Music … & Rumi

So, oddly (yes, I myself find it odd), I don’t listen to music very often. (I'm a person who quite enjoys silence. Truthfully, I seem to REQUIRE considerable silence, & solitude.)

But the other day I got listening to a bunch of great songs, & here they are.

You can enjoy them, & so can I, any time I want to come back to this post.


John Adorney’s 'Comme Le Vent' (from his CD 'The Fountain')

The lyrics:

Si tu connais la verité  (if you know the truth)

Tu trouveras la liberté (you will discover freedom)

Et tu sera libre comme le vent (and you will be free like the wind)


Si tu connais la verité (if you know the truth)

Tu trouveras la liberté (you will discover freedom)

Et tu sera libre tous le temp (you will be free all the time)

comme le vent (like the wind)


These lyrics resonate for me, 100%. I know a lot of ugly truths. But I do believe the truth sets us free. I really, really do.

** & also truthfully, this whole CD is a treasure. If I’m feeling down, I can put it on, & as soon as the first bars of the first song come on (it’s called ‘Safe Haven’), my spirits lift (even soar!) but immediately.


Supertramp: 'Crime of the Century'

I much prefer the version I have on an old CD to this on-line version from a live show. But … I am unable to play my CD version for you here.

I was a big Supertramp fan for many-many years. Used to own all their albums. Yup. Vinyl. Still bummed I parted with them. Ah well. C’est la vie, hmmmm? #LifeGoesOn

Btw, the entire album/CD was bloody brilliant. Lyrics just as insightful, hard-hitting & bang on, in all the songs, as ever. These guys sure saw the world – way back when – for what it was. & is. & the way it’s going. Clear vision, I’d say. Dark. & true.


Loreena McKennit - 'Beneath a Phyrgian Sky'

This amazing song, from her ‘An Ancient Muse’ CD, gives me shivers. First time I heard it, years ago now? I cried. Sobbed, maybe even. Soooooo beautiful.

I looked at the notes that came with the CD. & found this brilliant Rumi poem:

“Oh brother. Wisdom is pouring into you

From the beloved saint of God.

You’ve only borrowed it.

Although the house of your heart

Is lit from the inside

That light is lent by a luminous neighbour

Give thanks; Don’t be arrogant or vain

Pay attention without self-importance.

It’s sad that this borrowed state

Has put religious communities

Far from religious communion.” – Jalaluddin Rumi, 13th century Persian poet




Then I went & found these, & listened:

'By the Rivers Dark' - Leonard Cohen

'If it Be Your Will' – Leonard Cohen & the Webb sisters


Then …. one of my favourite pieces of music in the whole world, ever:

'The Moonlight Sonata' - Beethoven

I have a fun personal story about this wonderful piece of music.

I was house-sitting at a friend’s lovely home

on Chalk Lake, near Uxbridge, Ontario

(about a million years ago, now…)

It was hot & humid (extremely so)

& my teen-age daughter,

who had worked a long shift at a very hot pizza restaurant in Port Perry that night

came back from work

& wanted to have a nighttime swim to cool off her very hot self.


We went outside

(I am getting a shiver as I relate this)

& there was a full moon shining out over the lake

& the sounds of the Moonlight Sonata

were playing

(shivers, shivers)

Whoa. The type of experience that only happens to you once in a lifetime.

Never to be forgotten.

Never to be repeated.



Short version

Long one


Back to the other day...

Then I found, by the grace of whatever deity to which you subscribe (or simply the grace of YouTube) this amazing piece called ‘Beethoven Silence.’ (not a Beethoven composition, apparently. But … awesome.)

Simply sublime…

p.s. added many months later: perhaps my favourite (classical) piece of all time: Mozart - Piano concerto No 21.

** quotes about truth

** quotes about gratitude

p.p.s. added eons later: 2 glorious hours of Chopin.