Vaccines: My Biggest Surprise?

People don’t want to know!

There’s all this stuff they don’t know – but don’t seem to even want to hear about!

For example, that the schedule has been hugely bumped up since they were kids.

Vaccine Schedule Bump-Up.jpg
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That vaccines are full of toxic stuff – mercury, aluminum, foreign DNA material, etc. etc. etc. etc. ... some of it pretty nasty; a lot of it damn shocking, actually! (& that is not even to mention the  contaminants)

Vaccine Ingredients-3 Key.jpg

That vaccine injury is very, very common. Very widespread indeed.

That the pharmaceutical industry is free from liability. So if one of their products injures you (& this happens all the time) – you’re on your own! (yes, the scene differs between Canada & the U.S.; we actually have even less protection here than they do in the U.S. Look it up!)


But… people don’t want to know!

They don’t want to know...

That doctors get paid for vaccinating your child according to the (aforementioned very bumped-up) schedule (see Ontario schedule here - for other provinces' schedules, go here & scroll down to find the one you're looking for).

So that’s why they don’t want you to exercise your “informed” choice & choose not to vaccinate (your doctor may very well not have read the vaccine insert; see below).

But ... you can’t be informed, & give truly informed consent, if no one tells you what’s in the vaccines, can you? Doctors (or other health care "professionals") don’t offer us the product inserts, or monographs; we basically have to beg for them. (Frankly, it's surprising to me that this is even legal!)

Measles Vaccine Insert.jpg


So that means, we have to inform OURSELVES.


People don’t want to know!


To me, that’s the biggest surprise of all.

Still shaking my head over this. I really, really, really am.


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p.s. it isn't as though there isn't enough information out there, people! Look at this pile of books! (& there are many more, even, than are on that pile. For example, Heather Fraser's book Peanut Allergy Epidemic - What's Causing it and How to Stop It, about the peanut allergy scene; a must-read! Among others, many others. Some of them, not all, by any means, on this page, here.)  Look at the other postings on this blog, & on so many other good sites/blogs/Facebook pages. There is positively a tsunami of information available now...

Please (pretty please!!) wake up & smell the coffee!!!!!!

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“For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forbears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” – John F. Kennedy

p.p.s. Children these days are sicker than ever. If you haven't noticed this, you have not been paying attention! Ask a teacher or an Educational Assistant! Heck, walk around a shopping mall (or an airport!) & notice all the kids who are obviously not quite "right." Not only are children sicker than ever, it's becoming obvious that unvaccinated children are healthier than the vaccinated ones.  You won't hear this from the health "authorities," because they refuse to do any science on it (& also, of course, their ties to Big Pharma are deep & tight). But there is research on this topic. e.g. here. And 120 Italian doctors have noticed & spoken out (use Google translate if you don't read Italian) & there is information on this topic elsewhere (do some searching; there's plenty of material out there!). You need to sit up & take notice!

p.p.p.s. on Dec. 2/17: well, strangely enough, I've just run across an old posting - from January 2012 - called 'People Don't Want to Know.' I've posted so bloody many blog postings by now, over all these years, I sure as heck don't remember them all. It was interesting to come across this one. ... pause....   I guess there are things we ALL don't want to know, hmmm? We're a pretty strange bunch, we humans...