Stirring up the Shit (& making it personal)

Thinking about “stirring up the shit” was prompted when I saw this article about a nuclear clean-up. Then I saw another one – & the whole stirring-up-the-shit idea got me musing. 

Sometimes, you’re stirring up stuff ‘cos you’re trying to fix something. A nuclear mess, say, or … a situation in your personal life with someone close to you. 

But sometimes, stirring stuff up just makes it worse. In either of these kinds of cases.

I’ve definitely seen that happen!

Some “messes” are best left alone. Worked around, somehow, I guess. Ignored? Calling a “time-out” on??

So you gotta think kinda carefully before you try to “fix things.” It could be a hornet’s nest. (Sometimes, even a really peaceful attempt to go over circumstances can lead to not-good outcomes. Depends on … well, the individuals involved, hmmm? People can get defensive. Backs can go up. Anger can take over lickety-split… And as I like to say, nothing good happens once the shouting starts!)

As for “making it personal,” it’s ONLY when we make it “personal” that we get anywhere at all with really trying to change things.

Makes perfect sense when you think about it.

We certainly “make it personal” with our families/loved ones! With them, in fact, there may be times we need to work on NOT taking things so personally.

Regarding social justice/environmental matters, in my own little life “pollution” has always seemed “personal.” When I was a little kid, I lived with my family on a lake I was in the habit of swimming in (even when unsupervised, at a too-early age, but that’s another story). When I was six years old, we were told the lake was “polluted.” This was in the very late 1950s; no environmental campaigns were taking place at that time, for sure. We were told not to swim in the lake anymore.

Imagine! Imagine how deeply that lodged in little 6-year old me.

It sure as heck made pollution “personal!”

So did some other things around alcoholism, dysfunctional families, family violence, divorce, racial/religious discrimination, & at least one other environmental issue that was still pretty much under everybody’s radar at the time.

So, here I am now, 30 years into a “career” of activism (& as I write that, what comes to mind is, ONLY 30 years??? Whatever took me so long to get really active?? Sheesh…)

Anyway, 30 years now a shit-disturber, more or less.

A person who believes in (advocates) raising heck.

Noticing situations that call out for change.

& speaking up.


Maybe doing a little more than just speaking up, too, actually.

For sure,

Making. It. Personal


(Hmmmm. Sometimes we choose to make an issue “personal.” Sometimes, the issue chooses us. Yes??)


Sometimes good things come out of raising shit.

Other times? Not so much, regrettably.

Whether in our “personal lives” – or out in the broader “world.”


Things are pretty dire on the planet.

I am still an advocate for action.

Yup. I definitely, definitely am.




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