Vaccines: My “Elevator Pitch”

Five months ago, I knew diddly-squat about vaccines/vaccination.

I had them when I was a child (very few in those days, of course; I’m 63 now) – & definitely willingly offered up my children’s arms when they were young, in the early 1980s. I had no idea whatsoever there could be any risk, any controversy.

Like most people I knew, I simply trusted my doctor.

  • Vaccines are good!

  • Vaccines save lives!

It was like motherhood & apple pie. Too certain to even question.

Five months ago (thanks to a “fluke” email message from a friend), I began paying attention.

What I’ve learned since has shocked, horrified, & sickened me. There have been both tears & lost sleep over what I’ve been learning.

I am not exaggerating.

Now I want to ask others to sit up & pay attention too. It’s important!

I don’t expect everyone, or maybe even anyone, to invest the # of hours in this that I’ve put in. (& I’m not done yet. I still have at least 2 more documentaries to watch when I have the stomach for more of this material.)

I just ask that you give this issue some time. Maybe half an hour? That might do it. Even 10 minutes might do it.

Why am I now so passionate about this? What have I learned?

  1. The vaccination schedule has been vastly increased since 1989 (& not just that – governments are getting very heavy-handed & mandating vaccines, combined with heavy-handed threats. Even going door-to-door in the U.S. on occasion!?).

  2. Small babies are now being given a (sometimes literally lethal) mixture of combined vaccines + toxins in a crazy, unpredictable cocktail mixture the safety of which cannot even begin to be guaranteed.

  3. Vaccine contents are numerous, many ingredients being extremely toxic – neurotoxins that cross the blood-brain barrier in tiny immature brains – with risks you are not fully informed about.

  4. The human body is constructed with an “innate” immune system. Vaccines are an “acquired” system – but they don’t work the way people think they do, & babies are not constructed or meant to absorb a cocktail of foreign toxins being injected into them.

  5. The rate of autism has simply skyrocketed in past decades – & so have the rates of allergies, asthma & learning disabilities among our children. Children in North America are sick! Why are they soooo sick when vaccinations are supposed to be making them healthy? If vaccines are so safe, why must we be forced to take them?

  6. Vaccine risks do not just apply to newborns, infants & small children. Teen-agers are hugely at risk from the Gardasil vaccine they are being forced to undergo. Other vaccines carry risks as well, and for people of all ages.

  7. Why is all this happening? Well. The pharmaceutical industry (many call it Big Pharma) is reaping simply huge profits from sales. They make so much money, they buy off politicians, Congress, doctors, federal health agencies & bureaucracies such as health departments. I know it can be difficult to grasp how deeply corrupt the system is, as it’s almost beyond our ability to imagine such careless, horrible greed. (A little easier for me, I suppose, after close to 30 years as an environmental activist dealing routinely with terribly corrupt corporations.) I do understand that this depth of corruption is difficult to believe. (& it’s been hard for me, vis-à-vis the vaccination issue. It goes beyond what I’ve had to grasp up until now, which has been plenty horrible as it is.)

  8. Doctors don’t get a lot of training on vaccine science in medical school. (Numerous doctors in the materials I cite used to give vaccinations before they learned of the risks. & had their own children vaccinated. This is a recurring theme in the information I’ve been digging into.) The pressure & bribery the pharmaceutical industry subjects medical professionals to is not something most of us are really aware of.

  9. The vaccination scene in the U.S. is truly frightening. Newborns, the day they are born, are given a vaccine for a sexually-transmitted virus they will not likely ever encounter (& the vaccine will be ineffective all those years later anyway, & they’ll be told they need to get it again). & the U.S. also has the highest first-day death rate of infants in the world, apparently.

  10. Parents – & people in general – simply must begin to question this. Must do their own research, rather than simply relying on the medical profession’s casual (& not remotely reality-based) empty reassurances.

Please read my posting ‘Vaccines: 12 things you may not know.’

If all you do in response is, say, watch one Robert F. Kennedy YouTube, I guarantee you will learn something that will surprise you.

There is a ton of information in the posting. All of it very easy to access; just click links!

I’m actually not asking you to read the posting, I’m begging you.


It’s time we all put this whole vaccination business seriously under a microscope.


p.s. yes, I know. I’d never get time to say all that in a short elevator ride.