This graphic comes into my mind from time to time lately.

I fear it is all too true. Psychopaths abound. They seem to be running the show ... hmmm?

I did a posting once called 'Psychopaths & Fairy Tales'

& mentioned a Chris Hedges article I'd read, “The Careerists,” in which he suggests that our increasingly insane & dangerous world is run by people trained to coldly & thoughtlessly keep the machine going – seemingly with no concern for those being hurt or killed, whether it was the Jews (& others) slaughtered in World War II, or those being murdered or gang-raped or exploited or starved in countries too numerous to name, right now, right now, as we speak.

This is a sad thing to contemplate.

So I try not to contemplate it any oftener than I really have to.




p.s. if you have the stomach for it, watch this long-ish documentary about who really runs the show. Hint: it's sure not little peasants like you & me! But then, we both knew that already...

p.p.s. or, watch a much shorter item that doesn't explain as much as the one mentioned above, but does help explain quite a bit about how things really work on our dear planet. Only about 13 minutes. Here.

p.p.p.s. yet one more: a Bill Moyers YouTube about how the American government has operated for decades, subverting other governments, training the secret police of other countries, assassinations, overthrows, etc. etc. Not a nice crowd! The SECRET GOVERNMENT - Understand who controls the President Of The United States (21 minutes, narrated by Bill Moyers).

p.s. # 4: then too, there is the Oliver Stone documentary series available on Netflix. Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States. Pretty damn eye-opening.