Vaccine Injuries: the untold story


"Perhaps 98% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are not included in the VAERS database, and up to 25 million U.S. citizens could have been adversely affected by vaccines in the past 25 years." 'Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit is Not Safe' (Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Summer 2016)

A major element of the vaccination phenomenon & related public perception is the very widespread lack of awareness about the large number of vaccine injuries that occur all around us.

Few people seem to grasp that vaccine injuries are disturbingly numerous, disturbingly various in nature, & can be shockingly serious (resulting even in death, not to mention autism, disability & a whole host of other serious, often debilitating health impacts).

Vaccine Injuries Seriously Underreported

It seems most people are unaware either of this widespread incidence, or of the very deliberate under-reporting of vaccine injuries (& deaths).

Confession: I was unaware of this myself until a mere 10 months ago. It was an issue that was flying completely under my radar for six decades of my life, I am sorry to admit.

In a world as bafflingly complex, fast-paced, device-dominated, distracting, stressful – & frankly near-dizzyingly insane at times – as ours has become, it’s easy to remain unaware of a whole host of issues that really ought to concern a lot more of us.

This one certainly needs to pop up above the radar screen, seems to me, given the progression toward ever more stringent rules about mandatory vaccinations – by which I mean that more & more jurisdictions are imposing mandatory vaccine laws. While it used to be possible to decline vaccinations on personal grounds of conscience & religion, these are being swept away, state by state in the U.S.  (What’s going on there is well covered in this chat between Barbara Loe Fisher & Dr. Mercola)

As people who are actively concerned about this like to say,

Where there is risk, there must be choice.

**********   Important Note: In Canada, vaccinations are not mandatory

The Vaccine Choice Canada Web site is an excellent information source about all things vaccine, & I can’t recommend highly enough that you spend some time there. (Go right now & abandon this posting this second, even! There is simply a ton of awesome information there!). It has everything from soup to nuts, as they say, so you can find out about vaccine risks & dangers, vaccine safety & efficacy, vaccine contents, what you need to know about exemptions … & plenty more.

Among many other categories of information, there is an excellent Parent’s Guide to Vaccination that is liable to answer all of your vaccine-related questions – including many you didn’t know you needed to ask! (this page on the site is a Wow. Video/audio presentations. Tons of them.)


Vaccine Injury Reporting

In the U.S. there is VAERS – the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (more on this below).

In Canada we have a system that is impenetrable to the general public.

There is an excellent report on this on the VCC site. It would be an excellent thing for more of our doctors to read! You too, of course.

Bottom line? Vaccine injuries are common, reporting is very sketchy indeed.

(Gosh. A person might almost think the medical establishment doesn’t want us to know about vaccine injuries …)

Another big contrast between our 2 countries: in the U.S. there is a compensation program that is said to have paid out somewhere between $3-4 billion to families hit by serious vaccine injury.

(Now, that's kind of a lot of compensation paid to families for medical consequences for "safe" vaccinations, wouldn't you say?)

You must try to imagine how few families who actually qualify, or deserve compensation, likely succeed in getting through all those legal hoops + the time & energy & money obstacles (especially when they have a very significantly damaged child/family member to look after!) – & thus how many are not compensated. You also need to realize that it is “government money” – that is to say, taxpayers’ money – being used for this compensation (no, Big Pharma is definitely not picking up the tab).

Yes, the U.S. government gave the pharmaceutical industry a free pass on this back in 1986. They can’t be sued. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains it all quite well (including the startling rise in autism cases since that time) in this short interview.

Canada has no such compensation program federally (the province of Quebec has its own program, I’m told), & we apparently hold the unlucky distinction of being the only G8 country without a vaccine injury compensation program.

There are many contexts in which I’ve been known to say Canadians have no reason whatsoever to be smug – & this is certainly yet another one.

In general, what seems to happen when parents (or anyone) report a reaction following a vaccination (this could happen in either country or likely many others), the doctor is liable to deny, pooh-pooh or minimize it, and the word “coincidence” is almost certain to come up. You can be fairly certain the doctor will not report the injury. It is believed that only somewhere between 1 – 5% of vaccine injuries are properly reported.

Here is an emergency room nurse’s view of the use of the VAERS system (my source was a Facebook posting):

An E.R. Nurse’s View Of The Vaccine-injury Cover-up:

As an E.R. nurse, I have seen the cover up. Where do you think kids go when they have a vac­cine reac­tion? They go to the E.R. They come to me. I cannot even begin to guess how many times over the years I have seen vac­cine reac­tions come through my E.R. Without any exaggeration, it has to be counted in hun­dreds. Some­times it seemed like it was one or two cases in a sin­gle shift, every shift, for weeks. Then I would get a lull, and I wouldn’t catch one for a week or two, then I’d catch another case per night for a cou­ple weeks. This was common.

“Once, I was train­ing a nurs­ing stu­dent, about to grad­u­ate, on their E.R. expe­ri­ence rota­tion in nurs­ing school. This stu­dent and I floated up to triage to cover the triage nurse for a break. I was quizzing them on what to ask and look for as a triage nurse on pedi­atric kids that came through. I made a point about ask­ing about immu­niza­tions right out the gates. The stu­dent was puz­zled, and asked why, and I told the stu­dent because we see vac­cine reac­tions every day and its their job to catch it, alert the doc­tor and the par­ents, and report it to VAERS [Vac­cine Adverse Event Report­ing Sys­tem]. Some higher power appar­ently smiled on my attempt to open the eyes of another nurse I guess, because not even ten min­utes later, a woman brought her child up to the counter. Sud­den onset super high fever and lethargy. I asked if the child was up to date on vac­ci­na­tion. The mother replied he had them just a few hours ago. I glanced at the stu­dent, who looked shocked and looked back at me in dis­be­lief. I nod­ded, told them to remem­ber this, and then took the mom and her child to fin­ish the triage in back. When I was done I came back and sat down with the stu­dent, and asked what he learned that night so far. The first response: “What I was told about vac­cines wasn’t true”. I couldn’t have said it bet­ter. That stu­dent is going to go on to be like me, advo­cat­ing for his patients with his eyes wide open.

“The cases almost always pre­sented sim­i­larly, and often no one else con­nected it. The child comes in with either a fever approach­ing 105, or seizures, or lethargy/can’t wake up, or sud­den over­whelm­ing sick­ness, scream­ing that won’t stop, spasms, GI inclu­sion, etc. And one of the first ques­tions I would ask as triage nurse, was, are they cur­rent on their vac­ci­na­tions? It’s a safe ques­tion that nobody sees com­ing, and nobody under­stands the true impact of. Par­ents (and co-workers) usu­ally just think I’m try­ing to rule out the vac­cine pre­ventable dis­eases, when in fact, I am look­ing to see how recently they were vac­ci­nated to deter­mine if this is a vac­cine reac­tion. Too often I heard a par­ent say some­thing akin to “Yes they are cur­rent, the pedi­a­tri­cian caught up their vac­cines this morn­ing dur­ing their check up, and the pedi­a­tri­cian said they were in per­fect health!” If I had a dol­lar for every time I’d heard that, I could fly to Europe for free.

“But here’s the more dis­turb­ing part. For all the cases I’ve seen, I have NEVER seen any med­ical provider report them to VAERS. I have filed VAERS reports. But I am the ONLY nurse I have EVER met that files VAERS reports. I also have NEVER met a doc­tor that filed a VAERS report. Mind you, I have served in mul­ti­ple hos­pi­tals across mul­ti­ple states, along­side prob­a­bly well over a hun­dred doc­tors and prob­a­bly 300–400+ nurses. I’ve worked in big hos­pi­tals (San Fran­cisco Bay Area Metro 40 bed ER, Las Vegas NV Metro 44 bed ER) and small hos­pi­tals (Rural access 2 bed ER, remote com­mu­nity 4 bed ER) and every­thing in between. When I say NEVER, I mean NEVER. I have even made a point of sit­ting in the most promi­nent spot at the nurses sta­tion fill­ing out a VAERS report to make sure as many peo­ple saw me doing it as pos­si­ble to gen­er­ate the expected “what are you doing” responses to get that dia­log going with peo­ple. And in every case, if a nurse approached me, their response was “I’ve never done that” or “i didn’t know we could do that” or, worse “What is VAERS?” which was actu­ally the most com­mon response.

The response from doc­tors? Silence. Absolute total refusal to engage in dis­cus­sion or to even acknowl­edge what I was doing or what VAERS was.

“The big take away from that? VAERS is WOEFULLY under reported. I am PROOF of that. The num­ber one place par­ents bring their kids in the event of a vac­cine reac­tion is the E.R., and as an E.R. staffer, I have NEVER met any­one who filed one, in spite of see­ing hun­dreds of cases of obvi­ous vac­cine asso­ci­ated harm come through. What does that say about reported num­bers? The CDC/HHS admits that VAERS is under-reported, and prob­a­bly only rep­re­sen­ta­tive of 1/10th the actual num­ber of injuries. I con­test that, and from per­sonal expe­ri­ence, I would say the num­bers in VAERS are more like 1/1000th the actual num­bers, not 1/10th.

“And the final part of that, is that I have, first hand, seen bla­tant cover ups from doc­tors. I have seen fal­si­fi­ca­tion of med­ical records and doc­u­men­ta­tion via inten­tional omis­sion. I have chal­lenged doc­tors who refused to put in the chart that the child was vac­ci­nated 4 hours ago and was in per­fect health, and now sud­denly they are non-responsive, seiz­ing, febrile at 105, and that labs, LP, and imag­ing con­firms cere­bral edema/encephalitis. I reminded the doc­tor as they are writ­ing their report that the child was vac­ci­nated mere hours before. And at the end, there is total omis­sion of this fact, and the physi­cian pass-off notes state encephali­tis of unknown ori­gin. I ask the doc­tor if they will file a VAERS report, and they argue that this has noth­ing to do with it, its purely coin­ci­den­tal, and noth­ing should be filed, they are safe and effec­tive. I remind them that VAERS is a report­ing body for ANY symp­toms that are con­tem­po­ra­ne­ous to vac­ci­na­tion, whether cau­sa­tion is believed to be asso­ci­ated or not, and I get the dis­missal that they are not fil­ing it because it has noth­ing to do with it.

“No one brings it up to the par­ents. It’s this giant rug-sweep that hap­pens, and any men­tion of the vac­ci­na­tion is sys­tem­at­i­cally removed or with­held from the record. A per­fect exam­ple of this, was an ambu­lance crew that came in with a pass-off report that included the fact the child had been vac­ci­nated only hours prior to onset of symp­toms. The physi­cian made sure this pass-off sheet dis­ap­peared mys­te­ri­ously and could not get filed with the patient med­ical record. So yes, I have seen the vac­cine dam­age cover up first hand. I know that it is inten­tional and active in the med­ical com­mu­nity. I know that it is hap­pen­ing. And on top of total denial of any asso­ci­a­tion, and total cover up, they also refuse to report to VAERS which is sup­posed to be reported to for ANYTHING that is even in NO WAY SUSPECTED to be asso­ci­ated with the vac­cine. This is a sys­temic sup­pres­sion of infor­ma­tion and statistics.

“And yes, in the cases described above, I did approach the par­ents, and I did tell them about VAERS, and I did start a case for them and file a report. I did force the issue through my chart­ing, although it will most likely be buried and over­looked. I have expe­ri­enced the cor­rup­tion and sup­pres­sion of the truth in the med­ical com­mu­nity about vac­cines first-hand from the provider per­spec­tive. It does hap­pen. Every day.”


Well. This is all very, very, very sobering indeed.

To see very disturbing information about deaths reported in the U.S. after the DTP vaccine (given to very young babies), take a look at this VAERS document.  Warning! It is shocking & may make you feel sick, horrified, heartbroken, or all three.   These are not “statistics” we are talking about here, they are infants’ lives. Families’ lives. I had not known of the vaccination-SIDS connection until very recently. To say that SIDS is heartbreaking is … well … it's simply an appallingly inadequate, gutwrenching understatement.


Learn About Vaccine Injury from Families Living with Them

The documentary ‘Vaxxed’ is creating vastly increased awareness around this issue. While there has been much awareness among families of vaccine-damaged children for some decades now, the ‘Vaxxed’ documentary is shining a very powerful (& noisy) light, such that the issue can no longer continue to be swept under the carpet.

In addition to showing the documentary in communities all over the U.S., there has been a simultaneous effort to collect the stories of families dealing with vaccine injuries, and these are being reported on the We Are Vaxxed Facebook page. There are a number of sites where very moving (& very upsetting, heartbreaking) stories can be seen/read.

& likely many others as well.

Three that have stood out powerfully for me (believe me, so have many, many others!):


The Ironies

1. I keep having to repeat this one. It is a common practice, but utterly irrational, to accuse “anti-vaxxers” of being ill-informed cretins who ought to know better. Parents of vaccine-injured children are by definition parents who had their children vaccinated! It was after the vaccine injury (in most cases) that they studied up, became informed (usually wholly without the help of their own M.D. or the medical profession), & now so many campaign tirelessly (as they say, though I’m quite certain they are very very very tired indeed, most of the time) in order to help prevent this from happening to other families. No one wants to see children injured & families ripped open & sideways & every which way (well… those who run & profit so hugely from Big Pharma don’t seem to care, do they?; but then, most of them probably don’t have themselves or their own family members vaccinated! They may be venal, but they are not stupid. And those paycheques go down very very nicely indeed, I feel quite sure).

Why do parents question vaccines?.jpg

2. I have to chuckle (very ruefully) at the fact that while so many of us are utterly skeptical about the flu vaccine, & refuse to get flu shots (we know, & many of us have known for years, that they are ineffectual & more or less bogus & really, frankly, just a money-maker for the vaccine industry) – yet we continue to bow down before & give a free pass to the folks who push so many other vaccines on us. If the vaccine industry can’t be trusted to tell us the truth about the flu vaccine, how can we expect them to be trustworthy regarding the others? Go figure, eh?? We've been hugely duped, folks. (btw, you can watch a funny, short YouTube about what’s in flu vaccines, here.) Later posting on flu shots here.

3. The medical establishment pressures & bullies you into having your child vaccinated. They reassure you that all will be well. (Unvarnished lies, since they cannot know this to be true.) They do not proactively offer you the information sheets – the monographs or “inserts” – that come with the vaccines (this alone is a bit of a give-away isn't it??) These are quite lengthy indeed & contain some surprising & pretty alarming language about possible health outcomes; they are must-reads! [related later posting here]... & may even become quite huffy with you if you request this information. (They may even kick you out of their practice! This happens!)   If you question them, they are defensive, offer absurd statements like “Babies will die” – statements calculated to bully you into a fear-based reaction, rather than a rational, informed, well-thought out decision. Should your child become vaccine-injured, your doctor will likely deny the connection between the vaccination & the injury (even though it is as clear as the nose on your face), and you are liable to be treated like unwelcome peasants at the king's fancy dress ball. The doctor will almost certainly fail to record the injury as vaccine-induced – & then ... you’ll be expected to keep right on getting more vaccinations for your already-vaccine-damaged child!

Oh ... and also to “quit bellyaching.” & "Just trust us."


What Do I Suggest?

Full disclosure?

After what I’ve learned over the past 9 months (of a very substantial amount of research), I no longer trust vaccines at all. Not even in the slightest. I would not have one given to me, or anyone I love, under any circumstances.

I regret very deeply now indeed that the decisions I made about vaccinations in the past were not only not fully-informed ones, they were not even partially informed. I simply knew absolutely nothing about vaccine risks … nothing whatsoever. If I had it to do all over again, as they say, vaccinations would not have played any part in my life. I would not have had my children vaccinated, had I been aware in their babyhoods of what I know now.

This has been a very uncomfortable learning experience for me. Very, very uncomfortable, indeed.

What I now recommend to others is this:

  • Do some research. It doesn’t have to be a ton of it. There is plenty of compelling information out there that can convey vaccine un-safety, & you need to know about the actual, real risks!

  • Be very skeptical about medical establishment claims.

  • Be certain you are fully aware of vaccine contents, vaccine efficacy, & safety, & risks. Demand those product inserts. (Well ahead of when any vaccines are to be given. You need time to digest all that material!)

  • Delay on having your child (or yourself) vaccinated. Keep right on delaying (&, in the case of infants, keep right on breastfeeding, which is the best way to protect your baby’s health & immune system) … until your heart, & your guts, give you peace about taking such a possibly life-altering course of action, for your child, your family & the rest of your life.

If something is nagging at you, saying “Don’t do it; I don't trust this...”

please-please-please …  I beg you, for your own sake ... listen to that voice!

More Resources

Flu shot information on the Vaccine Choice Canada site

HPV (Gardasil) vaccine

Some Measles Info, since measles hype is rampant:


A Few Quotations That Spring to Mind

"Had I known then what I know now, I would NEVER have allowed my daughter anywhere near HPV vaccines!”

“I saw it. I felt it. I questioned it. But I didn’t question loud enough. I allowed them to bully me. And that’s something I have to live with.” – Heather Turano, mother of [then]11-year old autistic daughter Sabrina. <at 1:41>

“You really need to think twice and really need to learn the risks that truly are there and that are involved if you decide to vaccinate your child.” <same mother as above. At 1:44> in Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines

“The boys that were so happy – always smiling – looking at me – blabbering – saying, even if it was mama, dada, you know – they just disappeared. I’m not deluded. I actually saw my children disappear right in front of me.” – Nina Lteif, mother of Eli & Christian, her twin sons who became autistic right after their MMR shot at 18 months. From the documentary ‘Man Made Epidemic'

“Vaccines are held to a lower safety testing standard than pharmaceutical drugs…    The safety science behind vaccines is totally shady.” – Brandy Vaughan, former sales rep for Merck (from The Vaccine Panel: The Insider’s Report)

“Just because a drug is on the market doesn’t mean it’s safe.” – Brandy Vaughan, former sales rep for Merck (in this 9-minute YouTube) Her site = Learn the Risk

“I was once an idiot. I once thought that people who didn’t vaccinate were taking advantage of all the people that were. I thought that they were being privileged opportunists, and I was a vaccinating doctor, because I was taught nothing about vaccines, because I had never met an unvaccinated child. But once I met unvaccinated children, and started seeing problems first-hand with vaccinations in my own patients – and started doing my own research – I flipped around 180 degrees. And I’ve known other doctors that were able to do that as well, and some of them, because parents like you have presented the facts to them – quietly, calmly and rationally. That’s key.” – Dr. Suzanne Humphries in her Nov. 2015 lecture Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs 

“With what I now know, I cannot support mandatory vaccines for children.  Some kids respond well to vaccines, but others do not.  How can we be sure who will and who will not?  Should we really sacrifice one for many?  Parents have to have the right to choose!  Parents have to make their own informed decisions.  Parents deserve access to this information which has been buried so deep that even I, a practicing physician, hadn’t been aware of.” – Dr. Rachel Ross, MD & PhD (you MUST read the rest of what she says at this link!)

“Health is the only immunity. We don’t need protecting from out there.”

This is Dr. Jayne L.M. Donegan in her foreword to the Dr. Suzanne Humphries & Roman Bystrianyk book Dissolving Illusions - Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History. (This is another of the MDs who used to believe, without thought or any actual research, what she had been told during her medical education, then started to see the problems & began to dissent – with severe consequences to her career. She had first believed parents who spoke to her about vaccination problems were “ignorant or, if not ignorant, sociopathic, for withholding what I believed [then] was a lifesaving intervention and putting everybody else at risk by reducing herd immunity.” Her attitude changed totally after the 1994 “massive measles/rubella vaccination campaign” in the U.K. & what became her research into vaccine history & disease ecology.)

“Health is the only immunity. We don’t need protecting from out there.”


“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair