Measles & Vaccination: One thing we can ALL agree on!

This topic is hot right now!

I want to propose some totally fact-based (i.e., not opinion-based) information that I think everyone can agree is essential in this vaccine discussion.

Vaccine manufacturers provide product “monographs” with their products. These provide very detailed information indeed.

One can have opinions about vaccination. Most of us do!

I think almost everyone would agree that people can only make truly informed choices about vaccination … if & when they are properly informed!

Take opinions right out of this debate, I say!

I suppose what I am advocating for here is this: rather than declaring ourselves “pro” vaccination, or “anti” – let’s just make sure we’re all vaccine-educated!

Let’s just stick to the manufacturers’ information sheets.

I think this ought to satisfy everyone!

People in the health care field will be content that their clientele is basing medical choices on the facts – not on ill-advised gossip or rumours based on sloppy research or shoddy science.

“Patients” and parents will be happy.

After all, it’s all about full disclosure, right?

Merck’s MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) monograph can be found here. (Make sure to read it all the way through.)

GSK (GlaxoSmithKline)’s is here.

(You can find all monographs for vaccines used in Canada here.)


Once we are all informed, everyone will be on a level playing field.

Here’s to full disclosure & a level playing field!

We can all say “Amen!” to that … right??


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Merck MMR Info from Monograph.png

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