Silly Humans! Our Favourite Game (+)

It’s occurring to me (she says to herself, sitting on the GO train on a crazy freezing rain day),

what our favourite game as a species is!


Also, our fatal game.

Our terminal flaw.


The game?

Not connecting the dots.

Just think of the # of things we don’t connect the dots about.


Lots of us don’t even realize the degree to which we pick our life partners in reaction to the legacy/genes/crazy neuroses & shenanigans of our own parents/forebears.

... & oh my, on that alone generally hangs quite a tale!?

Many don’t trace the wicked cancer epidemic we’re drowning in to its most likely key source – nuclear fallout/radiation in the atmosphere from bomb testing, going way back decades.

((& yes, of course there are many other contributing, confounding factors & variables. Thinned ozone layer. Toxics/chemicals of a literally dizzying # & variety in our air, water, soil, food, make-up, nail polish (okay okay, most personal care products), bodies (now from birth), vaccines. Etc.

Of course! Of course, of course, of course!))

Most of us don’t connect the dots enough to realize we’ve been at war on this planet ... with the planet, with ourselves (not to mention all the other species here) for simply millennia, one way & another.

That our politics have been sick & sour & polluted by the 1% riding roughshod over the 99% …

for so long now we probably can’t even trace it back to its origins. ((not sure about that; I expect there are theories…))

Though patriarchy & the fallout from organized religions (the un-organized ones are likely much less dangerous) have much - very very very much indeed - to answer for.

(she screams inside her head, in silent fury)

Many (many) individuals I know simply refuse to grasp how utterly wrong-headed our medical (so-called) “health care” system is. All that pill-popping & poisoning of our insides going on night & day, day & night. Heaven help us all. Or, well, since I don’t believe in heaven … let us learn to help ourselves, shall we???

  • etc.
  • etc.
  • etc.

& now I’m getting close to home on some not-dot-connecting that is very … very close to home indeed.

Not connecting the dots about things involving our very own spouses/partners/children/families.

Often simply refusing to see the forest for the trees (or do I mean the trees for the forest??) … ‘cos the truth is just too darn uncomfortable / unpalatable / inconvenient / devastating.

… oh help.

& then there are all those people who refuse to investigate the vaccine phenomenon (a very, very un-pretty tale indeed, especially since 1986; got 12 minutes? … but also since well before that; can you say “Mercury?” - but swallow the Kool-Aid/orthodoxy/religion they've been spoon-fed all their years (see comments about our medical system, above).

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

People who express concern about environmental issues/crises – yet who nevertheless have never made any adjustments to their personal consumption … lifestyle … carbon footprint (i.e., contribution to greenhouse gases. And granted ... I haven't done enough either. I own a car, albeit a small, very fuel-efficient one, & have broken my no-more-flying pledge more than once. & I'm not vegan, either. Sigh. Mea culpa. We are all "guilty" .... no?? We are ALL part of the problem. )


Seems we are all wearing blinders! By choice, by default …  whatever.

Simply flat out refusing to connect all those (very inconvenient) dots.

& we (some of us, anyway) can be very clever & far-seeing on some issues

& utterly fail to connect the (really very obvious) dots (clear as our noses are, right there on our faces) on a variety of others.


Today (she says, still sitting on the GO train while the ravages of climate change howl around our ears

but very very grateful indeed for public transportation!)

I am thinking

“Gosh. We humans are pretty damn dumb … you know?????”

(for a great walloping Understatement of the Century)


Silly humans.



p.s. Here’s an item I wrote a while back, also on the topic of silly humans:

Silly Humans

<July 6/16>

This world, eh?

What can you make of a world in which half of the “dominant” species (i.e., human beings)

Seem to run the show with their (apparent) brains located (apparently) in an appendage that dangles from the lower half of their body.

While the other half thinks they are some kind of Top (or bottom) Dog (Top/bottom Cat … you know, whatever)

... based on the size of the protuberances on their chests.

No one is in charge of the size of the appendages

(or the protuberances … unless surgery comes into the picture of course)


You Get What You Get

You Are Born with It


& all members of the species have a perfectly good

perfectly miraculous, in fact!



Located in that big ball at the top of their bodies…




A companion (& utterly equally amazing & miraculous) brain chugging away

inside their chest cavity

(yes, our hearts are also our brains).



No need whatsoever for anyone to rely on the appendages

(or protuberances)


None at all.



Silly humans.



Ah well, eh??

& keep talking, eh???