Vaccines: # Biggest. Irony. Ever!

People scoff at, laugh at, mock, dismiss, criticize, fail to understand...

the people who speak out against vaccines.

The irony?

The people - especially the parents - who speak out

Had their children vaccinated.

They were not "anti-vaxxers" or skeptics who came out of nowhere.

Some "tinfoil-hat"-wearing bunch of weirdo "conspiracy theorists" with only pea-sized brains in their heads.


Not at all.

These are people
# Whose Children Were Harmed By Vaccines.

Is this finally sinking through???

Most so-called “anti-vaxxers” are really EX-vaxxers.

They got hurt, or their children did, & they started looking into what is REALLY going on.

Biggest irony ever, that so few accusation-spewers seem to twig to this!


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** also, a good collection of quotations about vaccines.

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