Near-Term Extinction (NTE) Resources

** I’m a member of the near-term human extinction (NTHE) Facebook support group. I think I joined in 2014.  At any rate, there are times when I visit the group often, while at other times I go months without going there (Facebook can be a good thing to avoid, sometimes; you know?). The group has been a valuable resource for me. I learn lots there, & am able to chat honestly about this topic that one is unable to discuss with most of one’s friends, family or colleagues. You can only join the (closed) group if you declare you believe we humans are heading for extinction (in the near-term). There is no tolerance there for what we call “hopium” – the sort of talk about how we can “fix” things if we just … whatever. Those of us in the group ain’t buying. We accept that human existence is doomed. I’ve had lots of great conversations there, & picked up tons of up-to-date information about things like the latest climate news.

** This list is alphabetical. Just seems easiest to do it that way. It’s very incomplete, but for sure, all these entries have been helpful to me at one time or another.

** Finally, let me explain that all my near-term-extinction-related materials used to be nice & neatly organized, on my old blog site. Now they’re scattered here, there & all over the place in the kind of messy fashion life seems to move toward as the days & years go by (entropy??). You can use the Search bar on both the “new” blog & the “old” one to find NTE-related posts. Grief tends to come up as we contemplate what’s going on, here on our lovely planet; I’ve written about it several times on janetsplanet (& always in those posts offer resources that can help us deal with our grief).

Carolyn Baker – Speaking Truth to Power

Dahr Jamail writes a lot about climate change

  • His new series on climate disruption dispatches is here

Doom for Dummies

Going Dark (documentary; very good!)

Nature Bats Last

*** for the record (it's Sept. 23rd as I write this little note), Guy McPherson is under a bit of a cloud these days. I don't know what he did & have no opinion on it. My awareness that the human race is racing toward extinction did not begin with GM; it rose out of decades of environmental activism. To be honest, I kinda figured we were headed over a cliff way back in the early 1990s, when I got started on activism. Whatever cloud GM is under these daze has no bearing on my own convictions about human extinction. It doesn't change a thing.

Near-term extinction Facebook support group (closed group, & not, btw, in any way a Guy McPherson "fan club.")

Seemorerocks blog (this link is to an “old” posting, but you can check out the blog’s recent stuff)

Weather Update videos  (this does not appear to be being updated anymore)


** NTE Quotes on this blog here, in ‘Quotation Central’

** lots of great NTE-related graphics, in the previous post!