Spiderwebs & Kool-Aid

Human beans?





Drinkers of Kool-Aid

(GALLONS of the stuff)

Purveyors of Kool-Aid

(definitely, definitely; that too, that too

We swill it ourselves, then pass it on down the line…)


  • Tall tale tellers

  • Liars

  • Mask-wearers

  • Boat-missers


Simply abysmal at connecting the dots.


Walking, talking cognitive dissonance machines!



Lost souls.


Quite lovely at times, mind!


when egos get stashed

greed & envy laid aside

heads yanked out of our own arses.


When we remember

We’re all in this together


All tied up together in an enormous, intricate web like those ones the clever spiders weave.


We do have our moments!


If we’re going down the drain

(certainly looks that way, hmmmm?)


Please … can we at least do it holding hands??