Giving Thanks

<Oct. 30/18>


What a stunner of a day!! 🙂🙂🙂

Oct. 30 Lake Ont beach scene.JPG

Canadian Thanksgiving is behind us, the U.S. one lies ahead.

This morning on my walk, on this stunner of a day, I mused on how thankful I am to my father for two simply huge gifts he bequeathed to his (4) children.

The first was utterly inadvertent.

The man was soooo obsessed with money, his life became a classic “dog with pork chop” story:

A dog is standing at the side of a river with a pork chop in his mouth. He looks into the water & sees there a dog with a pork chop in its mouth.

(Of course, it is only the dog’s own reflection he is seeing, but he mistakes it for another dog.)

He badly wants that other dog’s pork chop, so he drops his own in order to grab the other dog’s. In doing so, of course, he loses his own.

At the start, he had a pork chop. Soon, he has nothing at all.

My father lusted for money so much, so long, so relentlessly, it’s clear the concept of “enough” was simply not part of his psyche. Not part of his wheelhouse, as they say.

The lesson this taught me & my siblings was, “Don’t go down that path!” It taught us to not be obsessed by greed & the more-more-more disease.

What a gift! 🙂🙂🙂


The 2nd biggie:

From television’s earliest days (early to mid-1950s?), Dad declared war on advertising. He hated TV ads with an unbelievably fierce passion.

He hated them so much, he built what he called a “blab-off” (using directions or a kit from the Mechanics Illustrated magazine, apparently), & insisted vehemently on its use. We didn’t watch TV much (there were rules about that, & that’s another story – & another thing I am grateful to my father for, come to think of it!), & when we did? If Dad was around? No. Ads. (Remember, this was decades before VCRs & DVDs & mute buttons & remotes, or any of that.)

Dad’s deep disdain for advertising, clearly lodged very deeply in me – another life-long gift for which I remain ever-grateful.

So hey,

Thanks, George!


p.s. I am also grateful to my father for teaching me to appreciate classical music. I simply adore the music of Chopin. This compilation is helping keep me semi-sane lately. [this p.s. added in July 2019]

p.p.s. & yes, there was plenty of pretty over-the-top dysfunctional stuff that went on in my childhood. All that had its impacts, too, of course. But these big gifts? Like I said, huge…

p.p.p.s. deliberately cultivating an “attitude of gratitude” can sure make a difference to your life! Lots of postings & quotes about gratitude here.