Flap Your Wings

<<this is a re-post; it was originally posted in April 2009>>

It’s funny how often lately references to ducks seem to come up for me.

I’ve written a book about motherhood called Letters to Rebecca – Musings on motherhood…& feminism & patriarchy & female/male relationships & the state of the world… and in it I muse on Mother Duck.

Mother Duck knows her job: raise the brood. Straightforward, hmm?

Then there’s “water off the back of a duck,” meaning it just slides off – lets go…

In The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle observes that when two ducks get into a tussle, they end it by flapping their wings and swimming off.  Far as we can tell, they don’t stay mad – they don’t carry a grudge. Flap their wings and get on with life.

If the members of the human race could do a little more wing-flapping and a little less obsessing over hurts and grievances and wallowing in anger and resentments and the “Oh poor me” game (a whole lot more singing and smiling would be great too – these are inevitable mood-lighteners!), think what a different world it would be, hmm?

Let’s all learn to flap our wings, shall we? Then life will be just ducky!

‘Nuff said.


p.s. As previously mentioned, Eckhart Tolle’s books and audiotapes (and the Webcasts he did with Oprah) can help us all enormously to transform ourselves…and the world!

p.p.s. Other items on this blog about Eckhart Tolle & ducks are ‘Pain Bodies on Parade or Oh, To Be a Duck’ & ‘Ducks Unlimited; Humans? Also Unlimited.


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