Do Something for Somebody QUICK!

** 1st posted in November 2012. Feels timely still. Again. It’s darn good advice. (& yeah, no, I’m no longer a fan of Wikipedia. But I’ll let this stand. Other fish to fry.) & btw, I keep a copy of this on my fridge. It’s good to be reminded of it often!

This just seems timely to me right now. For a bunch of reasons. I plucked this from Robertson Davies's novel Murhter & Walking Spirits eons ago now. It popped into my head today while I was out walking, & so here it is. It is mighty fine advice &, as I say, very timely...

Do Something for Somebody Quick!


There’s an excellent rule I have learned in life’s school,

And I’m ready to set it before you.

When you’re heavy at heart and your world falls apart,

Do not pity yourself, I implore you.

No, up with your chin, meet bad luck with a grin,

And try this infallible trick.

It never will fail you, whatever may ail you –


OH –

Do something for somebody quick,

It will banish your cares in a tick.

Don’t fret about you – there’s a good deed to do –



Robertson Davies in Murhter & Walking Spirits