Vaccines: 12 Things You May Not Know + Quotes, Resources, Article links

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p.s. the day after I posted this: This posting is really long. It contains an overwhelming amount of information & links ... & I’d really love for you to read it all! (I slaved over it for many-many hours; no exaggeration there!) But if you want to really cut to the chase, just visit this Web site.   Vaccine Choice Canada is also a tremendously helpful site. There you’ll find simple, clear-cut information that will very quickly make 3 things quite abundantly clear:

  1. It is not “just” autism we are talking about here.

  2. It is not “just” infants/babies/young children we are talking about.

  3. It is ALL vaccines we are talking about that carry serious health risks.

p.s. 3 days later: I’m looking into information specific to the Canadian vaccination scene, & will post it very soon. One bit of advice I keep running across: don’t give your child Tylenol for a vaccine reaction. I’ll find out more, but apparently this is important. Bottom line for now remains: delay! Do not hurry into vaccinations. Do more research! Delay, delay, delay. Please also note: the scene in Canada is mostly informed by what happens in the U.S. Luckily we are not as far along the road as they are, in some respects. But the situation is still very-very serious, & vaccine risks simply far too numerous!

The 14 Things

  1. They contain toxic ingredients such as mercury (they call it thimerosal) & aluminum … as well as a whole host of other (many toxic) ingredients.

2. Mercury & aluminum are both neurotoxins.

3. Your annual flu shot? It may have mercury in it.

4. The dangers of mercury have been well understood for (wait for it…) 1000s of years! In his book No Safe Place, author Warner Troyer explains that the dangers of mining mercury (& the risks of having contact with it) were known as early as the first century A.D.!


5. In the 2008 NFB (National Film Board) documentary ‘Shots in the Dark’, U.S. Congressman Dan Burton questions William Egan (U.S. FDA – Federal Drug Administration) about research on the use of thimerosal (mercury) in vaccines. Watch at the 18-minute point as Congressman Burton asks Mr. Egan about this lack of research since 1929. There is much, much useful learning in this documentary (e.g., it’s not just MMR that is at issue, & it’s not just autism, either. & it’s not just babies/young children being affected. & even some vaccine researchers didn’t know what the vaccines contain. Really; quite informative!) Excellent info about how France went down a very bad road with vaccines. Insights about the abandonment of vaccine-damaged families by the medical profession.


6. CDC (the U.S. Centers for Disease Control) senior scientist Dr. William Thompson has revealed that the CDC censored/suppressed information about the vaccine/autism link. This revelation is what led to the creation of the documentary ‘VAXXED: from Cover-up to Catastrophe.’ Dr. Thompson has said: “Oh my God. I can’t believe we did what we did. But we did.” And “The lowest point of my career is that I went along with that paper.”

7.  In this 9-minute YouTube VAXXED producer Del Bigtree explains what the CDC did. Lied about the MMR vaccine, told people children should receive that vaccination at the very most dangerous time for them to get it. (Apparently it is safer to wait until after they are three years old.) He also explains that mainstream media/journalists are keeping quiet about this huge story (10,000 pages of documents going to Congress is a big story!). He’s very fiery, very passionate – & he & the people who helped him make the documentary have not just made a film; they’ve created a phenomenon. It’s quite a campaign they’ve created as they tour all over North America.

8. There is plenty of scientific evidence the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine causes autism. Plenty indeed; check out that link for yourself! (Here is the insert the doctors get with the MMR vaccine. Whoa.)

9. Recent documentary films ‘VAXXED: from Cover-up to Catastrophe’ & ‘Man Made Epidemic’ have been prevented from being shown at film festivals. How & why is it that these documentaries are being silenced? Follow the money… always, always, always, follow the money. (The pharmaceutical industry makes huge profits from vaccine sales. It’s just that simple. Greed. The industry has enough money to buy off government officials, politicians, medical professionals – & that’s exactly what they have done, & continue to do. It is shocking. And horrifying. As a long-time environmental activist, I have seen this in another sphere, or rather, several of them.) The corporate corruption in our culture is so widespread & insidious, yet so invisible to so many of us, that it can take us a very long time for it to really fully sink in (this was definitely true for me!). But I have to admit, this story – a willingness to create a nation of autistic & vaccine-damaged children? It’s beyond shocking. It’s scandalous, sickening, appalling horrifying … and, ultimately, heartbreaking.

10. Canadian whistle-blower Dr. Shiv Chopra – former Health Canada staffer & Health Canada advisor on vaccines, & author of the book Corrupt to the Core – Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower states in this 25-minute interview that

  1. No disease has ever been eradicated by a vaccine

  2. No vaccine has ever been properly tested for safety &

  3. There is no vaccine that he would recommend for his own children or grandchildren. Not one. (He says much more, as well – about Ebola, polio, whooping cough, Zika, etc. It’s a very enlightening interview.)

11. Not everyone is aware that the vaccination schedule now contains far more vaccinations than it did, say, when my own children were young, & vastly more than when I was a child in the 1950s. It was seriously bumped up in 1989. (This 8 ½ minute interview with Robert F. Kennedy speaks to the increased schedule. This one speaks to junk science on vaccines & this one [7 1/2 minutes] is very enlightening. It explains the rise in autism rates, junk science, science available on his Web site, secret meeting, collusion between the pharmaceutical industry & politicians/the health establishment] Also: here are 2 minutes from a science Mom with a vaccine-injured child on the increase in vaccination rates, & the lack of research on their effects.


12. The rate of autism in 1988 was 1 in 2500 children. Now it is 1 in 166, according to what RFK says in this interview. He mentions in that one (7 ½ minutes long) that autism began to be noticed after thimerosal went into vaccines in the 1930s. In Silent Epidemic Dr. Andrew Wakefield says (at 32 minutes in) that the rate of autism is now 1 in 31 boys (the Wakefield interview is likely more recent). Estimates vary. We do know for sure that autism has become epidemic (& not just autism, either). It’s being predicted that 1 out of every 2 children will be autistic by 2032. (Half of the children, 80% of the boys.)

13. Many people (& many doctors) speak reflexively in favour of vaccines. Perhaps some people reading this post are unaware of the huge pressures & influence exerted on the medical profession (& government agencies such as health departments) by the pharmaceutical industry. (For a somewhat humorous take on this, see how scathing John Oliver is on the industry’s influence on the medical profession; longer version here. Also, a short YouTube with a former pharmaceutical industry rep who now says vaccines do more harm than good.)

While your doctor may lay claim to not knowing about the risks of vaccines, more & more doctors are coming forward to speak about the risks. At the end of this post are many links to information about & from doctors who’ve parted company with the pharmaceutical industry-influenced “experts” on this (there are also some great quotations from doctors - more & more of whom are coming forward to admit that they learned, i.e. were taught, practically nothing about vaccines in medical school). There are also links to samples of the insert materials they receive with the vaccines. If the medical profession was truly upfront about vaccine risks, would they not simply provide parents with this information, without even being asked? (They don't seem to appreciate being asked! Been there! Great quotation below from Dr. Humphries, who herself used to be a vaccinating doctor, but began to question safety & efficacy in light of her own experiences, & those of her patients.)

*** See a short YouTube here involving an interview with an emergency room physician who has become a complete skeptic about vaccines, will not take them himself & also refuses orders to wear a mask; all explained in the interview.

***** Perhaps your own doctor does not know. All the more reason why you as a patient, & parent, must do your own research on this important issue! I might add that many parents of children who've been vaccine-damaged find their M.D. suddenly very-very un-receptive to their plight once their child has been harmed. This is reported over & over again by parents. It's not enough that the medical profession lies to us about vaccine risks/efficacy; they then go on to deny the cause of the problems, & don't want to hear from or help you!

14. The NFB documentary ‘Shots in the Dark’ contains footage of a U.S. pediatrician who treats vaccine-damaged, autistic children, & in this excellent presentation ‘Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs Dr. Suzanne Humphries (M.D.) explains a TON about vaccines, vaccine science, the human immune system, the dangers of aluminum, how it crosses the blood-brain barrier, the aluminum-autism link, and how scientific findings are blatantly, deliberately lied about, distorted & used by the vaccine lobby. At the very end she exhorts parents to learn about this important issue, & then speak up to their own doctors. This is precisely how she herself learned about the dangers of vaccines & turned her own thinking around completely.

She says: “I was once an idiot. I once thought that people who didn’t vaccinate were taking advantage of all the people that were. I thought that they were being privileged opportunists, and I was a vaccinating doctor, because I was taught nothing about vaccines, because I had never met an unvaccinated child. But once I met unvaccinated children, and started seeing problems first-hand with vaccinations in my own patients – and started doing my own research – I flipped around 180 degrees. And I’ve known other doctors that were able to do that as well, and some of them, because parents like you have presented the facts to them – quietly, calmly and rationally. That’s key.”

There is dynamite information throughout Dr. Humphries’ presentation. Even if all you watch is the last 10 minutes, those 10 minutes will be worth your time!

p.s. later on: Shorter talk by Dr. Humphries. Only 11 minutes, & covers all the important bases!

What Can You Do?

  1. Start by becoming informed. There is simply a ton of valuable material online! Check out the Resources list below.

  2. Download a form here that directs your physician to sign a form with information about vaccine risks, lawsuits, possible side effects, etc. (I’m told you can’t use this in Canada. I’d still show it to my doctor, though, as what you might call an educational aid.)

  3. Insist that your doctor provide you with full information about the contents of any vaccine (or any other medication, for that matter) & a full listing of any & all possible side effects. (Check out this about the information provided to MD’s about the MMR vaccine. Also, this.)

  4. Talk to other people about this issue. Other parents, children, doctors, friends, colleagues, family … anyone you can talk to, anyone who will listen!

  5. Find out how you can help promote screenings of the documentaries ‘VAXXED’ & ‘Man Made Epidemic’ in your own community so the word on this critical issue can spread. Share links with friends/acquaintances.

  6. Respond to misinformation on this topic any & every time you encounter it. (I’ve written to my local CBC radio station at least 3 times in the past few months in response to inaccurate reporting on vaccines – different programs in each case, & have had zero response, nor have my words been quoted. But I’ll keep right on following my own advice.)

  7. Know that there are many parents who have never vaccinated their children, & who have perfectly healthy children. I personally have several friends who were onto this issue two decades before I was. (I’m pretty much brand-new at this, as I’ve said, & had absolutely zero awareness of it as an issue when my own now-adult children were young.) Of course the 120 Italian doctors cited below in the Resources section point out that they’ve found un-vaccinated children to be more healthy!

  8. There is information here on how to deal with this if you’re in the U.S. They have a very draconian law in California. Vaccine schedules & the degree of compulsion vary state-to-state, country to country. I have to do more research on the Canadian scene, & will write about this once I’ve learned more. At the very least, please do not allow your child to receive any more vaccinations until you’ve done some research. Not only is there no hurry, waiting is the very best & most important thing to do. Delay…As one of the experts cited in ‘Silent Epidemic’ says at the end of the documentary, “Just say NO!” She adds that, if your child is not in day care, not in school, you are not yet compelled to vaccinate. You can take the time to investigate declining for religious reasons (given the contents of some vaccines, this alone could give you grounds, depending on your beliefs). No need to rush in on this! The later your child is vaccinated, the better. As far as MMR goes, delay for sure. 12-18 months is the most dangerous time.


Some Resources I’m aware of at this point

Learn the Risk   Site by former pharmaceutical rep. Excellent. Families’ stories. Doctor statement section. Links to video materials.

Debunking claims about “herd immunity” (short version) (also discussed at length by 2 other MDs in The Vaccine Panel: The Insider’s Report)

1st documentary I watched - NFB film that blew my mind: ‘Shots in the Dark’ (2008; somewhat dated, but much good info in it.)  Trailer here

Documentary (2013): Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines.  I would call this mind-blowingly informative! Very glad I watched it.

Documentary (2014): Trace Amounts – Autism, Mercury, and the Hidden Truth  Plenty of info on this site! Trailer here (I have not yet seen this one myself, but will soon!)

The Vaccine Panel: The Insider’s Report (2016). Panel discussion in L.A. in Feb. 2016. A ton of useful info. Includes a panelist who used to work for Merck (the giant pharmaceutical company) & now preaches an anti-vaccination message (her site = ) ++ affected parents & 2 MDs.

Documentary (2016): VAXXED: from Cover-up to Catastrophe (this site has plenty of information) 

Documentary (2016): Man Made Epidemic  Trailer on the site.

Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs <Nov. 2015> Lecture by Dr. Suzanne Humphries (Talk given in Finland. Focuses on aluminum in vaccines. Quite technical about the immune system. She makes the aluminum/autism link.) 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. YouTubes: [8 ½ minutes & will alone blow your mind about the increase in vaccinations since 1989, bad science, actually reading scientific studies, phoney science & how to read it] [5 ½ minutes, cont’d from previous; Paul Offit; stop blaming the mothers, etc.] [7 1/2 minutes; very enlightening. Whoa. From a TV interview. Must-see. Explains rise in autism rates, junk science, science available on his Web site, secret meetings, collusion between pharmaceutical industry & politicians/the health establishment]

102-page powerpoint presentation on Dr. Shiv Chopra’s site (fantastic resource!)

Links regarding vaccine contents here & here

11 pages on the MMR vaccine. (pg. 7 = quite a humdinger!)

Letter to pregnant Mom

To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate?

The only vaccine guide a new parent will ever need

This is the Best Explanation of the Vaccine/Autism Connection I've Ever Heard!  (8 minutes) ((MIT researcher with clues on the source of the problem))

Documentary BOUGHT – the truth behind vaccines, big pharma and your food  (2014) Parents of damaged children. 2 whistleblowers (GlaxoSmithKline & Johnson & Johnson) I’ve only seen Part I so far. It’s excellent.

 Vaccine Choice Canada - fabulous group & Web site!!

Facebook Pages / sites


Article Links

(a tiny smattering; there is simply tons out there, as you’ll find out once you begin researching this)


Good Doctor-related stuff in particular

** plenty more on the VAXXED Facebook page

Doctor who feels like an ass for not questioning vaccines

“They don’t teach us about the ingredients, they don’t teach us about the studies behind it…what they teach us is that they’ve always been given.”

Doctors explain clearly why vaccines are not safe

Emergency Room Dr. [10 minutes] Won’t wear a mask. Distrustful of vaccines. Explains doctors just “follow the herd.” Listened to his wife’s suspicions (re: their grandson) & then did his own research. Says he can’t trust the CDC now, or medical education.

Dr. Suzanne Humphries' lecture Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs <Nov. 2015>

[a ton of scientific info about the immune system. Information about aluminum, neurotoxins crossing the blood-brain barrier, how fear is used to get people to override their logical objections, how your baby is born with a “protective blanket” naturally – how she too used to be a vaccinating doctor, but has swung 180 degrees away from that. She also explains that in medical school they are taught almost nothing about vaccines! She discusses “herd immunity” here]

Doctor Section on Learntherisk site 

Nasal flu mist tragedy

Pediatrician in ‘Shots in the Dark’

Silent Epidemic has a ton of doctors speaking in it, and also many researchers. A lot of truly mind-blowing information about the human immune system; dangers of various vaccines; toxic contents of vaccines; inaccuracy of using the word “safe” about vaccines; why the rise in autism cannot be attributed to gene mutations; false claims about vaccine efficacy; how vaccines actually lead to more disease danger, not less; explanations about antibodies; the real motivation behind the upping of the vaccination schedule; a history lesson about vaccines.

120 Doctors from Italy – open letter – one thing it states is that they notice that non-vaccinated children are healthier [2 minutes]


*** You know what? The truth is, there is so much material available on this issue now – so many documentaries, alone! – that I am personally surprised (surprised? No, flabbergasted) at my own failure to pay attention to this so-important matter until a mere few months ago. I know I’m far from being alone in this.

I don’t expect anyone to pursue all of the information I’ve provided here (it’s a pretty overwhelming volume of materials, I’ll grant you) – you can actually probably find all you really need on the former pharmaceutical rep’s site, Learn the Risk &, for the Canadian scene, Vaccine Choice Canada

I have to add that learning about this issue has shocked & overwhelmed me and, to be perfectly honest, broken my heart. If you follow up on this issue – watch some of the YouTubes, read some of the articles – I expect you’ll soon come to understand what I mean.

The issue is a mind-blower, plain & simple. It really, really is.

Vaccine-Related Quotes

“The co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. (We) all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room, and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard, and put them into a huge garbage can,” Thompson explained in an affidavit provided in 2014 to a member of a U.S. Congressional committee on science.

“I have waited a long time to tell my story and I want to tell it truthfully. I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings. The CDC can no longer be trusted to do vaccine safety work. Can’t be trusted to be transparent. The CDC can’t be trusted to police itself.” - CDC Senior scientist Dr. William Thompson from a Financial Post article published on June 17, 2016.

** The ones below are from Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines

“We are trading the benefit of a life long immunity from normal childhood illnesses, for a life long suffering of chronic diseases.” <Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, pediatrician; he said this in the mid-1970s. At 1:35>

“We should consider the benefits and the risks of vaccination. Unfortunately our public health officials haven’t got to that point. And they keep repeating that the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the risks. But they don’t really have the studies to prove that.” – Eva Vanamee, researcher at Mount Sinai Hospital <1:36>

“Just say no.” <1:41> [if your child is not in day care, & not in school yet, there is nothing to compel you at this time]

“I really implore everyone to wake up & read for yourselves what the realities are about the vaccines. The safety & efficacy, or the lack thereof.” – Dr. Toni Bark, Center for Disease Prevention and Reversal <at 1:44>

“I saw it. I felt it. I questioned it. But I didn’t question loud enough. I allowed them to bully me. And that’s something I have to live with.” <mother of 11-year old autistic daughter. <at 1:41>

“You really need to think twice and really need to learn the risks that truly are there and that are involved if you decide to vaccinate your child.” <same mother as just above. At 1:44>

From Dr. Suzanne Humphries in her Nov. 2015 lecture Trojan Horses & Cluster Bombs

“I was once an idiot. I once thought that people who didn’t vaccinate were taking advantage of all the people that were. I thought that they were being privileged opportunists, and I was a vaccinating doctor, because I was taught nothing about vaccines, because I had never met an unvaccinated child. But once I met unvaccinated children, and started seeing problems first-hand with vaccinations in my own patients – and started doing my own research – I flipped around 180 degrees. And I’ve known other doctors that were able to do that as well, and some of them, because parents like you have presented the facts to them – quietly, calmly and rationally. That’s key.”

Also used as one of the slides in her presentation <at 1 hour, 43 minutes>:

From the Federal Register, June 1, 1984:

“ , … any possible doubts, whether nor not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation’s public health objectives.”

In Silent Epidemic

15 minutes: voice of mother whose daughter died after Gardasil vaccine

16:50: mother saying their children abandoned by the medical system (after injury)

17: babies born with immature immune systems – immediately exposed to a whole range of toxins from birth

18: pharmaceutical industry shill Offit.

20: researcher explains why gene mutations cannot explain the skyrocketing rates of autism.

23: takes child 3 years to fully develop immune system

25: what efficacy means vis-à-vis vaccines. (doesn’t mean what we think)

28: problems with massive vaccination campaign; the disease becomes more dangerous

1:05 – a history lesson. The claims about how vaccines eradicated disease are not accurate. Several minutes on this misunderstood history.

1:16 – Mandatory vaccines. Health care workers who are refusing vaccines after seeing colleagues vaccine-injured

1:26 – the liability issue (1986 law that let the industry mostly off the hook)

From The Vaccine Panel: The Insider’s Report  (Feb. 20, 2016 in Los Angeles)

14: “Vaccines do more harm than good.” – Brandy Vaughan, former sales rep for Merck (also, a 9-minute YouTube of her here) Her site.

18: “Vaccines are held to a lower safety testing standard than pharmaceutical drugs…

The safety science behind vaccines is totally shady.” Brandy Vaughan, former sales rep for Merck

20: “There are too many people trusting their doctors blindly. They’re getting their information from Pharma and we need to start taking it back and doing our own research.” (Brandy Vaughan)

20: “We need to come out of the closet. We need to make this less controversial. We need to talk about it to everyone and anyone.”

“Don’t listen to the doctors and pharma and the media. Just listen to your intuition – and do your own research.”

<<you really have to hear her! Her 6 minutes on the panel pack a huge punch.>>

“Just because a drug is on the market doesn’t mean it’s safe.” Brandy Vaughan, former sales rep for Merck (in this 9-minute YouTube) Her site.

** Finally. One I can’t find my source for. It was in a YouTube on the VAXXED Facebook page. JB Handley (an “autism dad”) says “Don’t be ashamed about being right.” There is a tendency for many of us to be almost apologetic in our dealings with the medical profession. Time to drop it! We do not need to feel ashamed, or apologetic – to anyone! –  when we are right, & when we are doing our very best to protect the health of the people we love.

*** There are so many more quotable things being said in these various documentaries I’ve been watching. Eeek! I cannot record them all. Please watch some of this material for yourself!

Quote of the day’ used with this post: “I saw it. I felt it. I questioned it. But I didn’t question loud enough. I allowed them to bully me. And that’s something I have to live with.” “You really need to think twice and really need to learn the risks that truly are there and that are involved if you decide to vaccinate your child.” ~ mother of an 11-year old autistic daughter quoted in the ‘Silent Epidemic’ documentary

<July 18/16.>