Father Knows Best. Whaaaaaat????

<July 2015>


p.s. this is a post-script, but I'm doing it as a pre-script. Message? 'Father Knows Best' was the name of a TV show when I was a kid. It was mildly fun, & funny. Point being, to old geezers like me, the phrase "Father Knows Best" really harkens back to that old, old TV show. Okay?

Father knows best?


I think not, Sir (or Madam).

There is soooo much father damage on our beautiful planet.

As Derrick Jensen says in this interview with Carolyn Baker, (& it’s a beauty of an interview, I have to say)

Call it Civilization

Call it Patriarchy

Call it whatever you like.


"Father" (in one of his many possible manifestations, combinations or permutations, you understand, hmmmm? "The authorities?" etc. etc. etc.)

Does not know best

& what’s more

he never did.


Sure took us an awful lot too long to wake up from that

delusion. Or, well, nightmare.





p.s. some of us have apparently STILL not woken up!

p.p.s. beautiful, brilliant, stunning prayer from Matthew Fox about patriarchy ('A Litany of Deliverance') in this posting.

p.p.p.s. frankly, Mom - good old Mom - probably really DOES usually know best. Hmmmmm?????