Gazing Fearlessly. & Asking for Help

<April 8/18>

Came across an old journal entry from a few years back. (I write letters to an old friend, in a journal. She’s been “gone” for, oh, 16 years now. But she was a wise one. Just writing to her helps me, somehow. & it’s fun reading the "letters" over later.)

I set out to write this particular item, prompted by something I wrote to her in October 2015, & then I saw this other cool thing I’d said on another occasion, not long before.

I’d written down some things I needed help with – then I wrote this P.S.

“Oh help. Please help!! (Hey! I feel better already, just asking.”)

I think there’s some truth in there. Just asking for help lightens our load.


p.s. oh yeah, almost forgot. The “gazing fearlessly” thing. I wrote “As we gaze fearlessly … well, not 100% fearlessly … into the jaws of extinction.”


We do our best to live life fully today. Sometimes, a little fear creeps in.

Hey; we’re merely human!

& hey again. There’s still humour! Laughter really is good medicine.

& as I said a few months back, we may be really f**ked, but ... we're still here!

Panic Now.jpg
RELAX - nothing is under control.jpg

This next one isn't funny exactly; just true, I think...

Truth is Scary.jpg

** Great truth quotes here.