Forgiveness Work

I recently heard a doctor use the phrase “forgiveness work.”

She was referring to the fact that she (& many M.D.s over the years/decades) have either a) vaccinated children, not really knowing what possible harm/s they might’ve been causing or b) told parents their children’s (often immediate, sometimes extreme) reaction to a vaccination could not possibly be connected with said vaccination. (So, it must be said, their training & “superiors” trained them to do.)

Then, in later years, realized that vaccines can in no way be accurately described as “safe.” & that they have likely a) harmed a child/children/people along the way directly themselves, &/or b) failed to provide reasonable care & compassion to people/families/children affected negatively by vaccine injury/death.

It was a moving moment when this doctor (a woman) said this to her interviewer (also a doctor, also a woman). I know I was teary-eyed – as was the interviewer.

I’ve been pondering the idea of forgiveness work of late … for my own personal reasons.

I wonder if maybe a lot of us have a little (or a lot) of forgiveness work to … work on.

I think we have likely all done harm of one sort or another. In the case of parents of my generation (I’m a senior citizen now, with grandchildren) – we (unwittingly) exposed our children to a whole barrage of toxins we could not have named, had never even heard of ... let alone knew we were bathing our children in ... both inside & out. We were (unwitting, involuntary) conduits for a massive toxic experiment in which we had no idea we occupied a starring role.


I’m not even sure I know what “forgiveness work” means, or consists of.

But the term resonates for me, & I’m going to let it wander around in my mind (& heart), & see where it goes.