Vaccines: Playing Roulette

The vaccination game, I’ve come to see, is something very like the game known as Russian roulette.

You pick up the gun

(or roll up your sleeve, or your child’s sleeve

or her/his pant (or sleeper) legs

for the needles; yeah, it’s needles now, plural, not just one like it used to be)


You know the risks are considerable

(well, only if you’re actually paying attention, of course

& have read the product inserts you had to beg your doctor to provide you with - ‘cos for some “mysterious” reason, your doctor does not offer them to you, & you have to beg for them)

The gun has a live (live & very, very deadly) bullet in at least one chamber.

The vaccines contain a cocktail of toxic contents like mercury &/or aluminum (both neurotoxins; look it up, okay?) & formaldehyde (a known carcinogen) – not to mention a whack of other not-too-pretty stuff like maybe pig DNA or aborted fetal cells (info about contents here, & here are some very recent results of a study showing vaccines contain very dirty ingredients indeed. The study itself is here.)

& the mercury (only “trace amounts” they say; ha! Check out this item for what it says about mercury damage; it’s a government document!) & aluminum will lodge in the brain – yours or your wee infant or toddler’s or teen-ager’s – to wreak who knows what havoc today tomorrow next month or next year (building up, accumulating with past & future “shots” of the goodies).


You (or your child) could wind up being one of the “lucky ones”

You might "only" damage your immune system (in ways you are "fortunate enough" to not detect immediately) &/or wind up with allergies, asthma or a case of measles or polio (yeah). Or learning disabilities or ADHD or … well, the list is long. I mustn’t go on too long here

Or you might be unlucky & not “dodge the bullet”

& wind up with any one of a considerable number of truly awful, debilitating ill effects that may last a lifetime

(Read those bloody product inserts! & know that no one can predict the synergistic effects of mixing up these cocktails inside our bodies & bloodstreams & brains. It is known that giving multiples at one time is NOT safe.)

Even death.


The only way to be certain you will “dodge the bullet”?

With Russian roulette

... or vaccination?


Put. Down. the. Gun

Stop Playing the Game.


You probably don’t need to do a whole lot of research on the hazards of playing Russian roulette, hmmm?

Just Stop Playing.

(If you want to stay alive and well, that is.)


With vaccines?


Don’t just swallow that nice sweet sticky Kool-Aid you’re being offered about how essential & safe the vaccines are



Delay delay delay delay delay.


& do more research.




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Read. The. Freaking. Inserts!!

All the way through to the (bitter) end.