Staying on My Feet

So, I had a pretty good walk one day a year or so ago (June 19th, to be precise).

& wrote a few notes about how I’m staying on my feet.

The note said “So many things more than people really want to know about, eh?? … so nobody is really listening” …. which can be a little hard on us truth-tellers, you know??

(30 years of activism + assorted other life experiences + one’s background history & all that = knowing a little too much)

But never mind; these things help me stay on my feet:

  • Walking
  • Birdsong (especially cardinals!! How I love these birds!!)
  • Giving thanks
  • Remembering some things that made my day (an ever-expandable category, hmmm? Doesn’t always take much…)
  • Flowers
  • In-the-moment living
  • Laughing at myself
  • Trees


p.s. there are other things of course. T’wasn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. Remember: I was on the fly...

p.p.s. one of the things that made my day on another walk was seeing a raccoon asleep on a tree branch overhanging the boardwalk. Just snoozin’ away, s/he was… Cool sight.

p.p.p.s. I added in my journal notes on how I’m staying on my feet – “Well, when I’m on them.” Some daze are harder than others, hmmmm?

Religious Truths.jpg

laughter is good... (more funny here)

Nature Therapy.jpg