Man of the Year. Quote of the Year!

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My nomination?

Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (known to us all as the CDC).

Major whistleblower regarding the (now-17 year) cover-up at the CDC regarding the causal link between vaccines & autism going back … well, 17 years now (at least).

The year of his whistleblowing? It began in 2013, with information provided to the U.S. Congress. But I (& millions of others) didn't learn about it until this year. 2016.

** Why, if the link between vaccines & autism is no secret (& has not actually been a secret for 2 decades now) – why do so many people still not know about it??

Because mainstream media sources are not telling you about it; that’s why! Neither is the medical establishment, of course.

Why are they not telling you? Heavens, I thought you’d never ask!

Media conglomerates. (Note: they are conglomerates; i.e., they are BIG, but small in #. There is little “independent” media left; none, far as I am aware, in the mainstream.) The media conglomerates are owned by very (very) powerful interests. Big corporations that take in advertising money (huge #’s of dollars, unimaginable to little folks like you & me) from very large (other) corporations that want all the little folk like you & me to keep right on buying their products (toxic or otherwise), & subscribing to the consumer culture in which most of us swim like the proverbial fish, unaware of the water we’re surrounded by, so very second nature it is to us, by now, after all these decades, to be little more than consumers of product (& advertising spin).

  • Chemical products & cocktails in our food, earth, water, air, personal care products, etc.
  • Nuclear energy & its incredibly dangerous "routine" emissions & its impossibly long-lived wastes & horrific accident risks

to name a mere two that spring quickly to mind. (Listen, I could go on, & on. And on! But the point here is William Thompson & the failure of mainstream media to tell us about his whistle-blowing, okay?)

The media tell us what is convenient to tell us … & they leave out a very great deal indeed.

The pharmaceutical industry, for just one major source of advertising revenues [scroll down to the p.s. section for explanatory quote on this!], is wildly powerful. Wildly powerful, & wildly corrupt. Also, of course, wildly profitable. This industry spends simply gobs of money advertising ... in mainstream media. (They also buy politicians. & doctors/the medical "establishment." Years of fraud at the CDC. Yikes. )

Now do you see??

Well, no matter if you don’t. Many choose not to see (to continue not to see), & to wear duct tape over eyes & ears in order to keep these inconvenient truths at bay. We all know people like this … yes?

** btw, check into this for yourself! Do a search on media concentration & see what comes up. You'll see plenty of images that make the issue really easy to grasp. "News" is in the hands of an ever-smaller # of hands...

Okay ... back to our Man of the Year.

Dr. William Thompson was so guilt-ridden over his role in this (at that point, 13-year) cover-up, his own deep complicity in it – this beyond-the-beyond scandal of the world “health” agency knowingly poisoning a generation of the world’s children – that he finally blew the whistle.

Read about it here:

((There is also, btw, an amazing article here by RFK, from 2005; so ... long pre-dating Dr. Thompson’s whistle-blowing --- with just a whack of incredible learning about the CDC, & also RFK explaining his own reluctant decision to take on the issue of thimerosal (i.e., mercury) in vaccines, & what he learned as he dove in.))

 ++ of course there are tons of other information sources. Articles, YouTubes, documentaries, books; by now, a positive tsunami of information, in fact. For there are others, many, many, many of them, who have been telling the story of vaccines’ dangers & injuries for simply decades, now. While so many of us were asleep at the switch, "too busy," or wearing that darn duct tape over eyes & ears…

The Quote

“I have waited a long time to tell my story and I want to tell it truthfully. I was involved in deceiving millions of taxpayers regarding the potential negative side effects of vaccines. We lied about the scientific findings. The CDC can no longer be trusted to do vaccine safety work. Can’t be trusted to be transparent. The CDC can’t be trusted to police itself.”Dr. William Thompson, in conversation with scientist Dr. Brian Hooker
“The co-authors scheduled a meeting to destroy documents related to the study. (We) all met and brought a big garbage can into the meeting room, and reviewed and went through all the hard copy documents that we had thought we should discard, and put them into a huge garbage can,” Thompson explained in an affidavit provided in 2014 to a member of a U.S. Congressional committee on science.

(my source; & also, heard as voice-over in the documentary VAXXED)

You can find many, many more great vaccine-related quotations here:

I wish I’d had the time to harvest some of the amazing quotations in that 2005 Robert F. Kennedy article. Many humdingers in there; whoa!


More Heroes

There is a long line!

  • Documentary makers who educate about this issue (tons of documentaries now available! A list of 12 here, a list of 22 here)
  • The makers of the VAXXED documentary, who have not simply made a film, but launched a movement. Huge, what this documentary - & its associated efforts - are achieving!
  • The doctors who are speaking out (Hint: it takes courage to do this!)
  • The parents of autistic (& otherwise vaccine-injured, or deceased) children who speak out
  • The long-time activists on this issue. Bless them, bless them, bless them, for their intelligence, determination, tenacity, persistence ... & courage!


To Conclude…

This story/issue is a scandal – only ‘scandal’ is nowhere near a strong enough word.

It’s a scourge.

An outrage.

& yes, of course, as I’m aware, many other things are also outrages ... & outrageous. (Rest assured, as an activist for 30 years now, I am aware of many-many-many. I do not wear the blinders that so many of us seem to.)

But this one, for me, really stands out.

The so-called “health” agency listened to throughout the world

knowingly ... deliberately ... contributing to the poisoning of a generation of the world’s innocent children

& doing it with the full cooperation/collusion of governments & the entire (so-called) health establishment.

Well. Words fail me.

As I wrote in one posting, I have been shocked, horrified, gobsmacked … & more … at all I've learned about this issue. To put it mildly.


To Dr. Thompson

I salute you, William Thompson!

Thank you, Sir.

May your brave example of whistle-blowing light the way for many, many others to come forward. There is (very) much about which we need to hear the sound of whistles being blown.

The sound of whistles blowing is a very welcome one indeed.

May your fine example bring on many, many more!

Very sincerely,


p.s. more speaking up at the CDC!

p.p.s. there are many other postings on this blog about vaccines. I’ve gone a little cuckoo on the subject since I first dove in, back in February of this year. Whoa. Talk about lost sleep. Anyway. I recommend the “Miscellany” posting --- it’s really an A – Z on vaccines for the newbie. Also, the graphics one. Pictures & a thousand words, & all that. In all likelihood, you’ll go off on one of the links & soon be away on your own information search. Go for it. Please!

p.p.p.s. upcoming documentary series on vaccines. Check it out!

p.s. # 4. A suggestion, if I may? Make a New Year’s resolution. Promise yourself to become better informed. Tune in a little more. Challenge yourself! Get rid of the duct tape & those cotton balls in your ears. Get off that comfy armchair you do the quarterbacking from, & make a difference. You are needed! Whether it’s the vaccine issue or slinging soup at the nearest soup kitchen. Or writing letters for Amnesty. Make a difference, dammit!!!!!

p.s. # 5: RFK Jr. (Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.) Another hero! He's been on this issue a long time now, coming at it specifically from the mercury angle (& regarding the corruption of the CDC). You really need to check him out. No kidding. He is courageous, passionate, intelligent, persistent, & he has your & my best interests at heart. Check out the short introductory video at the World Mercury Project, below. Hugely heroic man!!!!!


p.s. # 6 on Jan. 12th: lot going on right now! FABULOUS series on vaccines on Green Med Info. Simply mind-blowingly informative on every possible aspect of vaccines. Learn the physiology, the science, legal aspects to the entire vaccine issue/debate, the media manipulation, etc. etc. etc.

++++ great quote about why mainstream media ignore the truth about vaccines, vaccine injuries, & CDC corruption:

from Combining Childhood Vaccines at One Visit is Not Safe

Summary of Results and Media Response
Our study showed that infants who receive several vaccines concurrently, as recommended by CDC, are significantly more likely to be hospitalized or die when compared with infants who receive fewer vaccines simultaneously. It also showed that reported adverse effects were more likely to lead to hospitalization or death in younger infants.
These findings are so troubling that we expected major media outlets in America to sound an alarm, calling for an immediate reevaluation of current preventive health care practices. But 4 years after publication of our study, this has not happened. Could it be because, according to Robert Kennedy, Jr., about 70% of advertising revenue on network news comes from drug companies? In fact, the president of a network news division admitted that he would fire a host who brought on a guest that led to loss of a pharmaceutical account. That may be why the mainstream media won’t give equal time to stories about problems with vaccine safety.

 **** from the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons Volume 21 Number 2 Summer 2016


Quote for Today

 “Quit bitching. Start a revolution.” – slogan seen on T-shirts in Washington & Toronto


** Quotations about courage can be found on this page. You need to scroll down under the ones about character to find them.