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  • Courage, Apathy & Evil

  • Innocence & Evil (Apathy too)

  • Why I am an eco-terrorist (not)

  • A comment in a posting of mine from 2011: "Our species faces an awfully daunting number & variety of seriously mind-boggling, stubborn challenges. I was once asked what I considered the biggest environmental problem in Durham Region (the municipality east of Toronto, Ontario), where I was then living. I could have said air pollution (very high rates of asthma in Durham Region). I could have said climate change (not too many people were talking about climate change at that time, though). I could have said nuclear issues (2 huge nuke plants in Durham Region, right beside Lake Ontario, & Lake Ontario a dumping ground for tritium, although I was not tuned in on that at the time…). Or pesticides, an issue on which I did considerable work back then.

    What I actually replied was, Apathy."


Belonging, Boxes & Circles


Canoe Trips

I did quite a # of postings about canoe trips on my original blog site, over the years. I pulled a lot of them together & put them in a collection in this posting, last year.

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The posting Christmas 2016 has links to some of my Christmas postings over the years.


Control Freaks



A whack of postings & great quotations here 



humour ('cos we all need a laugh now & again, hmmmm???)


** I have not kept up on the lead issue. Most of my work on this issue was in 2011; but since 2010 I've spent most of my learning/activism energy/efforts focused on nuclear issues.

“The inordinately stupid & irresponsible handling of lead by our society is undoubtedly one of the worst of societal crimes, with the greatest injury & hence injustice concentrating in the ghetto, on the poor.” – Dr. John W. Gofman, MD, PhD, in "Irrevy” – An Irreverent, Illustrated View of Nuclear Power

“Lead moves us down the stupid scale & doesn’t let us come back.” – Stephen Collette, environmental building consultant & certified building biologist





** motherhood-related quotations here


Near-term Extinction, or NTE

** note: once you’ve become convinced that our species is toast, as they say, everything you write is tinged with that awareness. So ... many postings not listed above are also coloured by this (for me) inescapable truth. Also, I keep stumbling upon old NTE-related postings I'd neglected to add in here, & adding them. The list groweth endlessly!?)

** 2 useful items about dealing with the current human situation:



There is simply a ton of nuke material on my old, original blog site ... but it all became utterly scattered & disorganized in the switch-over to this one. Sigh. My (amazing!!) collection of nuke-related quotes is here. An even finer collection of nuke-related quotes can be found at this location.






Men Don’t Apologize



Men who pooh-pooh, patronize & pontificate


#Metoo(2) #PatriarchySucks

** Here's what Jane Fonda said, a couple months back, about patriarchy: “The patriarchy is a wounded beast. And nothing is more dangerous than a wounded beast."



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Quotation Central is a whole separate section on the blog. Tons of great quotations, in many-many categories. Always more collections I want to compile; never quite enough hours in the day!



Vaccine posts are all listed nice & neatly, over on the right-hand side of the blog's main page. There are 20 or so of them, now. My favourite of the lot is the Miscellany posting. It's here Vaccines: Miscellany, A - ZBut I'm fond of them all. So much work has gone into them!? ** just added a page of vaccine quotes. & The Flu Shots posting has tons of good info. ** New favourite? Dear Abigail/Young Mom.



Posts & quotes related to walking are found here.


A few old favourites...

** Remember: sadly, internal links may have gone dead in these old postings... Some have been repaired, but most have not.


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