There are some ... situations in life that we can in good conscience leave absolutely to their own devices, 'cos we can pretty much count upon them to resolve themselves.

Like the other night, that centipede on the bathroom wall.

I knew I could leave him (or her) alone, go away, get on about my business, & when I next visited the bathroom, s/he would be long gone.

Unfortunately, most of life's/the world's problems do not get better when we ignore them. Sweep them under the carpet.


Well, duh, eh?


You can find some good quotations about problems here. (scroll down on the page to find them under the quotations about civil disobedience. Why these 2 collections have wound up on the same page ... well, it's not a problem, per se; just a bit of an annoyance.)

If I had more time to muse on all this, I would.

The problem is, my work is behind today/this week, & I need to get back to it!



p.s. centipedes are something of a recurring theme around here!