A Hill Worth Dying On

<June 1/19>

I’ve been an activist for more than 30 years (best I can figure, it all began for me 35 years ago now). Have worked on many issues over these decades. At one time I felt so strongly about the (to-me) horror of burning household garbage, I’d have chained myself to something in protest. (Yes, we lost the battle on that one, as on so many others, & yes, I still consider it an abomination.) I did chain myself to some fellow activists in a climate justice arrest gig in late 2009 (& for the record, it was a very fun experience!)

I became very passionate about particular issues, at different times along the way. 30 years ago, I began focusing almost exclusively on environmental issues. But I don’t think I’ve ever used the phrase “a hill worth dying on” until recently.

One key thing is I do believe our species is pretty much on its last legs. Our days are numbered, now, I am convinced. Of course, no one knows precisely how it will go down – or exactly when. But I think we all have a sense (viscerally, perhaps?? Subconsciously?) that the state of our air – water – Earth is more than a little on the (really-really) dire side … hmmm??

So. Here I am, now, very (very!) active on the vaccine issue, & not much interested anymore in the various issues I spent so many years working on so passionately (e.g. pesticides, nukes), or even getting arrested protesting (climate change).

Why do I say now that this is a hill worth dying on?


Now that I know how very much harm is being done to our children … something I spent 63 years being entirely oblivious to … & utterly convinced that we’re cooked anyway, as a species….


I’d much prefer to spend my time working on an issue that has the potential to actually help people – especially families with young children – who are right here alive & right in front of us, right now.

The autism epidemic is a scary, sobering, heartbreaking (heartwrenching!) thing. & of course vaccines contribute not just to autism but to many other conditions & illnesses.

These are very challenging times to be alive (ya think??). So many things are making so many of us feel stressed out – on a routine, daily basis. Imagine how much stress there is in your life if you have a child who has been seriously damaged (or who died!) as a result of vaccine injury.

Very sobering to contemplate how truly horrible this must be.

Now. Who knows how much time we have left?

Who knows how it will go down?

Nobody knows this.

We can only make wild guesses.


A person has to have purpose, no? For me, having been an activist for so darn long, it’s virtually part of my wiring by now. I wouldn’t know how to live my life without raising heck about something I care passionately about!


This has become the hill I will die on.

& that’s alright with me.



p.s. you know, I just came from an event where a pretty powerful documentary about climate change was shown. ‘The Human Element.’ Discussion started up afterward about what people can do on the climate front. I’ve been paying attention to this issue since back in the days when we were talking about “the greenhouse effect” – not yet using the term climate change (i.e., late 1980s). I did my fair share in my personal life to limit my carbon footprint (also not a phrase we were using at that time, btw - but in any case, using less energy, making less garbage, driving my car less & using public transportation more, choosing not to fly for quite a few years in there, etc.). A big thing that I noticed at the film event was utterly absent, was any discussion of the likelihood of human extinction. Talk about an elephant in the room!?

Elephant in the room!.jpeg

Something else that, to my way of thinking, really ought to be talked about publicly – not swept under the carpet & ignored – is grief. Encouragement to actually feel the grief of our situation – and to express it. We likely need a whole lot of “grief work” to help us out with this.

Dahr Jamail: ‘   Climate Crisis Forces Us to Ask: To What Do We Devote Ourselves?   ’ &lt;May 6/19&gt; Great lecture with climate update from DJ    here   .

Dahr Jamail: ‘Climate Crisis Forces Us to Ask: To What Do We Devote Ourselves?’ <May 6/19> Great lecture with climate update from DJ here.

p.p.s. & so, since in my view, there is nothing I/we/you can do to stave off the coming disaster (climate change is like a humongous nasty horrible monster on steroids. Does anyone really believe this creature can be stopped?????) … we are done.

Climate change timeline.png

BUT. Vaccine injury is still preventable. One person, one family at a time. Every family/parent one talks to about the risks, one has the potential to prevent future injury. Prevent a disaster.

Hence, my current preoccupation.

p.p.p.s. I might add that I do write quite a bit about near-term extinction (NTE), & about grief & have been doing so for some years now. Nor am I alone in this. If you go to the Collections posting on this site & scroll down, you’ll find headings on both ‘Grief’ & ‘Near-term Extinction’ with postings on both topics. Included are links to other resources, graphics, & quotations. Feeling (& expressing) our grief are not things we are encouraged to do in this culture, it seems. We likely need a wee bit of help with this, is my point. (My next posting will focus largely on grief.)

p.p.p.p.s. There are many postings about the vaccine issue on this site. All are gathered up neatly under the heading ‘On Vaccines’ on the main page of this site. (Scroll down below the Quotations. I do tend to get a bit carried away with those. 🙂 )

p.s. # 5: It occurs to me that maybe not everyone has connected the dots about how/why things are liable to go so badly sideways (maybe soon). It’s fairly simple, really. For one thing, there’s climate change. & that changes everything … even if you don’t “believe in” it!

** You can read a “monster” humdinger of a climate change essay here.

Let’s face it: we can all see & feel the climate changing around us. More & bigger storms. Torrential flooding, forest fires, rising water levels. Late Springs, like the very cold & rainy one we just had here in Ontario. There will be difficulties & challenges growing food to feed us all. (I believe this will start soon. Some of that flooding in the U.S.? Not sure how far-reaching the impacts will be. You could check it out, of course. Even here, in Ontario. Soooo much rain. Wet fields. Challenges to growing crops.) The equation is a simple one. Humans need food (& habitat) to survive. Climate impacts are going to hit both of these hard. We need food to eat. Food is going to become (is already becoming) more & more challenging to grow. That’s all. It’s simple. It’s not rocket science; not at all. Just requires connecting a few dots, is all. (This posting mentions a # of other things that are involved. It isn’t “just” climate change – although frankly, climate change alone is bad enough even without the other stuff!? But it’s about synergies, right? Unpredictable synergies that we cannot control. Unintended consequences. The history of our species, hmmm? Sooooooo many unintended consequences.)

** Quotations about NTE here. Quotations about grief here. Quotations about vaccines here.

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