Is Vaccination a Religion?

Is vaccination a religion?

It really kind of does seem that way to me.


It’s something people accept on faith.

Something they don’t question.

Something they actually REFUSE to question

… & become quite defensive about, when questioned.


Something that seems to have more to do with blind faith

and assumptions about truth

Than a thing you feel you can question deeply, dig into, investigate thoroughly…

Be really skeptical (or hey! Even just curious!) about.


There is also (in the case of vaccination) the demonizing of those who do not share the faith.

Anger with those who question it, & who really insist on investigating things…

Who really do dig into it in a big way.

Shaming & vilifying those who wish to dig, even.

Full disclosure: I personally am not a fan of organized religion, though I was raised in a (nominally) Christian household. I can even recall having one year been awarded a perfect attendance pin for being a faithful Sunday School attender! Religion & I parted ways quite a long time back now. I’m just pointing this out because I want to be upfront here about my views.

As regards vaccination… & my charge that it is virtually a religion,

I want to point out that most of us in fact know very little about vaccines, & how they actually work.

We’ve been told all our lives they DO work, & the minute someone questions them…

We respond very quickly

“But vaccines eradicated smallpox.

Vaccines eradicated polio!”

Statements which are not, as it turns out, actually even vaguely true or accurate.

** Much information on polio & smallpox can be found in this Miscellany posting. Just scroll down to P &/or S within that posting to find many relevant resources.

But we trot them out mighty quick, don’t we?

All of us!

We’ve all heard these lines, time & time again.


Sort of almost as though, maybe, they are actually just


or sound bites.

Ones we’ve heard so many times, all our lives,

We feel quite certain they must be true.


So, we’ve all long since come to accept a certain worldview about human health & illness

that we now believe in implicitly.

(i.e., that we are born inherently unhealthy, & must have cocktails of substances injected into our bodies, to “beef up” our immune systems, in order to make us well & safe & protected.)

Though we don’t actually understand the hows & whys of it at all well, or deeply.

But poke us the slightest little bit, & out of our mouths will fly those mantras, lickety-split … hmmmm?

What I want, now (3 years+ in on my own very deep dive into the vaccination issue) to say to folks who are automatic, knee-jerk supporters of the vaccine paradigm, is this:

Please tell me about your research!

Tell me about the digging you’ve done into the claims that vaccines are “safe and effective.”

Tell me what you’ve researched as to:

  • Vaccine contents

  • Vaccine safety (i.e., vaccine injury, risks, possible side effects)

  • Contamination of vaccines with metals & other debris

  • Vaccine science, safety studies, use of placebos (or the lack thereof)

  • Claims about herd immunity

  • How measles actually spread

  • The $4 Billion+ that’s been paid out for vaccine injuries in the U.S. since the

  • 1986 release of pharmaceutical companies from liability for vaccine injury

  • CDC’s whistle-blower Dr. William Thompson & the research that was deliberately falsified after it had clearly shown a connection between the MMR vaccine & autism (papers being literally burned in a garbage can)

  • The dramatic rise in # of vaccines being given following the 1986 release from liability

  • Safety testing of this incredible increase (or the lack thereof), & of the practice of giving many different vaccines at one “well baby” visit (or more accurately the lack of this proof altogether)

  • The use of thimerosal & aluminum in vaccines, & also formaldehyde, Polysorbate 80 & various other things. Check out a CDC document here to see for yourself what vaccines contain. Some vaccines contain fetal DNA from aborted fetuses, which CDC describes as ‘MRC-5 human diploid cells’,  ‘MRC-5 diploid fibroblasts’, ‘WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts, MRC-5 cells’. A graph in this location spells out which vaccines contain aborted fetal cells.

  • Smallpox & the story of its “eradication” (fabulous 1-hour chat about this here; much quicker take can be seen here)

  • How the polio vaccine has caused havoc and death in Africa (a very shocking tale indeed)  

  • How it is mutant strains of the polio vaccine now causing most cases of polio

  • DPT vaccine deaths (in North America, in Africa)

  • SIDS deaths

SIDS deaths Mendelsohn.jpg
  • How much money vaccine manufacturers earn from manufacturing vaccines

  • How deadly & “dangerous” measles (& mumps, & chickenpox) actually are (or, well, aren’t)

  • How much shocking information is contained in vaccine “inserts” & “monographs” & the fact that medical professionals do not provide this information to patients/parents (to obtain it from them, you are obliged to insist &/or virtually beg, & you may be refused, and if you question vaccination, you may even be kicked out of the doctor’s practice!)

  • Availability of scientific research on the connection between vaccines & autism, but not just autism – many other increasing conditions such as allergies, asthma, learning disabilities, ADHD, childhood cancer, arthritis (& other auto-immune conditions) etc. Our kids are NOT alright.

    &, well…

Many other things, too (refer to my previous post)

… but this will do as a start.

Tell me about your research!

I’d be happy to tell you about mine.

To show you

  • The books I’ve bought & read.

  • The articles I’ve read (there are tons of scientific papers out there!)

  • The documentaries I’ve watched

  • The parents of vaccine-injured children I’ve met… some of whom have autistic children, some who have kids with allergies, learning disabilities, children who suffered seizures & other extreme reactions (& a variety of other conditions)

  • Some whose children actually died as a result of vaccination.


I know all too well that vaccination is a topic that gives rise to a range of emotions.

People become angry



Sometimes the feelings are so overpowering, the conversation shuts right down.

I’ve witnessed all of the above.


& now that I’ve gone so far down the rabbit hole on this issue

(& keep finding it just keeps getting deeper & deeper, as I keep learning more, & more, & more)

I’ve also felt (& feel) guilt & shame about my own complacency about it, for so many decades.

My own ignorance, lack of questioning, & thoughtless swallowing of the official, sanctioned “Kool-Aid”

That was/has been offered to me (& all of us) by medical “professionals”

when my own children were young … & ever since.


This is one big, messy, complicated, fraught topic!


But to treat it as virtually a religion… a phenomenon it seems we are not supposed to even question.

To continue swallowing those pre-digested sound bites we’ve been fed, that masquerade as truth

And fail to be willing to poke at it, prod it

Insist on it yielding up its (many nasty) secrets…


That is just not acceptable to me.

There’s far too much at stake!


I came across an item a while back called

Vaccination: The most important decision parents will ever make

& now?

I could not agree more!

It IS the most important decision parents will ever make!


Many-many-many of us

Tens of thousands?



Have walked into this earth & life-shattering decision

With our eyes wide shut.

And this will just not do!


How Did It Come to This?

This situation we’re in?

(Well, really, ALL the situations we’re in, as human beings, now

Here on Planet Earth at such an insanely precarious,

Utterly unprecedented time in human history.)



None of it happened overnight!

It has a historyall of it has a history.

But most of that is fodder for another essay, & another day.

I do recommend that everyone watch the first episode, at the very least, of the series ‘The Truth about Cancer’ for a helpful bit of history on how our modern “health care” system evolved into what it is today, pretty much a delivery system for pharmaceutical drugs. It isn’t nice, & it isn’t pretty; it is quite disturbing, in fact even deeply shocking actually. (Yes, there are some BIG shockers involved.) But since our very health & lives depend on understanding what’s really going on, I do highly recommend spending this hour or two.


Remember those sound bites, those mantras

We’ve repeated all our lives?

  • “Vaccines eradicated smallpox.”

  • “Vaccines eradicated polio?”


We’ve been fed these lines like pills … for a reason.

There’s an agenda involved here.  

Surely we all know how susceptible we all are to advertising…

To PR stunts & gimmicks?

From industries & agencies with very deep pockets indeed

& their own (always purely profit-driven) motives?


Have we forgotten we must always remember to #Follow.The.Money??


We buy this, we drink that, we smoke that

We aspire to this, aspire to that…


We’re very simple creatures, or so it seems to me, in many ways.

We want to belong; we want to fit in.

& we want more, always more.

We need to feed that beast inside – that insecure bottomless pit of a creature inside (almost all of) us

That is never satisfied, never content.

We never have quite enough

We never ARE quite enough.


It seems too that our species is wired for compliance

For going along with the crowd.

We are bid-able, we are obedient, we are compliant.

And we are tremendously overly trusting, or so I have long since come to believe.

Rogue Primate author John A. Livingston says we have a “compulsion to comply.” We humans exhibit a “high degree of domesticated followership.”

He sure seems to have got that right!



There is so much more I could say here.

(I’ve been studying, writing about, & being an activist now, for 30+ years. Always digging, reading, philosophizing, analyzing, trying to understand what really makes the human animal tick.)

But … there are other things to do!

Just before I skedaddle, though…


A quick word about fear-mongering

Media (whose ads & even their “news” content is very much dictated by the desires & demands of advertisers; i.e., “He who pays the piper, calls the tune”) warn us daily, now, to be afraid.

They have trained us recently to be terrified of measles!

Fear-mongering, please note, is a time-honoured tactic of the powerful…

to keep the majority “in line”

to keep us bid-able

Keep us quiet, keep us busy.

Keep us on the treadmill!

Running running running to make our lives better

… or just to pay the bills, feed our families…

Get from one end of the day to the other.

Measles – a mild childhood illness many of us still alive today contracted & recovered from as children with no ill effects whatsoever! (along with all our siblings & our friends!) – has been transformed by the media into the modern-day equivalent of the bubonic plague. Suddenly, we’re absolutely terrified of it!

These “authorities” & “experts” do not tell us more people, by far, will be hurt, maimed or killed by the vaccine …  than by the “disease”!

(A disease, btw, that is not actually a disease at all!)

& this is all part of a bigger playbook aimed at injecting more vaccines

Into more people

Coming soon to adults & everyone!

& not by choice – our choice on this is very much under attack.

You’ve heard of the scene in California? (SB 277? SB 276? No?) Well, more recently then, New York state (Rockland County) & NYC, using the law as a sledgehammer, forcing vaccinations on those of all ages?


This is all heading our way, unless more of us wake up & smell the coffee

Stand up on our hind legs (as it were)

& soon!


Am I a conspiracy theorist?

You bet.

I think there IS a conspiracy.


But I needn’t go any deeper down any rabbit holes than to say this:

I want you to do one simple thing.


Do not accept & mindlessly swallow the vaccination religion!

Question it.

Do some research of your own.

Even if the only teeny-tiny thing you’re willing to do

Is read a vaccine “insert” or monograph.

Find the MMR monograph right here.

Read it All The Way Through!

(there are plenty more of them here. Go to town!)

((& our MDs do not read these to us! Or give us copies of the “inserts” that come with vaccines! Shocking!!))


You’ll find lots of info backing up all of my contentions here, in these postings:

There are simply TONS of

  • Web sites

  • Books

  • Articles

  • Scientific papers

  • & documentaries

… available to help you with your digging.

You would not even believe the amount of good information that’s out there!

(Though the powers-that-be are making it harder & harder to find that information on the Internet! Have you been paying attention??)


Swallowing the Kool-Aid is dangerous. It’s very bad for your health. Very dangerous indeed!

& hey.

I’m not counselling anyone to abandon any other religion they’ve sworn allegiance to. Stay with it, by all means, if your heart & head insist.

I just hope that, whatever your religion is “good for,”

It does not counsel wilful ignorance, blind faith/belief in dogmas that are actually bad for your health, & for the health of your innocent children, &/or violence or intolerance toward others in any form whatsoever.


& hey too!

If you do a pile of research into vaccines

& you decide vaccination is a great & glorious thing

You go for it!


Just, please, don’t force those of us who’ve studied deeply & lost our former blind faith

(for yes, almost all of us started out that way – we too swallowed those mantras, hmmmm?)

to have injected into our bodies (or our children’s bodies)

Substances that we believe in no way belong inside anyone’s body

… & especially not inside the bodies of our tiny, perfect, innocent children

born these days pre-polluted … yes, of course, we know this;

All the more reason, surely? To leave them the heck alone once they’re born?

But with the wherewithal to be healthy, functioning human beings…

Thanks to Mother Nature or God or the Universe; take your pick.

So yes, it really all comes down to choice.


Will you discover there are scientists (even many scientists) who still claim vaccines are safe?

You bet!

You can read some dynamite quotations about the state of science today here.

Reading a few of those will help you realize that you must not place science, or scientists (or frankly, anyone at all!), on a pedestal.


It’s very important to realize this:

Scientists are just human beings, like everybody else.

They are fallible. They have biases … blind spots, weaknesses, neuroses. Just like all of us!

They have not necessarily taken the time to study deeply every single topic on which they apparently feel inclined to pronounce. (Some people – not all of them scientists!! – will pronounce on pretty much ANY topic, won’t they?? Even if they know less than nothing about it. A few musings on that phenomenon, & on science-denying scientists, in an earlier posting here.)

Listen. I know very well that none of us enjoys being fooled. Manipulated. Feeling as though we’ve have been successfully “snowed.” Played. Conned. Made fools of. I get that. I’ve been fooled & conned plenty in this life, believe me. Yes, it’s painful to realize, & to have to admit to. Nobody likes feeling stupid! It’s hard on our fragile egos, isn’t it? But it does happen to all of us.

The truth is what’s important; is it not?

Carl Sagan wisely said:

“One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” – Carl Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark  

Sagan on truth copy.jpg

& John F. Kennedy, this:

“For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie – deliberate, contrived, and dishonest – but the myth – persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forbears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” – John F. Kennedy


It's late in the game, I think. I write about that, in other contexts.

But … we are still here, now.

We need to keep our bodies (& minds!) as safe & clear as possible.

Protect our precious children, for heaven’s sake!!!


Let’s stop swallowing the sound bites.

& turn our intelligence, instead, from fear to curiosity, a nice phrase I picked up from Dr. Kelly Brogan here.


“Truth is the only safe ground to stand on.” (Elizabeth Cady Stanton)



A Word About Dr. Stanley Plotkin

A few words about North America (& the world’s!) top-top-top “messiah,” or guru, on vaccines. A man to whom the entire world vaccination establishment bows down in obeisance. & has done, for decades.


Stanley Plotkin got a bit of a shock a year or so ago, when he was asked a great many very inconvenient questions about his life’s work on vaccines, in a court case he’d volunteered to take part in. Under oath, he told the truth. Many, many truths. You can find the written transcript here.

  • About his work for all the major vaccine manufacturers (these, for the record, are the titans of the pharmaceutical industry: Merck, GSK, Sanofi, Pfizer).

  • Making millions of dollars from them. From his vaccine patents (rubella, rotavirus, rabies to name a few) & his consulting work for the big pharmaceutical companies (pg. 57)

  • His involvement in the CDC’s ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) – which makes decisions that affect the lives of billions of people, all over the world!

  • The work involving aborted fetal cell lines (read it from pages 322-45), or see him slip & slide on the issue, here

  • He also experimented on orphans, and mentally handicapped individuals, & people in Africa (pg. 346-7)

  • Read his musings on vaccine safety in which he acknowledges his work for CDC’s ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) assessing vaccine safety, admitting he worked for all the Big Pharma heavy hitters even as he made recommendations about their (huge) profit-making products’ safety to his acolytes at ACIP

  • & although he’s made millions of dollars from all this work (he can’t remember quite how many millions, as his wife does all his accounting for him; he himself does not keep track of these details), (pg. 38-9 & also p. 42)

  • Wait for it! He certainly didn’t do any of it for the money! (pg. 60)

Dr. Plotkin is quite an individual. You will get quite an education from him. Oh my.

In my view? This man & his disciple Paul Offit (& no doubt many others of their ilk) are intellectually corrupt and morally bankrupt. To put it very politely.

If you have ever had any question or doubts about the “foxes minding the henhouse(I have much experience with this phenomenon, having been a nuke-watcher for 13 years now), it may be time for you to lay them aside.

Del Bigtree has had several Plotkin deposition excerpts in recent episodes of ‘Highwire.’ (Do a search for these on Highwire, Bigtree, Plotkin, YouTube.) Or, start here!

p.s. there are many great quotations about vaccines here. Many new ones from MD’s in the next posting! Vaccination: Dissenting Doctors Have Their Say.

p.p.s. many great (& highly relevant) quotations about science, here.

p.p.p.s. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has said this on the topic of vaccination & religion:

“E pur si muove." ("And yet it moves") Gallileo is said to have whispered these defiant words following his release by the Inquisition after a trial during which the Italian scientist/mathematician – under threat of torture and death – recanted his proposition that the earth, as the immutable center of the universe according to Church cosmology, moved around the sun. Today, thousands of doctors and scientists battling the Vaccine Inquisition are whispering defiant dissent even as they face threats, delicensing, impoverishment, blackball, censure and retraction for suggesting that vaccines should be safety tested like other pharmaceutical products.

Vaccinology is not science; It’s religion. It’s acolytes and High Priests (Offitt, Hotez, Plotkin, Reiss, etc.) reject science in favor of appeals to undeserving authorities. They preach blind obedience to corrupt government agencies – CDC, FDA, HHS and WHO – and the AAP, a nuncio of the Pharma cartel. The enemies of their dogma are critical thinking, education, the free flow of information, discourse, questioning, skepticism and civil rights. For this reason, dissent must be censored and heretics vilified, marginalized, punished, burned and silenced, never debated. The five Yale School of Medicine professors fled last month's scheduled argument before the Connecticut Senate not because they feared my debating skills but because the absurdities of their dogma cannot withstand daylight, much less argument on the merits. They cannot cite science to support their orthodoxy. They can only repeat their mindless, scientifically baseless mantras like a Gregorian Chant: “Vaccines don’t cause injury!“ And yet, they do!” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Facebook, April 2019

p.s. # 4 [May 13/19]: just came across this humdinger item that covers similar territory. & has tons of good information & many quotable quotes, too! On the Crime of Heresy Against the Vaccine Religion <April 29/17>

** This site has many vaccine-related postings - all listed on the right-hand side of the main page, down below the quotations. The previous posting 30 Things you may not know about vaccines has plenty of information & links to many other great information sources.