Nailed to the Present Moment

I’m an Aries person. Born between March 21 & April 19.

Aries people are said to be the “infants of the Zodiac.”

Infants live absolutely in the Now.

No future.

No past.

Just this moment.

Hot, cold, tired, hungry, hurting. Whatever is happening right now.

Me? I’m relatively good at living in the moment. Possibly a bit better at it than most? For this, I am grateful.

Yes, I have a few regrets. (I think most of us have a few, no??)

Stuff that’s happened – or maybe didn’t happen. Mistakes I’ve made.

I’m merely human, after all!

The future? I definitely do pay attention to what may be coming down the pike – in a global sense. What the consequences of human activity on the planet may be. I guess that’s why I chose a life of (mostly environmental) activism.

Trying to persuade humans to change our ways before our own extinction became 100% inevitable. No regrets about that choice! It’s been a challenging, interesting, very rich life indeed – though there have definitely been “unintended consequences.” Most of them unexpected. Some of them no piece of cake, to be sure.

But you know? You can’t fight Reality.

(Well, of course you can try. But #ResistanceisHell, hmmmm?)

Reality = Reality.

Sagan on truth copy.jpg

Now, it seems to me, we are kind of not just flying over the cliff

Human Lemmings.jpg

Feels to me like we’re hurtling faster & faster & faster – like the water as it speeds up going down the drain, maybe? – toward an unforgiving … well, end. (End, with a capital E.)

Sagan on extinction.jpg

Some of us have accepted this seeming inevitability – made what I think of as a “hard peace” with this very inconvenient (to us humans) truth.

But even for us “doomers” (as some call us), it seems harder & harder to deal with it all. (To quote a fellow Near-Term Extinction Facebook Support Group member: “Despite my staunch assertion of acceptance, there’s some creeping dread as the days and events pile up.” Rather well-put, I’d say.)

I saw a piece of news yesterday that really rocked me on my heels. (I will spare you.)

& right now?

I’m sitting on the GO train.

Recalling how a grandmother lady who is very deep into dementia helps nail me to the present moment when I see her for a couple hours every week.

Like an infant, R. knows no past, no future.

She is soooo Here & Now

There is no connection for her, even, between this sentence & the next.

She needs constant care.

Constant monitoring.

Oddly, for me, when I’m with her, I’m able to enter her reality.

By which I mean, exist in the world of

Just This Moment.

It’s surprisingly free-ing.

Surprisingly Zen.

Peaceful. Relaxing.

For sure I have to let go of any agenda of my own that I might have had in mind.

& surrender.

Surrender utterly to the present moment. **


I know that it’s a good thing to become a master at this.

Or rather, a mistress.

Mistress of the moment.


** I know, of course, that her full-time caregivers can’t just hang around in the relaxed way I can. They have much else to do! Jobs. Meals. Laundry. Cleaning. Personal care for an individual who resists such efforts. Etc. Very different ballgame altogether for them!

p.s. truth-telling & grief kind of go together. I’ve written a # of items about grief, & some of them have some great resources - links to other musings & wisdom about our time, & grief, in them. Bunch of them listed in this ‘Collections’ posting.

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