For the Record...

A new, occasional feature of my writing life.

(still writing a fair bit, though not posting much. One hardly knows what to say, these daze.)

A few quick, not-quite-daily observations in these seemingly-pretty-extraordinary times (most recent up top):

Tuesday, October 30/18.

Whoa … holy stunner of a day, Batman!! 🙂 🙂 Truly a beautiful, gorgeous, incomparable day.

Beach shot October 30'18.jpeg
  • Fabulous Boardwalk/Ashbridge’s Bay walk

  • Great day for a sail!

Yeah, that’s a sailboat out there. Though you can barely see it…

Yeah, that’s a sailboat out there. Though you can barely see it…

  • Sun / sky / birds (tons of chickadees; even a hawk sighting!) - & not a trail (in the sky) to be seen! Sky clear-clear-clear, blue-blue-blue. (& OMG. Later in the day?? A chemtrail assault in Toronto like I’ve never before seen. 🙁 Whoa. Wish I could’ve taken some photos of THAT. Nasty.)

Tuesday, October 23/18.

To no one’s surprise (certainly not my own!), I have not been managing to keep this up. Oh well. 🙁

  • Municipal elections (here in Ontario, Canada) yesterday. Results? Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh. Mostly.

  • Been down a variety of rabbit holes of late. Ugh. (Did I already say ugh??)

  • Still super-super-grateful for friends & friendship, conversation, books (& libraries), Nature (see photos below, hmmmm?), walking. (Netflix too, I’m reluctant to admit. In times such as these, we certainly seem to need our distractions from reality, yes??)

A great walk by beautiful, beautiful Georgian Bay a few weeks back.  🙂 🙂 🙂

A great walk by beautiful, beautiful Georgian Bay a few weeks back. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wednesday, October 10/18.

Cool rock canyon in Frontenac Park.

Cool rock canyon in Frontenac Park.

Stunning spot in Frontenac Park. Truly a wow.

Stunning spot in Frontenac Park. Truly a wow.

Monday, October 8/18.

A wonderful walk in Frontenac Park.

A wonderful walk in Frontenac Park.

Monday, October 1/18.

Crapitacious day, oh my. Went out to do some errands. Raining … misting, really. Did some “card therapy.” Stood looking at funny cards & inevitably, my spirits lifted. 🙂 Wound up buying a few, of course. (I have a terrible, apparently incurable weakness for cards. There are worse addictions.) Small pleasures…

“It isn’t the big pleasures that count the most, it’s making a big deal out of the little ones.” – Jean Webster

Friday, Sept. 28/18.

  • Stunningly beautiful, sunny, breezy day. Had a wonderful walk along the Boardwalk & out the Ashbridge’s Bay loop.

Sept 28th with CN Tower behind.jpeg

  • Observations: Pretty hard to see what’s going on in the world if you live your life 100 miles up your own backside (or never yank your head out of your “device/s”).

  • 10,000 years into human “civilization” - & look how very civilized we are! Uh … not.

  • Lots of monarch butterflies again!

  • The Universe is generous! I needed bags to put garbage in (picking stuff up as I walked along the beach. Someone had dropped some (empty, clean) dog poop bags; I scooped ‘em; nice timing! 🙂)

Quotes for today:

“If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I awake in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world, and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” – E.B. White

“Holding onto a resentment is like eating rat poison and waiting for the rat to die.” – Anne Lamott in Crooked Little Heart

“And what I’ve learned is not to believe in magical leaders anymore, that character and compassion are more important than ideology, and that even if it’s absurd to think you can change things, it’s even more absurd to think that it’s foolish and unimportant to try.” – Peter C. Newman

Thursday, Sept. 27/18.

Encounter with a troubled guy hanging out in the ravine. My conscience insisted loudly that I not just ignore him. Gave him a loaf of bread (he was hungry, he said). Had to summon up my courage to approach him with it, as he came down the hill toward me. I think men have no idea of the amount of trepidation, or even fear, we women carry with us on a regular basis. Recalling this in the context of other things going on on Sept. 27/18 (Kavanaugh hearing), I recall the Margaret Atwood quote: “Men are afraid women will laugh at them. Women are afraid men will kill them.” Sigh. 🙁

Wednesday, Sept. 26/18.

This raccoon!!! Such fun having her hanging around… 🙂

Best raccoon shot .jpeg

Saturday, Sept. 22/18.

sailboats on a Saturday.jpeg
Along the Boardwalk, Saturday, Sept. 22/18.

Along the Boardwalk, Saturday, Sept. 22/18.

Quotes for today:

“Truth comes only to those who must have it, who want it badly enough. And gifts of healing come only to those willing to change.” – Doris Janzen Longacre in the foreword of her book Living More with Less

“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.” – Karen Kaiser Clark

Friday, Sept. 21/18.

  • Bad weather warnings for much of Ontario. Storms, big winds. Tornado warnings, in some cases. (In a lot of cases!)

  • Pretty grateful for this rich, full life I’ve led. It’s had its fair share of problems, to be sure. None of us is without challenges, hmmmm? But … I’m grateful for a great many things, I must say.

  • Went on a bit of a chase to find some particular cards I wanted to find (I’m a real card nut). Had the wrong place in my head. But eventually remembered which store I’d found them at, & succeeded in my mission. 🙂

Thursday, Sept. 20/18.

Hmmm. Some days are not worth remembering. This was one of those… Some days, you just have to pull the covers up over your head & hide, hmmm?

Wednesday, Sept. 19/18.

  • Nice day weather-wise!! Humidity vamooshed. How lovely! A great walk was had.

  • Day 3 of raccoon sightings! This one right outside my kitchen window

Raccoon in tree.jpeg

Quote for the day: “Planning is not part of our culture. You just get up in the morning and do what you need to do for the day.” – Marilyn Wallace of the Kuku Nyungka ‘mob’ (aboriginal nation) in northern Queensland, Australia. - quoted in Steve Leahy article Indigenous Peoples Needed to Meet the Challenge of Climate Change    (scroll down to find this article)

Tuesday, Sept. 18/18.

  • So. Walked again. (Still humid as hell.) Realized that 2 of the main things that keep me sane (well, sort of) are my walking & gratitude habits. & I’ve let both lapse in recent months. Not a good plan!! 🙁 🙁 Time to re-jig. Especially since I consider both of these practices to be pretty much magical!

  • Self-loathing. Ugh. I am pretty sure it is epidemic. & likely has been for … well … eons?? It’s complicated. It’s part of the human condition. But … ugh, anyway. 🙁

  • Re: the nuke situation I was worrying about? More news on that front.

  • Being spontaneous. Living in the moment. Ahhhhh. Such a good thing.

p.s. liberated another raccoon from the garbage bin! Sheesh! This one didn’t scamper away. It … ambled. Climbed a nearby tree pretty sloppily, I must say. (Well, in all fairness, it had been snoozing when I woke it from its nap on a pizza box in the garbage.)

p.p.s. no trails today. No trails, but lots of butterflies - monarchs, as I walked along the Boardwalk.

Quotations for today:

“The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see.” ~ Dr. Robert Holden (more gratitude quotes)

“All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (more walking quotes)

Monday, Sept. 17:

  • Concerned about Hurricane Florence, & possible nuclear implications.

  • Interpersonal issues/challenges.

  • A useful Eckhart Tolle tutorial (as it were; it quite hit the spot, for me!)

  • Went to the garbage/recycling bins outside, liberated a raccoon who was stuck inside one of them (the creature failed to thank me before scampering off rapidly, &, I assume, gratefully).

  • Decided to take a walk this morning. Have not been walking much, in the oppressive humidity of this summer (we are now into our 3rd month of unusually hot & humid weather here in Toronto. Well. It began, as I recall, in late June). I decided “Enough already! Walking is my sanity! Must start walking routinely again, weather be damned!!”

  • Chemtrail assault!! Many days in a row (pre-Hurricane Florence) with not a trail to be seen. (Was all air travel suspended? Surely not??) Today?? Whoa. They’ve really gone to town today, I must say. Whoa. #thetrailsareback!

Stray insight in past 24 hours: We are perhaps none of us quite the nice people we take ourselves for. (Or is it only me??)

Helpful quotation for today: “The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are.” – Joseph Campbell (more JC quotes)