This is Me, Surrendering (& um, not)

This is me, surrendering # 1 (August 26/17.)

I surrender!

To everything … the traumas, the dramas, the misunderstandings …

All of it.

  • the power & the glory
  • the shit & the suffering
  • the anger & the arguments
  • the secrets, the lies

(OMG… the lies

Must I really surrender to those??)

  • to the crows, a-squawking
  • the mosquitoes, a-buzzing
  • the trees & sun … glorious, glorious life-giving Sun

(pretty damn easy to surrender in these surroundings, mind you...)

& obliteration!

Obliteration: coming (relatively) soon to a location/species near … all of us, I suspect.


This is me, surrendering # 2 (Sept. 2/17.)

The words in my head these daze, from time to time, at odd moments.

Like a new mantra.

This is me surrendering, I first said, when … never mind, stuff that’s too deeply personal … when a nasty conflict was taking place/had taken place, & I was wondering how the heck we would ever extricate ourselves from the nasty, messy pit we’d fallen our way to the bottom of.

“This is me, surrendering,” I said to myself. The words came into my mind – offering a small bit of comfort to my then madly racing, drunken monkey mind.

This is me surrendering, today … to all of it. The power & the glory, the ugly & the tawdry, the grief & the loneliness/alienation, the destruction all around us, the broken dreams & the occasional soaring exhilaration & joys. This is my (brief?) moment of equanimity – wishing this peaceful, calm acceptance was like perfume (non-toxic, of course) you could spray out of a bottle, a wee little puff, any old time you needed it. Happy to share it!

A little dab’ll do ya! As they used to say. (old Brylcream ad??)


This is me, surrendering # 3 (Sept. 5/17.)

This is me, surrendering

To #TheEnd (surely the trajectory of its arrival is picking up exponentially??)

We're F*cked.jpg

The reality dismissers

& the hacks & the flacks

the kneejerk responders to this issue & that

(too busy to bother with any actual research, learning, mind-opening)

(We are, after all, all of us, every one, cherry-picking deniers, & drinkers of our own particular unique brand & flavour of Kool-Aid… are we not? 7 billion kinds of Kool-Aid, one for each & every one of us, hmmm? #Kool-Aid Swillers Are We. With short, very very very short, attention spans.)

And this is me surrendering to the various situations in my personal life that are difficult (or even galling) & which cannot be changed … at least by me (I think...)

This is me, surrendering.

My new mantra

Repeat after me, repeat after me:

This is me, surrendering
This is me, surrendering
This is me, surrendering.


This is Me, NOT Surrendering!  # 4 (Sept. 5/17.) 

No, dammit, there are things I will NOT surrender to!

The lies. The really big, corporate, Big Pharma, Big Chemical Industry, Big Life-Destroying Bullshit, Corruption/Collusion & Lies (you know the ones, the ones the mainstream media are all on board with – ‘cos their advertisers tell them they are, & after all, he who pays the piper calls the tune, yes?)

  • Lies.
  • Lies
  • Lies
  • Lies
  • Lies
  • Lies. You know, those ones.

The wanton, heedless, needless, destruction of children’s & families’ lives with the vicious scourge that is vaccination / forced vaccination policy (for just one outstanding example)


To that, I will not surrender.

  • No!
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • No.