<May 15/19>

I just walked by some kids out in a park with their classmates, playing baseball, & thought

“These kids have no future!”

 (‘cos this I do firmly believe. I believe firmly in the non-existent future … & have for some time.)

 & then I thought

“But so what??”

They don’t care about the future.

Why would they?

They’re kids!

They’re out having fun!

They’re busy & happy …

Right here, right now.

& while there may indeed not be a future.

There is most assuredly a “now.”

Right now!!


& you know, “the future” never actually has existed!

(It is only ever a concept in our minds.)

 It’s always only ever been Now

… always!



We can only be alive now.

There has never been a time when we could be alive in the past – or the future.


So big deal that there is “no future,” I say!

There never was!

(& this, too: you can’t cheat somebody out of something that is only a concept in your, or their, mind. So let’s never mind saying our children have been “cheated out of a future.” Though admittedly, those words do come into my own mind sometimes. Okay, well here’s the thing, Reader: I write this stuff for me as much as for you. So, I am now lecturing myself about this too …. okay?)

Of course, one can wish our species had conducted itself differently. Not trashed everything here to smithereens – air, water, Earth, sky, our bodies/our selves

By waging war

For millennia

On the Earth

On ourselves

On each other

(on all the other species too, of course)

But … sadly, we did do all that.

(Grief, btw, is an entirely appropriate response to all this. Let it out!)


And of course too, a lot of us tried (really-really hard) to stop the runaway train.

But that train got out of the station wayyyy too long ago.

Our efforts were surely “doomed” from the start.

Those of us who did all this work? I doubt many of us regret our efforts.

I certainly don’t!


& I do believe

That since we can almost all see, now

That our species has put the kibosh on any prospects of long-term survival

(Do not all conscious people now feel this, on some visceral level??)


& please, no need to take my word on this.

We’re all just speculating – some of us with more research behind us than others, of course.

But there are certainly very serious grounds on which to believe

That we are well & truly f***ed, now, as a species.

Bear in mind, I’ve been an environmental activist for 30 years now, so I have kinda been keeping a close eye on things, hmmm?

Okay. Anyway.


It’s likely not a bad idea to take a step back for a moment

… take a breath

… take a pause


& say to ourselves


What shall I do now, then?”


I’ve done this a number of times, over the years.

I sorta got the memo on all this maybe a little earlier than most.


Life morphs!

The world morphs…

Our purpose, too, can morph.


It really can’t hurt to take a pause, now,

I think, & say

“Hmmmmm. What now, then?”


p.s.  The amazing journalist Dahr Jamail has written recently that the Climate Crisis Forces Us to Ask: To What Do We Devote Ourselves? <May 6/19>. His 2018 lecture here ‘Update on the State of the Planet: How Then Shall We Live?’ is soooooo worth watching/hearing.

p.p.s. Jamail advises that we ask ourselves, “How can I be of service to humanity & the planet?”

Service is the only possible response.jpg

Seems like pretty sensible advice. He makes it clear he is not a fan of just kind of hanging around hoping.

Hope Screenshot Dahr Jamail.png

I get that. I’ve long felt much more of a preference for action than hope anyway. (**Action quotes here)

p.p.p.s. there are a lot of musings about NTE (near-term extinction) here, in the Collections section on this site. That collection also includes musings on grief (since learning about NTE – or heck, even just paying attention to what’s going on, on the planet! – tends to induce grief & heartbreak), as well as links to many other resources. Inevitably, you will also find links to quotations about both grief & NTE (since I’ve long been obsessed with sharing inspiring quotations).

p.p.p.p.s. It occurs to me that maybe not everyone is connecting the dots about how/why things are liable to go so badly sideways (maybe soon). It’s fairly simple, really. For one thing, there’s climate change. & that changes everything … even if you don’t “believe in” it!

** You can read a “monster” humdinger of a climate change essay here.

Let’s face it: we can all see & feel the climate changing around us. More & bigger storms. Torrential flooding, forest fires, rising water levels. Late Springs, like the very cold & rainy one we just had (here in Ontario). There will be difficulties & challenges growing food to feed us all. (I believe this will start soon. Some of that flooding in the U.S.? Not sure how far-reaching the impacts will be. You could check it out, of course. Even here, in Ontario. Soooo much rain. Wet fields. Challenges to growing crops.) The equation is a simple one. Humans need food (& habitat) to survive. Climate impacts are going to hit both of these hard. We need food to eat. Food is going to become (is already becoming) more & more challenging to grow. That’s all. It’s simple. It’s not rocket science; not at all. Just requires connecting a few dots, is all. (This posting mentions a # of other things that are involved. It isn’t “just” climate change – although frankly, climate change alone is bad enough even without the other stuff!? But it’s about synergies, right? Unpredictable synergies that we cannot control. Unintended consequences. The history of our species, hmmm? Sooooooo many unintended consequences.)

p.s. # 5: this item is a real gem! So what if we’re doomed? It’s long. It takes you on a bit of a roller coaster ride … but it’s wise & inspiring & there is not a single wasted word!

p.s. # 6: I just like cardinals. That’s why there’s one at the top of this posting.



They don’t seem to be worrying about the future, do they? They’re just busy singing their little hearts out. The most beautiful song…