION. The medical profession is very loath to attribute negative health outcomes to vaccine injury – for liability reasons. So they often simply deny that a particular outcome was vaccine-related. ** (Shocking shocking shocking information about infant deaths in this document. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting-DPT. Also, a later posting on the vaccine injury issue.)

  2. There are a lot more non-vaccinating parents out there – even among my own circle of friends – than I was aware of. They keep quiet because the amount of flak they take over this very personal (& entirely health-motivated) decision is horrific. I’ve discovered that this is a topic that generates considerable over-reaction of a very emotional sort. I totally “get” why the non-vaccinating parents have been keeping so quiet. Frankly, it’s a bit of a shitstorm (more than a bit…) when one puts one’s head up above the parapet on this so-important issue. Who needs it??? Our lives are challenging enough without getting into emotional disputes with people who’ve done no research at all, & who are just parroting the message Big Pharma/mainstream media spend so very much advertising (& doctor-influencing) money for us to hear.

A Final Word. About Warriors

Some of us are a bit warrior-like.

We take on issues. We’re noisy. We’re called “activists” (to some, apparently a dirty word). As I like to say, I’m an activist, not a passive-ist.

Some of us become warriors because it just seems to be part of our wiring. We don’t really seem to have much choice about it!

Some of us wind up going down roads we’d never intended to go down, because of something unexpected that happens to us along the way. We get cancer, say, & then start doing research & find out about environmental toxins, & maybe decide we want to help “change the world.” Or someone plans a landfill (or toxic waste or fracking or nuke waste or … fill in the blanks) site for the area close to our home.

Some of my friends are warrior types anyway (“alternative” types, you could probably accurately call them), & also happen to have been “warriors” on this vaccine issue. (I so admire their intelligence & bravery!!   No question, if I had it to do all over again, I’d not be submitting my children to vaccinations. Nosirreebob.)

Many parents of vaccine-damaged children seem to wind up being warriors whether they set out to be or not. Their child/ren were damaged.

They start talking, acting, etc.

& what do they get? They get one horrific shitload of flak, misdirected anger, & a huge lack of understanding.

My advice to everyone?

Especially given the fact that everything on Planet Earth seems to be more & more precarious by the day, & that we surely need our wits about us, more so than ever?

On this issue, I say, be a warrior before your child is vaccinated. Be the kind of warrior who says “No, I refuse to subject my child to this dangerous experimentation, like s/he is some kind of guinea pig or lab rat. I will do research, I will learn, & I will stand up to the medical profession & whoever else tries to bully me, using my child’s body as a testing ground – for the sole purpose of increasing Big Pharma’s profits.”

Being a warrior takes energy … & it takes gumption.

I feel sure too that being the parent of a vaccine-damaged child is an experience liable to scour out your insides like nothing else – for a very mild understatement. I don’t know this from the in-side – but I can pretty much tell that’s the truth. Heartbreak – serious, serious deep, profound heartbreak. Family discord & marital breakdown very-very, very likely. Tragedy & heartache like some of us have no clue about. Nobody ... nobody, nobody, nobody asks for, expects, or deserves this to happen to them.

You see?

** if you go here, you can get access to all those links to doctor statements.


A Few Random Links

Air Farce Skit on Flu Vaccine Contents Just under 3 minutes

Hope it doesn’t happen to you! 6 minutes

Dr. Humphries (11 minutes) on the (unknown) history of vaccinations, vaccine risks & efficacy

How Vaccines Harm Child Brain Development Dr. Russell Blaylock. Simply excellent. A comprehensive lecture on the problems with vaccines. It seems to cover everything!

SPIDER bites! No, it isn't what it sounds like. CDC Scientists speaking up!!

Vaccine Choice Canada

‘Quote of the day’ with this post:

“I was once an idiot. I once thought that people who didn’t vaccinate were taking advantage of all the people that were. I thought that they were being privileged opportunists, and I was a vaccinating doctor, because I was taught nothing about vaccines, because I had never met an unvaccinated child. But once I met unvaccinated children, and started seeing problems first-hand with vaccinations in my own patients – and started doing my own research – I flipped around 180 degrees. And I’ve known other doctors that were able to do that as well, and some of them, because parents like you have presented the facts to them – quietly, calmly and rationally. That’s key.” – Dr. Suzanne Humphries (in November 2015 Finland presentation ‘Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs‘)


Quotes from 4 mothers:

“I saw it. I felt it. I questioned it. But I didn’t question loud enough. I allowed them to bully me. And that’s something I have to live with.”

“You really need to think twice and really need to learn the risks that truly are there and that are involved if you decide to vaccinate your child.” – Heather Turano, mother of 11-year old autistic daughter, Sabrina. In Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines  <at 1:41>

“The boys that were so happy – always smiling – looking at me – blabbering – saying, even if it was mama, dada, you know – they just disappeared. I’m not deluded. I actually saw my children disappear right in front of me.” – Nina Lteif, mother of Eli & Christian, her twin sons who became autistic right after their MMR shot at 18 months. From the documentary ‘Man Made Epidemic.’

“Just because a drug is on the market doesn’t mean it’s safe.” – Brandy Vaughan, mother of an unvaccinated 5-year old, & a former sales rep for Merck (in this 9-minute YouTube) Her site = Learn the Risk

“I wish I hadn’t listened to the doctor who said ‘You have to vaccinate your child. She didn’t know better herself.'” – mother of vaccine-damaged child in ‘Shots in the Dark’ (National Film Board documentary)


Tons more links in previous postings on this topic…

p.s. after I posted this, I heard from another friend, who tells me: “My 1st child had a classic reaction to the MMR vaccine. She still suffers from terrible allergies which began after vaccination. The MMR vax was the last and we did not vaccinate our son, who has always been super healthy.”

p.p.s. & I forgot to mention this: a young friend who is a naturopath & with whom I chatted at length recently about vaccines? She has not vaccinated her absolutely gorgeous & healthy young children. No plans to do so. She does not press her views on patients & friends. But she is not having her own children vaccinated. Period.

p.p.p.s. & I had forgotten to add in this testimony, from a friend who told me via email: “I know two people who have children who’ve reacted catastrophically to the MMR vaccine.  One was left with severe learning problems and an IQ well under 100, and the other is totally disabled and unable to communicate.”

p.s. # 4: The 'We are Vaxxed' Facebook page has many many short YouTubes featuring families telling their vaccine injury stories. They are both mind-blowing & truly heartbreaking. The Learn the Risk site also has many stories. The Man Made Epidemic page too.

p.s. # 5: The former Health Unit friend wrote to me today & said "My friend was visiting recently from -----.  Her 6-year old grand-daughter who lives in xxxxxx has apraxia, which I had never heard of. Lots of speech and behavioural therapies involved. She says lots of kids seem to have it or similar conditions. Principal of her daughter's school has three damaged kids. Was mind blowing to hear all this. I googled apraxia and vaccines and of course there is a link. 

OMG what are we doing to the children?"

What are we doing, indeed??