4 Words of Advice

At this critically odd & uniquely challenging time in human history:

1. Lighten up

2. Slow down

In these daze of

  • scary heat waves
  • droughts
  • brutal humidity
  • floods
  • forest fires
  • tropical storms
  • etc.   (depending on which part of the globe you're addressing....)
  • the insanity that passes for politics (I think this one applies everywhere)
  • &
  • the ongoing rapacious, relentless assaults on the earth's air, water, soils - said assaults affecting all the bodies, all the creatures, that inhabit this now-so-beleaguered planet...

I think these words, this advice, is timely.


Lighten up

& slow down

in whatever form that has meaning & makes sense for you.



For your own sake, & for all of our sakes....

(believe me, I am doing my best to listen to my own "good" advice...)