Vaccines: It's Flu (Shot) Season!

**** NOTE: October 2018 Updated posting on Flu shots/flu season is here.

**** Feb. 6/18: If you read nothing else on this page, please read Caveat Emptor: Science vs. CDC on Scary Flu Shot Promotions (World Mercury Project, Jan. 29/18). This "flu season" is downright scary ...& likely not for the reasons the "average" person thinks...

** p.s. 3 days after posting this on Oct. 31/17: Please check out this Web site Business cards with what you need to know about flu shots (ingredients & possible side effects, plus links to tons more info). So great to see these cards & the Web site! Very practical. I ordered 100 & have been distributing them here & there...

** p.p.s. I keep adding material to this post as I find it. Frequently! It's turned into a massive thing, this posting ... far bigger, longer, scarier, than I could ever have anticipated. But I'm pleased to be able to have this all placed in one convenient spot, easy to find or come back to.

It's flu season! (Or rather, flu shot season.)

Here in Toronto we've been positively inundated with exhortations to get the flu shot. It's been on the "news" both radio & TV, on billboards at the side of the road, at the drugstore. Even some grocery stores invited folks to roll up their sleeves while shopping, I've heard. Talk about aggressive promotion; yikes!

I myself have never had a flu shot. Not once, not ever. I don't know why I was always skeptical about them ... maybe it was because my mother & stepfather used to get them every year, & every year didn't they go & get sick ... right after they'd had their flu shot! (I meanwhile, didn't get sick at all ... without it.)

I certainly knew no specifics whatsoever about what's in flu vaccines. Or what possible side effects there might be.

Why? Because nobody ever talked about that. (Very few people are talking about it still! Just rolling up their sleeves in a very trusting way, having NOT read the manufacturer's product insert. Hmmm. Can this really be a good idea??)

Okay. Enough chat.

Here are a bunch of links. Check out a variety of information sources for yourself! Become informed. This is how we make informed choices, & give "informed consent."

What follows is a mixture of material from Canada & the U.S. I've put it all in alphabetical order, simply because it looks like a dog's breakfast otherwise.

As I've learned (as will you, if you take the time to make use of some of these links), the pharmaceutical industry is not exactly upfront with us about what their products contain. (Well. They do put a great deal of very helpful, very sobering info in the product "monographs," or "inserts." Problem is, the medical community does not pass this information along to us! We have to dig for it. Beg for it, almost. It's important to dig for, trust me!)

It's best to be skeptical about industry claims that their vaccines are "safe and effective." This applies to the flu vaccine as well as to all the other ones they produce & promote. Your health is at stake! You need to feel confident about what someone is proposing to put into your body. Or your child's body.

Please educate yourself! We cannot provide "informed consent" & say "Yes" to vaccines, if we have not bothered to take the time to become informed & learn about their contents, the possible side effects, & vaccines' efficacy (i.e., whether or not they actually work to prevent flu).

AIR FARCE skit about what flu vaccine contains (several years old now; but still funny & ... a cautionary tale)

ALL the Vaccines Are Contaminated - Every Last One of Them Nov. 2011, with more on this last year, here.  Dirty Vaccines: Every Human Vaccine Tested Was Contaminated With Metals and Debris in New Study

Caveat Emptor: Science vs. CDC on Scary Flu Shot Promotions (January 29, 2018): from the World Mercury Project. A must-read on the 2017/18 flu season. Many deaths, low efficacy of the flu shots, suspension of flu shot programs in some countries. This is bad news ... but a must-read. Very much a case of "the cure being worse than the disease."

CBC admit that flu death numbers "are fabricated" to scare the public into getting the flu shot (just under 2 minutes; it’s from 2012 & this is on Facebook - a Wendy Mesley item)

CDC Excipients List  Flu information is under 'Influenza.' Formaldehyde in most of the ones listed. Thimerosal (mercury derivative used as a preservative) in many. 

CDC Nasal Mist Flu Vaccine Not Effective  This clip from 2016. CDC recommends against its use in the U.S.. But ... it's still in use in Ontario, apparently! 

CDC powerpoint presentation on how to sell vaccines: uses the words "Recipe" for Fostering Public Interest and High Vaccine Demand"

Children Who Get Flu Vaccine Have Three Times Risk of Hospitalization for Flu, Study Suggests (Science Daily, May 2009; from American Thoracic Society) "The inactivated flu vaccine does not appear to be effective in preventing influenza-related hospitalizations in children, especially the ones with asthma. In fact, children who get the flu vaccine are more at risk for hospitalization than their peers who do not get the vaccine, according to new research that will be presented on May 19, at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Diego."

Could the Flu Shot Make You Depressed? (Dr. Kelly Brogan: undated, but I believe it's from late Feb./early March 2018)

Dr. Kelly Brogan on flu shots: A Shot Never Worth Taking: The Flu Vaccine (from 2013)

Doctor speaks out after flu shot makes him sick (Feb. 1/18. Video clip included). Then? He gets fired.

Doctor supports NOT getting a Flu Shot (3-min.YouTube; includes tips on protecting your health)

Doctor wants you to re-think vaccines (2-min.YouTube)

Don’t Vaccinate to Protect My Cancer Kid (Feb. 2015)

Dr. Suzanne Humphries: You’ll Be Shocked at What the Flu Shot is Really Doing to You! (4-minute YouTube)

Elderly New Yorkers Refusing Flu Shots (from Vaxxter site, Feb. 21/18.)

Flu Shot Info from:

  • Got your flu shot? All the "monographs" from the vaccine manufacturers. Learn from the horses' mouth (as it were) what the possible side effects are. Not just flu shots, either; other vaccines also.

  • Learn the

  • NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center)

  • Vaccine Awareness Network (includes a good list of possible side effects)

  • Vaccine Choice Canada

    • Additional info from VCC: "Unfortunately, vaccine manufacturers are not required to list every ingredient or trace amounts of ingredients nor all the details about the manufacturing process (which may, as is the case with mercury, leave small but still-significant amounts of harmful substances in the finished product). This Canadian government webpage provides types and contents of licensed vaccines in Canada And this CDC page lists the declared excipients in vaccines licensed in the U.S." Here.

    • VCC brochure here

  • World Mercury Project (downloadable brochure)

Flu Shots During Pregnancy & Autism: Cause for Concern (Dec. 2016)

Flu Vaccine Increases Your Risk of Infecting Others by 6-Fold, Study Suggests (Jan. 2018) This GreenMedInfo item quotes extensively from the recent study & also provides links to 9 additional resources about measles, MMR vaccine, polio & rotavirus vaccine. Dynamite!

Flu Vaccines Are Killing Senior Citizens, Study Warns (Nov. 2017)

Flu Shot information sheet you can print up & share (Oct.-Nov. 2017)

FLU-POCALYPSE!!! (YouTube, 16 minutes)

Health Canada info on vaccine contents  Note: at least 3 of them list Thimerosal (which is mercury-based) in the Potential Allergens column

Heavy Metals Toxicity and the Environment - from the U.S. National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (** I include this because of its reference to mercury)

"Because of their high degree of toxicity, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury rank among the priority metals that are of public health significance. These metallic elements are considered systemic toxicants that are known to induce multiple organ damage, even at lower levels of exposure. They are also classified as human carcinogens (known or probable) according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. This review provides an analysis of their environmental occurrence, production and use, potential for human exposure, and molecular mechanisms of toxicity, genotoxicity, and carcinogenicity."

'Highwire' show with Del Bigtree: "New False Flag, Flu-pocalypse debunked, James O'Keefe exposed Twitter, Del Agrees with Paul Offit, Humphries on Fever, and West Virginia's fight for Freedom." Weekly show (this is the Jan. 18/18 episode). Watch the first 10-15 minutes to get your mind blown about the lies we are being told by media about the supposed flu-pocalypse we are in. The January 25th episode? Also fantastic. Covers flu, flu deaths, Tamiflu death toll questions, fraudulent vaccine science, & more! It's here.

If You Refuse the Flu Shot (Dr. Rona, Vitality Magazine, November 2017 issue)

Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community (2018 study in PNAS = Proceedings of the National Academy of Science) "Lack of human data on influenza virus aerosol shedding fuels debate over the importance of airborne transmission. We provide overwhelming evidence that humans generate infectious aerosols and quantitative data to improve mathematical models of transmission and public health interventions. We show that sneezing is rare and not important for—and that coughing is not required for—influenza virus aerosolization. Our findings, that upper and lower airway infection are independent and that fine-particle exhaled aerosols reflect infection in the lung, opened a pathway for a deeper understanding of the human biology of influenza infection and transmission. Our observation of an association between repeated vaccination and increased viral aerosol generation demonstrated the power of our method, but needs confirmation."

Influenza potentially made stronger by vaccines (Burnett County Sentinel, Feb. 8/18.) Read this carefully. Particularly the 3rd paragraph in.

*** Johns Hopkins Researcher Releases Shocking Report On Flu Vaccines. Must-read!!

Letter to Toronto Star: Toronto Star Influenza Vaccine Claims Not Supported by Evidence (Nov. 13/17)

Massive flu outbreak? Here's the real story the media won't touch. The lies, the hoax, the scandal. (Jon Rappoport blog, Jan. 15/18.)

Neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock: must-see 24-minute interview with much info about CDC; what your doctor doesn't know about vaccines; how flu shots do NOT prevent flu, & many other things. To repeat, it's a must-see.

Nurses Continue to be Justified in Refusing Mandatory Flu Shots (Oct. 2017)

Oseltamivir and early deterioration leading to death: a proportional mortality study for 2009A/H1N1 influenza. (Pub Med, 2011) "These data suggest Tamiflu use could induce sudden deterioration leading to death especially within 12 hours of prescription. These findings are consistent with sudden deaths observed in a series of animal toxicity studies, several reported case series and the results of prospective cohort studies. From "the precautionary principle" the potential harm of Tamiflu should be taken into account and further detailed studies should be conducted." (more on Tamiflu below)

Dr. Rona article in Vitality magazine (2009)

Scripps Research Institute Condemns Flu Shot As ‘Ineffective’ (Oct. 2017)

'Serial' flu shots may limit body's ability to fight virus in future: researchers (Nov. 2016; CTV News)

Study: Vitamin D Is More Effective Than Flu Vaccine (Feb. 2017)


The CDC's Fictional Flu Death Stats and Tamiflu's Lethal Side Effects (Feb. 14/18.)

The Real Truth Behind Flu Shots (7-minute YouTube, Dr. Mercola; includes advice on preventing flu by more natural means than flu shots)

Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak, book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


"Thimerosal Is Still a Major Vaccine Ingredient

In the early 2000s there was a major push to remove thimerosal from vaccines, but it never took the form of law. Instead, vaccine makers were encouraged to reduce or eliminate thimerosal in their vaccines on a voluntary basis. Some did so, but according to Grundvig, even vaccines that claim to be thimerosal-free are not entirely devoid of it.
"If you read the labels, it says 'thimerosal-depleted' … They remove [thimerosal] in the process. It's filtered out, but it's not filtered out 100 percent. There's still thimerosal in all of the thimerosal-containing vaccines as there were before, just a lot less. However, in the flu vaccine, it's full bore thimerosal.
It's the cheapest and fastest way to make it. I don't think that vaccine makers are interested in changing the 20th century recipe to making vaccines. It's cheap and fast. That's all they care about. They do not care about safety. They don't care about children's health. With poor children's health, they are able to take care of children, on the other end … with drugs and treatments and so forth. They continuously make money off every American citizen out there," Grundvig says."  From Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC

'Trace Amounts' is a documentary about a major vaccine injury related to "trace amounts" of thimerosal in a tetanus vaccine. Terrifically worth watching to get a history of both thimerosal use in vaccines (the research on its "safety"; enough to curl your hair!?), & autism. Highly recommended!

Vaccinated Flu Patients Might Shed Infectious Fine Particle Viral RNA More Than Others, New Data Suggests (Jan. 25/18.) Article here.


VACCINE INGREDIENTS: You can find the product "monograph" or "insert" for Influvac (the vaccine currently being used for Canadians age 18 - whatever), here. It's 28 pages long. It contains plenty of information that may surprise you. Please DO read it! All the way through. Read about contents, possible side effects, who should not take the vaccine, etc. etc.  If you're having a child vaccinated with Fluzone Quadrivalent, you must read that product monograph (or "insert") also! (Find it here.) It will help you decide whether your child really ought to be taking the risks that are laid out there. (Be sure to check under the category of ADVERSE REACTIONS. Whoa.) They even admit the bloody thing may not be effective at preventing the flu!?

Note: at this Web site, Got Your Flu Shot? you can find the manufacturers' inserts for all the different flu vaccines being "offered" to us this year. Very convenient! This information is from the horse's mouth, as it were (i.e., the product manufacturers).


Well-child visits linked to more than 700,000 subsequent flu-like illnesses (Science Daily, 2014)


Finally, folks....

Remember: informed consent means being told the risks UPFRONT!

If you're a pregnant woman, ask yourself: can it be wise, & safe, to expose a fetus to these substances in utero? Be sure to read the article above about flu shots during pregnancy & the risk of autism.

& a final p.s. For a very quick tutorial about the human immune system, listen to Dr. Suzanne Humphries, here (11-minute YouTube). It's super-educational.