Measles Resources

There’s quite a lot of chat in the world currently about measles outbreaks. Maybe a little more heat than light, as the expression goes?

Here are some resources that could prove useful.

There is additional info in the posting Vaccines: Miscellany, A - Z. The posting Vaccines: Truth Hiding in Plain Sight! is also directly relevant in its discussion of the vaccine manufacturer’s information about possible risks associated with the MMR vaccine. (MMR vaccine monograph links are, however, included in this posting. Scroll down for these.)

Note on May 5/19: At this point, I am adding information at the top. This is not how the posting was organized previously. I was keeping MD info up top. So, the posting is morphing, but it’s mostly chronological, with the most recent stuff up top.

Merck MMR Info from Monograph.png

** Be sure to read one of the vaccine “monographs!” It’s important!! You wouldn’t even believe all the possible side effects. Best to know this AHEAD of time, right?? Afterward is a little too late…hmmmm?

** How Does Measles Really Spread?

Many of us advise “Educate BEFORE you vaccinate.”

Seems pretty commonsensical, don’t you think? Find out possible risks before the needle goes in (afterward is a little late, hmmmm?). My new favourite brochure about vaccination is here. (Note: the brochure just mentioned is U.S.-based, not Canada-focused.)

You can find a route to ALL vaccine “monographs” or “inserts” (i.e., information from the manufacturer including warnings, risks, possible side effects, at the Vaccine Choice Canada Web site. That site has simply gobs of information. Click on ‘About Vaccines, then click on ‘Specific Vaccines’ & scroll down to the top link. Or go directly, here.)

p.s. There are many postings about the vaccine issue on this site. All are gathered up neatly under the heading ‘On Vaccines’ on the main page of this site. (Scroll down below the Quotations. I do tend to get a bit carried away with those. 🙂 )