What's so great about walking?

Fresh air. (Okay. Fresh is relative, I know, I know.)

Right away, as soon as you get outside, you feel a jolt of energy & pleasure.

You walk along, swinging your arms – letting them unhinge from your shoulder sockets. (That feels good too!)

After you spend the obligatory few minutes on the current dramas of your life/the world (“She said, he said,” “I can’t believe she DID that,” “OMG the world, Trump, OMG!?!?!” etc. etc. etc.), your mind quiets a bit.

You breathe deeply … & you find you feel surprisingly free!

You’re away from your computer & your phone

(Hey, people! We need to be smarter than our phones, don't we? & leave them behind/turned off, at least some of the time?)

This makes you feel free, un-tethered – if only momentarily. Such a wonderful sensation!

You start to experience a sense of “possibility.” As though maybe you actually can handle all the tasks, responsibilities, challenges, stresses in your life.

Even if the human race is toast (no one can convince me otherwise)


for now, #WeAreStillHere!

For now, we are alive.

For now, for these few moments or hours – we are free.


Doesn't it feel marvellous?

Just enjoy.


p.s. it’s good for you, too!

Good for body, soul, mind, spirit. I wouldn’t lie to you!


** lots more on walking; posts & quotations, here



While the shit is hitting the fan...

I started a list, a few months back, of things I’m doing to help me cope with the insanity of what’s going on, here on Planet Earth, in these extraordinary days/times.

Full disclosure: I believe our species is toast...

… have feared/expected this for almost 3 decades now (while working all the while to avert it, as an environmental activist), & for the past five years or so have accepted that we seem to be racing pretty quickly now toward our S.E.D. (species expiry date; yeah, I just made that up).

Here are the things I’m doing to help me deal with it all:

  • Walking (preferably daily, but if not daily, often)

  • Living one day at a time

  • Ruminating on Buddhist thought

  • Walking around my apartment in bare feet (dunno why, but this seems to make me feel “grounded” somehow)

  • Listening to the birds (love, love, love birds, I do!)

  • Being a reasonably attentive mother/grandmother

  • Sharing humour with friends/colleagues

  • Spending time in Nature (by the lake, in the ravine, woods, etc.)

  • Listening to Alan Watts lectures (these are legion, all over YouTube); I find his ideas super-helpful, super comforting (this one is good; there are so many!); also Eckhart Tolle ones...

  • Forgiving myself for having bad days (more of these as time rolls by)

  • Reading novels

  • Writing short “poems” & blog postings I know I’ll never post

  • Binge-watching series on Netflix (I was a late arrival to this gig; sure grateful to have arrived!!!)

  • Smiling at strangers

  • Drinking in how great little kids are

  • Going to movies

  • Composing blog postings in my head, sometimes about silly stuff like ‘Philosophical Question for Today!’: What is the square root of holier-than-thou?)

  • Working on work that I know is not meaningful in the long-term (there is no long-term) but feels worthwhile for now (with colleagues who are kind of like a lovely 2nd (dysfunctional, of course) family)

  • Making soup

  • Drinking beer

  • Taking the garbage out

  • Hanging out with the people I love the most

  • Being charitably generous

  • Trying not to yell at noisy neighbours (this really takes self-restraint sometimes…)

  • Trying to develop greater compassion & patience

  • Hanging out on Facebook / avoiding Facebook

  • Commiserating with friends about what a SHITSHOW it’s all become (laughing about it at times, even; hurray for gallows humour!)

  • Avoiding talking about what a SHITSHOW it is with friends & relations who think not talking about it is preferable, or who insist on denying the gravity of things or who somehow live in the land of Oblivious

  • Marvelling at the broken climate; whoa, what a ride we are on, eh??? Holy moly…

  • Laughing with friends

  • Not lying to myself

  • Marvelling at the bullshit we’re surrounded by … but trying not to let myself drown in it

  • Remembering how much I love being in Algonquin Park (& planning to go again)

  • Making soup (yeah, I make soup a lot)

  • Walking (yeah, walking is one of the best things I do) - & usually, btw, without my phone (for me, walking is about silence; quiet thinking time)

  • Accepting that I am no longer the Energizer Bunny

  • Being grateful ... still … always …

Out in the Open

These things I hold to be self-evident:

  • Humans have trashed/are trashing Planet Earth within an inch of its/our Life… the air, water, food, earth itself now so filled with toxins, all are now carcinogenic (that is to say, cancer-causing)
  • The inevitable extinction of our species is now surely (relatively) imminent
  • This imminent extinction – that we have brought upon ourselves – is not a fit topic for “cocktail conversation,” as they say – rather, it’s the hugest “elephant in the room,” surely, there ever was!

But it doesn’t matter! Because all that matters to most of us, apparently, is


Me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me-me &


  • wants
  • needs
  • wishes
  • dreams
  • plans
  • desires
  • social media presence
  • salary
  • beliefs
  • choices
  • devices
  • religion
  • power
  • bank account
  • endless "selfies"


“There is not a problem with the system. The system is the problem.” – Source unknown


The insanity is ramped so high now

the toxins (psychic, material & political) so numerous & ubiquitous

(the lies, distortions & cognitive dissonance also)

one’s own sanity seems to be becoming ever more tenuous

ever more challenging to hold onto…


But only if one is actually paying attention to all the Big Dramas

playing out all around us!

If one is oblivious to all that...

(no easy task, being oblivious to such mega-doses of Insanity…)


All is well!

(Well, I don't really believe that. I believe we can all feel it, at some visceral level, however much we may affect obliviousness.)

& really, all IS well.

All is well for me, at any rate

In this moment

... as I write these words


The sun shining soooo gloriously

It’s positively dazzling here, by the lake

The sky blue blue blue


Plenty of birdsong all around me

& I’ve spotted several cardinals on my shoreline walk this morning.


Gratitude, fortunately, is a bottomless well!

An ever-renewable resource … as it were.


& thank Goddess for that!


& for walking

Walking STILL saves my ass…



p.s. so far, anyway, We. Are. Still. Here!

Unplug from the Drama.jpg


if you can.......

& let us be mindful of the situations of others, so very very very many others whose situations are not easy or comfortable or safe

& remain, always, charitably generous.