Keep Flossing!

<Aug. 3/16.>

Regular readers of my blog know that I have a slightly … uh, shall we say jaundiced (or dark) view about where the human race is headed. (& sooner than we think, I think…)

But you don’t have to read the dark & dreary stuff I write. Your choice entirely.

This post is one of the joyful ones.

I’m walking on a regular basis again – & that makes ever-so-much difference to my spirits. (5 days in Algonquin Park didn’t hurt too much either!)

So on my walk this morning – aware that the climate news is REALLY sobering (see this or that or this … or this) … & deeply aware of other stubborn issues, problems & challenges (some pretty close to home) – I suddenly remembered Guy McPherson (the Nature Bats Last guy) saying in a lecture several months ago

“Keep flossing.”

However much longer we have here (&there never is any guarantees on that, hmmmm?)

We are here, now

& we might as well keep on

  • having fun
  • loving life
  • living in the moment
  • enjoying music, friends & loved ones, food, laughter, conversation


& … flossing our teeth!!

(It makes them feel ever so much cleaner & fresher, & does wonders for our breath…)

#Life. Is. Good.