NTE Graphics

On my old blog site (I switched over to this "new" one a year or so ago, after 7 years on the "old" one), I had a different set-up, with more categories of postings listed across the top, under which related items hung out.

One section I had was "NTE," or near-term extinction. A heading under which I'd amassed some resources, graphics & a list of my main NTE-related postings.

This worked for me. But it isn't the way this "new" site is set up.

I'm going to post, again, some of the materials I had before the switch.

I'll start with graphics, then move on to Resources (see the posting after this one, for those).

Here goes with the graphics I find useful, memorable (and, in some cases, amusing!):

Squeeze out profit no matter what.jpg
waiting for the train.jpg

And then, there are the ever-useful, ever-wise words of Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön. Here are just a few:

Pema - Sky image.jpg
Pema on Chaos.jpg

Finally, some Rumi wisdom!

TNH with some words of wisdom for right now.jpg