Elephants in the Room: some thoughts…

There are so many freaking elephants in the room

Almost everywhere I go these challenging, challenging, intense daze

it’s making me just about
lose my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you ask me (I know you didn’t, but I’m going to charge ahead & tell you anyway)

there are so many freaking elephants

my feet can barely find a bare spot to stand on!

(it’s elephant flesh, all over the damn ground & floor!)


You say you have no idea what I’m talking about?



You’re either very-very naïve & uninformed

or you’ve led

& lead

a very uncomplicated life.


Lucky (or oblivious) you!

(Obliviousness I now crave for myself, you see, but it’s decades & decades too late for that, for me, alas)


Maybe you’ve just shut so many doors & windows

To Truth & Reality

(I am acquainted with quite a few people who have done so; I find myself both annoyed with them

& secretly envious…)


& you live so far up your own…

(well, I want to say something very rude here

but instead

I’ll just say)

your pretty little tush


that the light of Unvarnished Reality

has not been perhaps too very much present

in your life


A rose-coloured glasses life, perhaps



& well


Now, me, as for me

I wish we could maybe start shooing

some of these elephants

out of the room

... ever-so-gently, ever-so-very-gently

(dynamite, though tempting, is liable to set off unpredictable consequences

though believe me

dynamite DOES on occasion spring to mind)


& only if we think we can do this without undue harm

& complications


(Some of these elephants have been in residence for

A. Very. Long. Time

after all…)


& after all

we are apparently very very fond of all these elephants

one can only assume



We did invite them in, or well, at least

allow them in. 

We gave them houseroom

We fed them, we permitted them to

Remain In Residence

for decades

(decades & decades & centuries & centuries, in some cases)


So perhaps we must be somewhat gentle

In our shooing…

Though some of us wish

(or maybe it is only I who wishes it)


We could get all these damn elephants

The hell OUT


Now now now now now.

Yesterday, even.


(some of us are terribly-terribly impatient, you see.

For we have been choking on all this elephant …


for so very very VERY long now.


It has made us almost frantic, do you see?)



** Quotes that spring to mind:

“If a thing is never spoken between people who know each other well, and each knows the thing well, maybe it’s not a secret. …. It’s a powerful thing, that ability to tell the truth when the truth is upon you, but it has another power entirely when you don’t tell it.” – Stephen Jenkinson in Die Wise – A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul 

“There is not much truth being told in the world. There never was. This has proven to be a major disappointment to some of us.” – Anne Lamott in the prelude to Grace (Eventually) – Thoughts on Faith

“Telling the truth is like making oxygen.” – Joanna Macy (at a talk she gave in Toronto in June 2009)

& lots of other really good ones about truth!