Vaccine Skeptics. For the Record

It may seem to those who do not question the vaccine paradigm, that those of us who do, are a somehow homogeneous group. That we can be lumped together in some easy-to-dismiss category.

Not so.

We’re as different from one another, on an individual basis, as any other grouping of human beings you’re liable to come across.

We are:

  • Believers in the chemtrail / geoengineering / weather modification phenomenon, & non-believers

  • Climate “skeptics” (human-induced-climate-change-deniers), & non-skeptics

  • Female & male (& whatever other sexual or gender orientations may exist)

  • Highly educated & not (& from every conceivable job/professional category from soup to nuts, as it were, including MDs & PhD scientists)

  • Left-leaning, right-leaning, & everywhere in between, politically-speaking

  • People who are homophobic, Islamophobic, racist – & those of us appalled by such attitudes

  • “Pro-life” & pro-choice (on the abortion issue)

  • Religious (even fundamentalist) … & those with no religious faith at all

  • Every conceivable skin colour & every culture, i.e., we come from all races, cultures & nations

Just as not all my environmental activist friends/colleagues share all my views on abortion/near-term extinction/politics/religion/vaccines, not all my vaccine skeptic friends & I are on the same page with respect to all of our views & beliefs.

So. Just sayin’.

For the record.


p.s. what we do share in common is a growing concern about vaccine injury to people of all ages, & a desire to protect us all from avoidable vaccine harm. And, also for heaven’s sake, to put the brakes on the autism epidemic, which has reached shocking proportions. 1/36!

p.p.s. many of us also believe we must be willing to #QuestionEverything (& I do mean everything)

Question Everything.jpg

p.p.p.s. I might add that the term “anti-vaxxer” is thrown around a good deal these days. It fails to take into account that many of the so-called “anti-vaxxers” are actually EX-vaxxers. That is, they had their children (or themselves) vaccinated, they (or their child/ren) was or were injured (or died), & now they have educated themselves about vaccine contents & safety. Watch a short (2-minute) YouTube here on the ex-vaxxer phenomenon (it’s on Facebook).

p.p.p.p.s. The book The Four Agreements – one of my all-time favourites for its enduring wisdom/practical advice – counsels us to not make assumptions.

It’s very good advice.