Vaccines: Got 12 minutes?

Robert F. Kennedy interview (7 minutes)

An interview now several years old - but incredibly informative about the science that is available, the increased # of vaccines being given, the cumulative impacts of mercury in vaccinations, the secret CDC Simpsonwood meeting in 2000.


Do Vaccines Cause Autism? (5 minutes)

Also “old” – also wildly informative, about the increased rate of autism, increased rate of vaccines, the pharmaceutical industry's “free pass” from liability (since 1986), how “vaccine court” works.


Hey, listen .... go crazy, give it another 5, & learn about

The CDC cover-up scandal!  (involving CDC’s knowledge of the vaccine-autism link as early as 2000, & subsequent now-17-year cover-up)

Congressman Posey in Congress (5 minutes)


In less than 20 minutes, you could learn quite a lot!

You may, however, remain puzzled as to why you've not heard about the CDC cover-up scandal. This is because mainstream media publications (even some a bit beyond mainstream) do not tell both sides of the vaccine story. Why? Well, they likely get a lot of their revenue (i.e. advertising dollars) from the pharmaceutical industry. And let's face it, in general, we do not tend to "bite the hand that feeds us."

This article gives you a sense of the pressures brought to bear on the growing # of people speaking up about vaccine safety / CDC malfeasance/cover-up.

As well, I've copied & pasted in the Media blackout section from the Miscellany, A - Z posting I did. Take another few moments, & you'll soon grasp why you haven't been hearing about the cover-up that's been going on at the CDC for 17+ years now.


Media Blackout on vaccine issue


p.s. Got another 5?

Dear Mr. President: Why are 350 organizations trying to stop scientific research?

p.s. & if you can spare another 11 minutes, listen to Dr. Suzanne Humphries explain a great deal about vaccines in a mere 11 minutes. Safety, efficacy, contents, history, how the human immune system works. She packs a lot into those 11 minutes!? (gobs more info about doctors in the Miscellany posting.)